11 Places To Store Sunglasses & Glasses (Solved!)

If you wear glasses, you are probably aware of how much care and maintenance they require.

From proper cleaning to proper storage, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are handling your glasses.

Making sure you treat your glasses properly can reduce scratches to the glass or damage to the frames.

So, where is a good place to store them?

6 Great Places to Store Your Eyewear:

Most people either have a pair of glasses, sunglasses, or both. A lot of people even have multiple pairs of glasses, even with prescriptions, if necessary.

Some good places to store both glasses and sunglasses include:

1. In a Case

One of the most commonly used and safest locations for either your prescription eyeglasses or your casually worn sunglasses is in an eyeglass case.

If you store your glasses in an eyeglass case, you can take them with you where ever you go, either in a purse or bag, and they will stay safe during travel.

There usually are soft or hard cases that you can use to store your glasses. Hard cases are preferred if you intend to store your glasses in a bag with many other items.

This way, they will not hurt your glasses or their frames.

2. Glasses Storage Containers

There are containers or drawer sets that you can buy that were made specifically to store glasses.

Some of these resemble a jewelry box with drawers and even can contain separators to keep your glasses from rolling around when you use the drawers.

You can also find large cases that can store multiple pairs of glasses at once, again with separators to protect each individual pair.

3. In a Drawer

Another good place you can store your glasses is in a drawer that you already have.

This could be a bathroom drawer, a dresser drawer, or a drawer in a vanity.

If you go for this option, you just want to make sure that you protect your glasses from other things that could be floating around those drawers.

You can do this with a small drawer basket, or other separators.

4. Hanging Up

Hanging your glasses on the wall is another interesting idea for glasses storage.

Using command hooks, you could store your glasses anywhere you need to for easy access.

Running out the door and need your sunglasses?

You could hang them by the door next to where you keep your keys.

5. Glasses Stand

Glasses stands are commonly seen when you are looking for glasses inside stores.

However, there are glasses stands that you can get for your home.

Glasses stands are a great solution if you have the countertop space and multiple pairs of eyewear.

This can also be a cute and decorative way to store your glasses and sunglasses.

6. Tray or Basket

Another great way to store your glasses so that you can quickly grab them and go would be to place a tray or basket near your door that you can put them in.

This is ideal for sunglasses because you won’t be wearing them inside the house.

That way, you can grab them on the way out the door and put them back in the basket when you come back in.

Creative Ways to Organize Your Eyewear:

If you are looking to take your glasses storage ideas to the next level, here are some cute and innovative ways that you can store your glasses.

Sunglass Holder

7. Hanging Wall Art

If you are looking for a more decorative solution to eyeglass storage, there are a few ways to make hanging glasses on your wall a form of art.

You can create decorative shelves that will hold your eyeglasses. You could also construct many different wall pieces with hooks for your glasses.

There are many different DIY projects you can do to make storage for your glasses stylish but also functional for you to use.

An easy diy project to hang all your sunglasses you just need some picture hangers and a piece of wood!

8. Decorative Necklace Stands

You could use a decorative necklace stand to also help you hold your sunglasses until you plan on wearing them.

Necklace stands come in all sorts of designs or colors to match and decor type you are looking for.

A bonus to these is that you could also store your necklaces and bracelets right alongside your sunglasses.

Via Matrixbabe Vintage

Other places to store sunglasses

  • Besides your shoes (easy to find!)
  • On a kitchen shelf
  • In your car

How Do You Store Glasses Properly?

Even though all of the above is a solution that you could use for both your sunglasses and your eyeglasses, you want to make sure you are taking extra care of your eyeglasses.

Not only are your eyeglasses more expensive, but they are more prone to dirt, dust, and scratches because of the different type of glass that is used.

If you are storing your eyeglasses, you should store them in a case. If a case is not available to you, you could wrap them in a microfiber pouch to help protect them from scratches.

Make sure you also set them down correctly for temporary storage on surfaces.

If your glasses are folded, place them down with the lenses facing up, and if they are not folded, you want to place them resting upside down to protect the frames.

How Do You Store Sunglasses in a Car?

There are a few available places that you can store your sunglasses in your car.

These include:

  1. The sunglasses compartment near your mirror
  2. A glasses clip that you keep on your visor
  3. In a case in one of your car storage spaces

Just be careful when you store your glasses in the car that you do not let them overheat.

This could be damaging to the lenses of your sunglasses.

3 Places You Should NOT Store Your Glasses:

Your prescription eyeglasses should not be stored anywhere they can get scratched or bent.

These places include:

  1. On your head – keeping your glasses on top of your head, even temporarily, can warp the frames.
  2. Where they can get scratched – anywhere that your glasses could get scratched outside of a case is a bad place to store them.
  3. In a hot car – keeping your glasses in a hot car is a bad idea for both the frames and the lenses.

Basically, when it comes to prescription glasses, if you are not wearing them, put them in the proper protective case.


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