Are Electric Bikes High Maintenance? (We Checked)

Electric bikes require maintenance and upkeep like any other vehicle or machine to ensure they function properly and last long.

This article will discuss how often you should service your electric bike, what to check and maintain, and how much it typically costs to service an ebike.

We’ll also cover some common issues that may arise with electric bikes and what you can do to prevent them from occurring.

Whether you’re a seasoned ebike rider or just getting started, this guide will help you keep your electric bike in top shape.

Why Electric Bikes are High Maintenance:

Electric bikes require more maintenance than regular bikes due to their additional components, such as motors, batteries, and electrical systems. Regular maintenance is essential to prolong the bike’s lifespan. Have the motor checked every six months and get the bike serviced after 1,000 miles.

How Often Should You Service Electric Bikes?

Depending on how often and where you ride, you should service your electric bike to fit your needs.

Whether that means giving it a quick clean or regularly changing and upgrading parts, you should give your ebike the utmost care and attention.

Keep it Clean

For example, if you are a mountain biking person, you might get muddy and wet a lot on your biking trips.

That means cleaning and drying your bike to prevent rust or corrosion.

If you are a city biker and only commute to work, you probably won’t have to do as much cleaning.

Yet dust, splatter, and rust can still occur, so keep an eye on your bike!

Check the Motor & Stay on Top of Wear and Tear

Using your bike daily to commute to work will wear things out over time.

That means you will need to constantly oil or maintain parts if necessary. You’ll also want to ensure everything is functioning in top shape.

If you use your bike frequently or on rough terrain, it’s recommended to have the motor checked every six months.

An experienced technician can diagnose and repair any issues that may arise, such as loose connections or worn parts.

Electric bikes are expensive, so you must keep them maintained. If you can, do it yourself!

It is a lot easier to fix one or two things yourself than to try to fix the entire bike with a professional. It’s also much less expensive to do it yourself when the problem arises rather than wait until it worsens.

Get it Serviced after 1,000 Miles

If you do have to spend money, it is recommended that you should get your bike serviced after about a thousand miles.

When you get your bike serviced, a professional technician will check your bike and make any necessary adjustments.

That means they’ll look at the brakes, gears, and wheels and check whether you are properly lubricating the bike.

This helps ensure that your bike will last a very long time!

Keep an Eye on the Battery

Finally, the most important thing to watch is your battery. An ebike’s battery should be checked every week to ensure that it is charging properly and still holding a charge.

Furthermore, you want to make sure the battery stays clean and dry. Definitely don’t get it wet, and don’t leave it unused for too long.

You’ll also want to ensure it doesn’t freeze or go unused too long during winter, just like with a car.

If you won’t use it during winter, detach the battery from your bike and store it in your house.

Bring the whole bike inside if you can’t detach it from the bike. You don’t want to leave this very expensive battery in your garage to freeze.

How Much Do Electric Bikes Normally Cost to Service?

Doing it Yourself

If you do a lot of the servicing and cleaning yourself at home, then the cost is very low.

Besides a few expenses for cleaning and repairing supplies, you will likely do everything for free or on a very cheap budget.

Just keep in mind that the replacement parts and finding the right tutorials or videos online to help you service your bike are time and money that you could otherwise spend to have a professional do it.

If you want to do it yourself, make sure you are buying and using all the proper lubricants, materials, supplies, and parts.

Paying a Professional

The costs will be expensive if you need your bike professionally inspected or repaired.

“On average, eBike owners spend around $100 to $150 on parts and materials every year. Professional service fees mirror those expenses, so you can spend around $300 per year on eBike maintenance.” –

On the bright side, getting it looked at for a routine maintenance check may cost less or even be free at certain bike stores, depending on where you go.

Some bike shops charge you a flat-rate fee to cover a maintenance check, while others charge an hourly rate.

However, many professionals don’t mind giving you a quick consultation, especially if you buy something you might need from the store!

Why is it So Expensive?

Electric bikes are still relatively new to most of the public, so few people have them, and there are even fewer people to repair them.

Specialists will require a larger payment because their skills are rare to ebike repair and maintenance.

Replacement parts for ebikes will also be harder to find without buying and shipping them from the manufacturer or an online specialty store.

If you’re unsure of the cost before you take it in, make sure to call and get a quote or ask around for pricing from different bike shops!

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Do Electric Bikes Require More Maintenance Than Regular Bikes?

Electric bikes do require more maintenance than regular bikes, primarily because they have additional components such as a motor, battery, and electrical system.

However, the amount of maintenance, and the cost, are not necessarily guaranteed to be more for an ebike than for a regular bike.

Why Are ebikes More Finicky?

Well, ebikes are heavier and have much more to fix and maintain. The extra weight requires more effective braking systems, pads, and discs to prevent wearing out.

This extra care means a safer ride for you and your family.

Furthermore, the motors and batteries on electric bikes mean a whole different set of parts and requirements. It also means finding specialists to care for your ebike’s needs.

Periodic checks and diagnostic runs on motors and batteries are not only recommended, but it is also highly encouraged!

Finally, the electrical system on an ebike has to be maintained and protected. Some models’ controllers, wiring, and display units can get dirty, wet, overheat or freeze.

Because of this, keeping them safe and maintained is crucial to the functioning of your electric bike.

What Typically Breaks First On Electric Bikes?

Ebikes are meant to last around 10 years at a time. That’s not long, considering most of them cost upwards of $1,000!

So, What Breaks First?

The battery is probably the first thing to wear out or break on an ebike.

Most ebike batteries last between 2-5 years because a lithium-ion battery will slowly lose its capacity over time – even when you aren’t using it!

On the bright side, you can easily replace the battery anytime. So even though it might wear out first, replacing it is not that hard!

Other Parts

Should the motor, brake pads, gears, or electrical components start to go, replacing those parts may cost more and be more of a hassle.

For example, ebikes put more stress on chains and gears due to the bike’s speed. Keeping them lubricated and maintained isn’t hard, but it is tiresome to stay on top of.

As another example, the added weight of the ebike puts more strain on the tires and can cause more punctures and flats than on a regular bike, depending on where you ride.

The brake pads, in particular, suffer from the added weight. You must put a lot of force into stopping your ebike when traveling at fast speeds.

That means replacing or updating your brake pads more often than anything else!

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