3 Great Toy Haulers Under 25 Feet (With Prices & Pictures)

Some people prefer smaller toy haulers that are more compact and efficient, especially if they have a smaller towing vehicle.

Although there are thousands of toy hauler models available with varying floorplan options, it can be challenging to find a toy hauler that has a length of fewer than 25 feet.

Fortunately, there are a few reliable and reputable toy hauler brands that manufacture smaller toy haulers.

We have brought to your attention three of the greatest toy haulers under 25 feet that you can currently purchase brand new.

2 Great Toy Haulers Under 25 Feet That Can Sleep, Two People:

With more solo individuals and couples turning to full-time RV living and more people deciding to incorporate frequent traveling into their lives, there has become a need for smaller toy haulers.

Not everyone wants a bulky and powerful towing vehicle as they tend to cost more on the gas mileage, especially if you are towing a toy hauler from one place to the next.

If you have a smaller towing vehicle and want to travel or participate in full-time living, you will likely want a toy hauler that is under 25 feet.

There are quite a few toy haulers who can sleep up to two people, and often these toy haulers are equipped with modern features in a compact setting. Below we have provided two toy haulers that fall under 25 feet that we believe are worth considering.

We have also included a simple and brief description of each model and how much you can expect the retail price:

1. 2020 KZ Escape E180TH (~$27,000)

The 2020 KZ Escape E180Th is perfect for those who want a modern and chic toy hauler with a gorgeous interior.

This toy hauler by KZ has a gross vehicle weight rating of 5,000 pounds, a dry hitch weight of 400 pounds, and an exterior length of 21 feet and 6 inches. Although it may be small, it is spacious enough for two people to live comfortably. If you happen to be interested in this model, you can expect to pay an approximate retail price of $27,000.

This model has a cargo area that measures 9 feet which is enough space for you to take with you your surfboard, kayak, or motorcycle. There is also a 13-foot long awning and two pass-through storage areas on either side.

Additionally, this toy hauler is constructed to last with insulated flooring and roofing and an insulated underbelly. The roof also comes with a 12-year warranty.

The Interior:

The interior is done in beautiful shades of brown and cream with light wood maple cabinetry and flooring.

Unlike other toy haulers in this price range, you will find the kitchen located at the front near the bedroom. Inside the open plan kitchen, you will notice the under-the-sink and over sink cupboards that provide space for all your groceries.

The gleaming white countertop is small but adequate for meal preparation. There is a refrigerator, a microwave, and a two-plate stove. Cleaning up won’t be a hassle as there is also a convenient residential kitchen sink.

In front of the sink is a small window perfectly situated to allow a cool breeze into the kitchen on hot summer days.

Although this toy hauler can sleep up to six, it is ideal for those who want more space and don’t want to be cramped. The bedroom is located at the front of this model, and you will find two comfortable bunk beds where the bottom bed is slightly larger than the top one.

Across from the kitchen is the small bathroom with a compact shower with built-in shelving, a foot flush toilet, and a convenient outlet.

At the rear is the cargo area that also doubles as the dining room. The sofa folds up and away easily when not in use, and you can set up a small dining room table for meals.

Additionally, outside you will find speakers, flip-up entry steps, backup camera prep, and a quirky outdoor bottle opener.

2. 2021 Forest River No Boundaries 10.5 (~$16,000)

If you want a wholly simplistic toy hauler with minimal features that is uber small, you may want to have a much closer look at the 2021 Forest River No Boundaries 10.5.

This model has a light unloaded vehicle weight of 1,570 pounds, a hitch weight of 210 pounds, and an exterior length of 13 feet and 10 inches.

Although this model is petite, it is perfect for those who only want a toy hauler for camping excursions. The average cost of the Forest River No Boundaries 10.5 model is estimated at $16,000, making it likely to suit couples and individuals with a small budget.

It’s important to note that this toy hauler does not have a bathroom, so if you want a fully equipped bathroom on board when you travel, this might not be the best choice for you.

The Exterior:

It may be small, but it is fairly mighty.

The No Boundaries 10.5 processes a wrap-around awning and Rhino roof rack equipment that allows travelers to take all their outdoor equipment along with them.

It also has a NoBo rooftop tent that provides additional storage space and even more sleeping accommodations if you want to sleep outdoors.

Furthermore, the No Boundaries 10.5 has one of the highest ground clearance ratings in its class, which allows you to take your toy hauler on more rugged terrain and daring adventures.

The Interior:

The interior is spacious with some storage facilities.

There is a large lounger bed that folds out to create a sleeping space for two adults.

You will also find a lockbox, a wardrobe situated at the front and a pantry, and an LED television. With most toy haulers, the kitchen is located indoors, but with the Forest River No Boundaries 10.5, you will notice it has a fold-out kitchen that easily stows away after use.

It has a 12V refrigerator and a two-plate stove.

2 Great Toy Haulers Under 25 Feet That Can Sleep, Four People:

Many people make the fairly common mistake of thinking that they cannot purchase a toy hauler under 25 feet and still sleep four people.

Many beginner RVers and small families want to invest in smaller toy haulers, especially if they have smaller budgets. Fortunately, a few toy hauler brands are accommodating to the needs of many and, as such, have manufactured quality toy haulers that are smaller than 25 feet.

If you want a toy hauler that can sleep four but under 25 feet, you may want to seriously consider the model we have listed below.

We have also included a description, the estimated price, and what features you can expect so that you can make a credibly sound decision on if it is right for you.

3. 2021 Palomino Puma Ultra-Lite 187TH (~$22,000)

Should you prefer linoleum ceramic tile flooring and white wood cabinetry, you should consider the 2021 Palomino Puma Ultra-Lite 187TH toy hauler for your next investment.

This model has a relatively lightweight gross weight rating of 4,935 pounds, a hitch weight of 535 pounds, and an overall length of 22 feet and 7 inches. The Palomino Puma Ultra-Lite 187TH also has a 20000 BTU furnace and a 13500 BTU air conditioning unit which allows you to travel pleasantly no matter the season.

For this toy hauler, you should expect a retail price of roughly $22,000.

This toy hauler follows a more classic design layout than our other two models on this list. The kitchen is located near the cargo area, and the bedroom at the front with the bathroom is more centrally located.

The entire cargo area is 9 feet and 6 and a half inches long, which provides ample space for all outdoor equipment and toys.

Outside you will find a 14 foot and 9-inch long awning that allows the occupants to enjoy a summer day in the shade, taking in the sites of nature.

The Interior:

The interior is simplistic but light and airy.

The white wood cabinetry beautifully sets off the dark kitchen countertops and stainless steel appliances.

The kitchen houses a residential-sized refrigerator, a microwave, a stove, and a kitchen sink with a faucet. Additionally, the air conditioning unit is roof-mounted in this area, ensuring you are cool when preparing meals for you and the other toy hauler occupants.

Moreover, the kitchen is a lovely entertainment center that will keep you occupied when you need to stay indoors.

At the rear are rollover sofas facing opposite sides. These sofas conveniently transform into beds when the need arises. After a long day adventuring, you will likely want a refreshing shower.

Luckily the 2021 palomino Puma-Lite 187Th is equipped with a modest-sized bathroom located next to the kitchen that includes a spacious 27 inch by 27-inch shower and a flushable toilet.

At the front is a private bedroom where you will find a bunk bed that features a queen-sized bed at the bottom.



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