3 Most-Popular Class B Motorhome Brands (With Pictures)

Class B motorhomes are becoming increasingly popular in the RV world and have since spawned the “van life” movement.

They have partly become so popular because of their innovative technology, easy maneuverability, and capability to be a motorhome while being utilized as a primary vehicle. Because of this, more and more individuals and couples are traveling the world or living out of a Class B RV full time.

However, it can be difficult to choose a Class B motorhome if you are not aware of the most sought-after brands and what they do best.

Fortunately, we have taken the time to find reputable Class B RV brands that are popular, and we have found out why they are favored:

What Is A Class B Motorhome?

A Class B motorhome is an RV that is usually built on a commercial van chassis like a Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Dodge Ram Pro master, or a Ford Transit.

These motorhomes are compact and streamlined and usually only suited to small groups of people. However, a few Class B motorhomes have recently been manufactured to accommodate six to eight people.

This RV class is well recognized as the smallest RV class, and as such, they are the most fuel-efficient. Many people have decided to downsize and are now opting for a Class B instead of a Class C because of this.

Most Class B RVs will have a diesel or gas engine, and you can expect an average of between 12 to 25 miles per gallon, depending on the model you choose.

Although they are smaller and more compact, many Class B motorhomes are packed with standard features like refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, beds, bathrooms, and living areas. Some Class B RVs are also built to be incredibly luxurious and will process more luxury items like air conditioning units, LED televisions, and electric heaters.

It’s important to note that most Class B motorhomes do not possess slide-outs, but they do come in various lengths ranging between 18 and 24 feet so that you won’t lose out on much space.

They also come in various incredibly unique designs with different floorplan options, so you will likely find one you like:

Storyteller Overland – Best For Adventure

The Storyteller Overland RV manufacturing company was founded by Jeffery Hunter in 2018, with their head office based in Birmingham, Alabama.

This motorhome company was started because the founder believed there was a need for an adventurous Class B motorhome catering to those thirsting for adventure.

Essentially, the company wanted to provide a product that would enable those with an adventurous spirit to chase their dreams on the open road in their Class B motorhomes, and they have managed to achieve this. Each person involved with the company is highly qualified as engineers and artisans, and they all share a passion for adventure, which translates into the motorhomes they manufacture.

They follow industry standards and regulations, which has attributed to their immense popularity in three short years. Most people are happy with the 4×4 capabilities, rugged construction, and off-road functionality that the brand’s models possess.

The companies Class B motorhomes can go completely off-grid for a few days due to the brand’s use of Volta Power Systems and the automotive-grade M-Power lithium energy management system built in.

As the company is relatively new, they have only released three different models so far, but this is expected to increase as more people become aware of the brand rapidly. Storyteller Overland currently markets the Classic Mode 4×3, Beast Mode 4×4, and the Stealth Mode 4×4.

Although each of these models is fairly similar, they have unique features and price points that set them apart from each other, and each one of them is capable of offroad and off-grid adventures.

Pleasure-Way – Durable Construction And Luxury Features

When looking for durable construction and luxury features, many people turn to the Pleasure-Way motorhome brand.

Pleasure-Way was founded in 1986 by Merv Rumpel. After more than 18 years in the RV business, he decided that there was significant room for high-quality Class B RVs in the motorhome industry.

He took his numerous years of experience and began designing layouts for the Class Bs to present to the market and produced 10 units initially, which were well received by the community.

Rumple has proclaimed that the brand was founded because he saw a need for motorhomes that would truly stand the depreciating test of time.

With more than 35 years in the motorhome industry to date, the Pleasure-Way brand has firmly entrenched itself into the category of most popular Class B motorhome brands. The company excels at innovation, durable construction, and luxury features, and custom-fit interiors.

One of the key attributes that set this brand apart from its competition is its refusal to utilize an assembly line.

Instead, each pleasure Way model is built by hand and takes six to eight weeks to finish. Although this is a longer assembly time frame than other Class B manufacturers, you are guaranteed a quality product that has undergone meticulous care and hand-fitted components and features.

The Pleasure-Way staff individually fit the custom wood cabinetry into each model and in specific stalls. Additionally, only selected personnel is in charge of this meticulous job. It requires an apprenticeship before a person is employed to undertake this task because of the brand’s attention to building Class B models that will last.

Overall the production process they use and the luxury features and custom cabinetry that is handcrafted set them apart from their motorhome competitors in the RV market.

Furthermore, Pleasure-Way has nine Class B models that they manufacture.

Their most affordable model is the 2021.5 Tofino which retails for $74,750, while their most expensive models are the 2021.5 Plateau TS and the 2021.5 Plateau FL, which both retail for $159,185.

Winnebago – Affordability

One of the longest-running motorhome companies in the RV industry is Winnebago.

This RV company was founded in 1958 by John K Hanson in Forest City, Iowa, and has continued to succeed despite hurdles that it has faced over the years. Winnebago manufactures Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes that are well known for their innovative designs and quality construction.

The Winnebago company is centered around the idea that motorhomes are not just vehicles but also represent a lifestyle.

Over the years, they have striven always to manufacture motorhomes that possess character and innovative solutions in tandem with award-winning features and amenities. However, unlike other motorhome brands, you won’t need to pay a verifiable fortune to own an innovative Winnebago Class B motorhome.

Winnebago has a particular aesthetic and function, but they are a more affordable option when looking for a superbly quality constructed motorhome with a luxury look and feel. In particular, the brands Solis and Travato models are popular.

The starting price for a Solis model is $107,821, while the starting price for the Travato is $130,056.

Furthermore, the Solis Class B motorhome won the 2021 RV Business Award for a must-see RV.

The brand manufactures five different Class B models in total, with two models being gas and three being diesel which allows the variety to choose the engine type that they would prefer.

The most expensive Class B model on offer by the brand is their Boldt model, which has a starting price of $217,521, but you do get value for money with the features it comes equipped with.

Notably, some of the brand’s most luxurious features include leather upholstery, various solar packages, suede upholstery on rear walls, full bathrooms with handheld showers, and technologically savvy touch screen control panels.


Storyteller Overland, LLC revolutionizes the road trip and enhances off-grid adventures with the launch of their new MODE™ 4×4 adventure van series.

The Five Best Class B RV Brands In 2021 So Far.

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