4 Great Toy Haulers With Aluminum Frames (With Prices)

RV travel and living allow those with a thirst for adventure the opportunity to hit the open road and explore to their heart’s content.

Outdoor equipment like bicycles, motorcycles, ATVs and water sport toys are hard to take with you on adventures. Luckily, toy haulers provide the cargo space you need to take with you all your outdoor toys. 

Aluminum-framed toy hauler models are a great option for lightweight travel and hauling your favorite things on your camping trips:

2 Great Toy Haulers With Aluminum Frames:

Regular toy haulers are an excellent choice for those who don’t need too much interior living space or don’t mind having slightly more cramped living areas.

Normal toy haulers are also usually cheaper and are lighter than fifth wheel models.

Additionally, you will often find that regular toy haulers have a lower external height which affords them better clearance. Moreover, you won’t usually have any issue finding a model that is capable of off-road travel. This is because many motorhome manufacturers have implemented features that allow for off-road travel.

However, if you want an easily maneuverable and truly lightweight toy hauler that hitches easily and has a decent cargo carrying capacity while still being equipped with comfortable furnishings, you should consider aluminum framed units.

Although it isn’t as easy to find toy haulers with aluminum frames, we have found a few that we believe could be the perfect fit for you.

Below we have listed two models with their prices and a brief description to help you narrow down your search:

1. 2020 KZ Escape E180TH (~$27,000)

If you have a set budget of less than $30,000 and you don’t have much wiggle room, you may want to consider the beautifully designed 2020 KZ Escape E180TH.

This small yet mighty model has a 9-foot long garage and can comfortably sleep two in its front-facing private bedroom.

On average, the retail price for this unit is roughly $27,000. The 2020 KZ Escape E180TH has a dry hitch weight of 400 pounds, an unloaded vehicle weight of 3,210 pounds, and a gross vehicle weight of 5,000 pounds.

Additionally, this unit has an overall length of 21 feet and 6 inches, a width of 90 inches, and an interior height of 78 inches. Moreover, the model is equipped with a 20,000 BTU furnace, a 13-foot long awning, and a freshwater tank with a capacity of 38 gallons.

The 2020 KZ Escape E180Th is made with superior construction procedures, which are impressive considering its low price. It is aluminum framed with high-density block insulation and has a seamless aluminum roof and insulated flooring.

It is also ideal for four-season travel because of its insulated and heated underbelly and insulated front and rear walls.

Besides the aluminum-framed construction, there are a few other lovely features. This model is equipped with seamless kitchen countertops, a double gas burner stovetop, numerous storage cabinets, a digital media stereo, maple wood kitchen cabinetry, and a kitchen sink.

There are also fabulous kitchen appliances such as a 7 cubic foot refrigerator and a microwave.

Moreover, one of the nicest amenities present in this unit is the full bathroom that includes a residential shower, a foot flush toilet, and a medicine cabinet.

2. 2021 Desert Fox 27FS (~$65,000)

You have probably heard of all the popular toy hauler brands, but you may not have heard of Northwood.

The Desert Fox 27FS by the motorhome brand Northwood is a gorgeously retro-themed toy hauler with some incredible residential features and amenities. If you have $65,000 to spare for your new toy hauler investment, you should consider this model.

The 2021 Desert Fox 27FS is an independently certified toy hauler with an incredibly durable off-road chassis. It has a moderate overall length of 32 feet and 7 inches, a dry hitch weight of 1,494 pounds, a cargo-carrying capacity of 3,858 pounds, and a gross vehicle weight of 12,800 pounds.

When looking at this model’s construction, it’s safe to say that we were impressed. The 2021 Desert Fox 27FS has a fully welded thick wall one-piece aluminum frame construction with continuous fiberglass polyurethane laminate sidewalls.

Additionally, this unit utilizes high block foam insulation which ensures you and those you travel with are warm. The four-season package further solidifies the fact that you can travel throughout all four seasons.

This package includes heated and enclosed tanks, R-15 reflective foil insulation in the roofing, and R-18 all insulation in the ceiling.

As this toy hauler can sleep six people, it needs adequate features to cater to everyone’s needs. Some of the notable features and amenities that it is equipped with include a 10 gallon DSI gas/electric water heater, an indoor bathroom and outdoor shower, and a 13,500 BTU airconditioning system that is condensation resistant.

Furthermore, a few other features stand out: the 4.0 Onan generator, the 45-watt solar panel with prep, the onboard air compressor, and the LED outside speakers and enclosed porch.

2 Great Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers With Aluminum Frames:

Should you need a more spacious toy hauler with more high-end furnishings and modern features, you may want to consider a fifth-wheel model.

Fifth wheel toy haulers are suitable for both on-road and off-road travel if you choose the right model. Additionally, they offer more stability because of the tow vehicle and hitch geometry. 

Furthermore, if you don’t mind a more complicated hitching and unhitching process and are fine with learning how to maneuver the fifth wheel, an aluminum-framed one could be ideal. Aluminum framed fifth wheels are also more fuel-efficient and therefore better for those participating in frequent travel adventures.

However, you should really keep in mind that you will likely need a larger towing vehicle if you want a fifth-wheel toy hauler. Yet if you buy an aluminum-framed fifth wheel model, you can negate some of the hefty weight restrictions as aluminum-framed models are lightweight without sacrificing durability.

Aluminum framed fifth wheel models are sometimes more pricey than regular aluminum-framed toy haulers. Despite this, we have managed to find a few that are reasonably priced with attractive features.

We have briefly listed them below, along with their estimated pricing and a brief description similar to what we did with the regular toy hauler models:

3. 2021 Heartland Cyclone 4214 (~$146,000)

Often a designed fifth wheel toy hauler floorplan offers occupants more space.

The 2021 Cyclone 4214 might have a simple floorplan, but it grants occupants lots of space and many attractive features. These attractive features do come at a heft estimated retail price of $146,000. However, if you have a larger budget, it might be worth considering.

The overall length of this model is 45 feet and 8 inches, and it has a gross vehicle weight rating of 20,000 pounds, making it the heaviest model on our list. Although it is heavier, you will have more cargo-carrying space as this unit supports up to 4,235 pounds.

It can sleep seven to eight people comfortably with its bunk beds and an electrically lifting space-saving king-sized bed.

It’s important to have a fifth-wheel toy hauler that is constructed durably. Fortunately, the 2021 Heartland Cyclone 4214 is not only durable but also lightweight because of its welded tubular aluminum construction.

This model also has a hi-flow water pump equipped, a wide-body design, and a heated and enclosed underbelly.

Unsurprisingly because of how large this model is, there is a 14-foot long garage, three 15,000 BTU air conditioners, and a 35,000 BTU furnace.

Moreover, three of the best features present in this fifth wheel are the “swift space” work station, the fully equipped culinary kitchen with modern appliances, and the residential one-piece residential shower.

4. 2021 KZ Venom 3911TK (~$134,000)

Sometimes it’s better to truly go big or go home when choosing a new fifth wheel toy hauler.

The 2021 KZ venom 3911TK is perfect for anyone looking to make a statement with an aluminum-framed model.

With all the impressive features and amenities, it’s no surprise that this uber large fifth wheel unit is pricier than the other similar models. You can look at a price point of $134,000. This model has an overall length of 42 feet and 8 inches, with a garage area that measures 11 feet long.

Additionally, the dry hitch weight for the KZ Venom 3911Tk is 3,140 pounds, with a cargo-carrying capacity of 4,310 pounds and a gross vehicle weight rating of 19,000 pounds. There is also a 40,000 BTU furnace equipped and a freshwater tank with a 100-gallon capacity.

Should you want to take frequent trips or camping excursions, a lightweight model made with aluminum will save you a decent amount of your hard-earned money due to its lower gas consumption. The KZ Venom 3911TK is perfect for lengthy excursions and off-grid holidays because of its 70-gallon fuel tank, and 6 sided 100 percent aluminum frame.

Moreover, some of its other attractive construction features include the all-weather insulation package, which, unlike other fifth-wheel models, includes a dedicated heat duct in the underbelly.

Additionally, the R-38 insulated floor, underbelly, roof and sidewalls, and off-grid solar package with 220watt solar panels and a 2,000-watt inverter are also key drawing cards.


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