4 Great Toy Haulers For Hunting (With Prices & Pictures)

Whether you participate in seasonal or all-year-round hunting, having a toy hauler can be a tremendous asset.

Toy haulers allow you to haul all the important gear you need, and they offer comfortable accommodation where you can stay.

Some toy haulers even offer rooftop tents that allow you to sleep above ground and away from the dangers of nature. With all the current options available, it can be tremendously difficult to decide which toy hauler is the best for hunting.

That’s why we have looked at numerous RV sites to find a few models that we believe are ideal for an adventurous hunter:

2 Great Lightweight Toy Haulers Perfect For Hunting:

If you’re traveling far distances when you participate in hunting activities, you likely don’t want to haul a heavy toy hauler.

Lightweight toy haulers are convenient because they can be towed by small and large trucks, and they usually have all the amenities you could need.

Additionally, you will often find that a lightweight model can have a large garage or cargo area, with some even having racks and all having tie-downs to secure your equipment.

Below we have provided two examples of what we think are the best lightweight toy haulers for hunting.

To help hasten your search, we have included a brief description of each model with its notable features and estimated retail price:

1. 2021 Forest River 10.6 No Boundaries (~$25,000)

One of the smallest and most lightweight toy haulers perfect for hunting is the Forest River 10.6 No Boundaries.

This model might not be as comfortable as other models on the market, but it is ideal if you need to leave the city quickly for a hunting excursion. This model has an estimated $25,000, which makes it ideal for any hunter on a budget.

The 2021 Forest River 10.6 No Boundaries is 13 feet and 10 inches long. It has a hitch weight of 236 pounds, an unloaded vehicle weight of 1,763 pounds, a cargo-carrying capacity of 1,973 pounds, and a gross vehicle weight of 3,700 pounds.

Additionally, this model has a small freshwater tank capacity of 30 gallons, perfect for one to two people. There is also a handy option of adding on a batwing awning if you are a person who likes to sit outside and take in nature relaxingly.

Unlike other comparable models, this one does not have an indoor kitchen or a bathroom. However, you will have the option of a queen-sized bed, and there are multiple storage areas. A small cargo area and a ramp door allow for easy loading and unloading of all your hunting equipment.

Even though there is no indoor kitchen, a small outdoor kitchen includes a two-burner glass recessed cooktop, a black stainless steel sink, and a mini-refrigerator. If you need to take equipment like a satellite phone and other appliances, you will like that this model is equipped with a USB charging station.

Furthermore, some of the other additional features that make the Forest River 10.6 No Boundaries ideal for hunting are the cold weather package which makes this model capable of four-season travel, and the collapsable rooftop tent.

Additionally, the rhino roof racks are also handy to have when you need to store hunting gear.

2. 2021 InTech Explore Flyer XLT (~$23,000)

If you want a lightweight toy hauler built almost entirely out of aluminum, you should consider the 2021 Intech Explore Flyer XLT.

This model is rugged enough that you can explore off-road and lightweight enough that you can find the perfect hunting spot quickly and easily.

Although this model seems tiny, it can comfortably sleep four people. It has 14 feet, a gross vehicle weight of 2,990 pounds, and a cargo-carrying capacity of between 970 and 1,540 pounds. Additionally, the price you can expect to pay for this model is roughly $23,000.

The framing of this model is incredibly durable because it has an all-tube fully welded cage frame. The roofing is a one-piece made from aluminum, and it comes with six 500 pound tie-downs for your hunting equipment. Interestingly, the 2021 InTech Explore Flyer XLT is built with bubble foil R-7 insulation and four LED dome lights.

The interior has a few notable features that are excellent for families hunting and camping together. Despite its short length, it is spacious inside and is equipped with beds and a slideout kitchen.

You will likely love one of the best features if you need space when hunting is the front tongue box.

This box offers the best solution for those who need extra storage space to store their meat or extra hunting gear.

2 Great Heavy Duty Toy Haulers Perfect For Hunting:

Hunting can be a dangerous pastime which is why if you are going to be using a toy hauler to cart your hunting gear, you should purchase a heavy-duty one.

There are many heavy-duty toy haulers available that are capable of traveling on rough terrain.

Additionally, many more heavy-duty models also have unique features that allow you to go off-grid for however long you need during your hunting trip.

Below you will find two great toy haulers that are heavy duty and ideal for off-road hunting adventures. As with the above models, we have also included the estimated retail price and a few of their mention-worthy features and amenities.

3. 2021 Winnebago Spyder S23FB (~$38,000)

At first glance, the 2021 Winnebago Spyder S23FB might not seem like the best heavy-duty hunting toy hauler option, but there is more than what meets the eye if you look beneath the surface.

Should you have a decent budget and want to splurge, you should consider the Spyder S23FB as it has an estimated retail price of $38,000.

This model has a length of 30 feet and 4 inches, an interior height of 8 feet and 6 inches, and a hitch weight of 900 pounds. Additionally, it has a dry weight of 7,300 pounds, a gross vehicle weight of 11,300 pounds, and a freshwater tank capacity of 100 gallons. If your hunting with a family, there is more than enough space as it can sleep up to six people comfortably.

The main features that make the 2021 Winnebago Spyder S23FB heavy-duty are definitely the construction aspects. This model utilizes a unique hulk bolt technique on its sturdy steel frame construction, unlike other toy haulers. This technique is often favored by aircraft and other heavy-duty vehicles as it is more durable than traditional welding.

Other than the durable construction features, there are also a few differences with how this model has done its interior. If you are frequently hunting, you need an interior with stable cabinetry and furnishings. You don’t want to make too much unnecessary noise and disturb the wildlife when finding the perfect spot to set up camp safely.

The 2021 Winnebago Spyder S23FB has cabinetry and a ramp structure that uses specialized processes that ensure it is stable. Additionally, the ramp can hold up to 3,000 pounds, ideal for loading on deer and other game-hunted animals.

Moreover, the 14-foot long garage is spacious enough for you to store the game.

4. 2022 Eclipse Recreational Vehicles Attitude 2414BSG (~$42,000)

The Eclipse Recreational Vehicle motorhome brand is well known in the RV world for its durable, heavy-duty toy haulers.

If you plan to take many off-grid adventurous hunting trips, you should consider the 2022 Eclipse Recreational vehicle Attitude 2414BSG.

For its excellent construction and modern features, you likely won’t have any issue with the estimated price of $42,000. This model has a length of 298 feet and 8 inches and a dry weight of 7,100 pounds with a freshwater tank capacity of 100 gallons.

Additionally, this unit has an aluminum constructed frame and vacuum bonded side walls which allow for seasonal travel.

When your hunting, you might need to go off-grid for a few days to several weeks at a time. Should you need to go off-grid, you will need a toy hauler with the right features and amenities.

The 2021 Eclipse Attitude 2414BSG has off-grid features that are impressive.

Some of the off-grid features include an outdoor shower, a 40-gallon fuel tank, a 4000 watt Onan generator, a 13500 ducted air conditioner and heater, and a 330-watt solar panel.

Additionally, the 14-foot long cargo area provides ample space for your hunting gear without taking away from the living areas that can sleep six people.


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