Folding Iron Board and Mirror combo

Published On October 2, 2015 | By Morten Storgaard | Interior Design

This is a ironing board and mirror combo.

Once you are done ironing, you just flip the iron board to use it as a tall mirror, to be able to see if you missed a spot, and to get dressed properly.



This Mirror / Ironing board is designed in Paris

It is designed by Aissa Logerot from France, and it definitely has that French retro feel to the design.

For a classy European home, this will go very well with almost any interior and furniture, and the red color on the legs and the board is also a very sweet touch.

5 ways to use mirrors in small spaces

For the small home this is the ideal way to get a tall mirror into the bedroom. The tilting mechanism makes it perfect for couples as well, because you just flip the mirror if one is taller than the other.

Hide it under the bed or behind the closet

The only improvement you could wish for in the design of this ironing board, would be if the legs could twist 90 degrees, so you could hide it behind a closet or place it flat under the bed.

For a tiny house or a small apartment these kind of multi-functional furniture is ideal.

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