What Are Houses With a Yard Called? (5 Names Explained)

When finding the perfect house, most people are willing to scratch off a few things on their wishlist in exchange for a gorgeous yard. Having a fantastic outdoor space gives any home a special kind of appeal.

But, did you know that depending on the style of the yard the house has, it may have its own special name? Knowing the specific name for the style of home with a yard that you want can help you to be specific when it comes to finding that home of your dreams.

So, if you have a clear vision of the home you want with the picture-perfect yard, let us put a name on that dream.

Green backyard area with wooden fence and decorationGreen backyard area with wooden fence and decoration

1. Courtyard House

A courtyard house can sometimes be a rare find these days as it first came into popularity in the late 18th century. A courtyard home is a home that features a yard in the center of the house.

This means that the floor plan is fairly open, and all rooms connect through the courtyard in the center.

The idea is that the center of the home is the heart, so making the yard in the middle of your floor plan may seem a little wacky, but it helps with airflow and is popular among people who want to live closer to nature.

Originally these homes were made from stone and brick in the 1960s. That’s why if you find a courtyard home on the market today, you can expect to have to do some remodeling in order to bring the decor back up to date.

While it can seem a little bit odd to have your yard connected to both your dining and living room, there are a lot of perks to living in a house with this special design.

Most notably, you can expect to have a great deal of privacy while enjoying your yard space. With this special layout, you can spend hours outside without having to worry about nosey neighbors or people watching you from the street.

Without the distraction from traffic and outside noises, you can enjoy your own little oasis. Another perk is that having a yard located in the center of your home allows for much more sunlight to enter.

I am a big believer in the idea that natural light in the home has a direct connection to your personal happiness. So, along with a little privacy, you are sure to get a serotonin boost.

2. California Ranch

Ranch-style homes are very popular and can be found almost everywhere across the US. However, today we specifically are going to explore the beloved California ranch home.

The one feature that sets the two apart is the extra large yard and outdoor space. California ranch homes are designed to ensure that the outdoor living space is the absolute highlight of the entire home itself.

From the outside, California ranch homes look more modern than other ranch-style homes and often feature specific architectural elements that are meant to draw the eye toward the yard of the home.

Features like sloped awnings that hand over fantastic patios are a common theme among California ranch homes.

Like traditional ranch homes, a California ranch will also be designed with a floor plan that resembles a U or L shape. However, unlike traditional ranch homes, a California ranch will always flow back into the yard.

Another important thing to note is that California ranch homes are often single-floor plans with an open concept. While these homes can sometimes be viewed as small, the humble living truly allows for the yard space to shine.

This is the heart of the home where people will gather, eat, celebrate, and live.

3. Coach Homes

If you are looking for a smaller-scale home that has a little bit more privacy but also doesn’t skimp on yard space, a coach home is exactly what you are looking for.

A coach home is a house that is generally set farther back from the main road allowing for an extra large yard in the front. Another thing to note about coach homes is that the houses themselves always tend to be much smaller and only feature a room or two.

Also, since the house is often set far back on the property, there isn’t as much when it comes to a backyard.

The majority of the outdoor space will be featured in the front of the house.

There is something so simply charming about a small house being surrounded by a large front yard. The biggest upside to living in a coach home is that you can expect to get a great deal of privacy.

Since the actual home structure sits so far back from the road, cars passing by and people walking down the road will have an obscured view of your home since the front yard gives some major distance between you and the rest of the world.

4. Laneway Homes

Everyone knows that if you want a home with a fantastic yard, you need to travel some ways out of the bustle of the city to find your own slice of heaven. But, in some cities, you don’t have to escape to the suburbs in order to find the best home for your family that features a gorgeous yard.

The biggest appeal of living in a city is that you are constantly surrounded by culture while having the convenience of everything you need right outside your door.

The good news is, with a certain style of home, you no longer have to sacrifice all of that adventure and culture for a sub-par yard.

Laneway homes are a great solution for those looking to relocate to the big city while still getting to enjoy the peace and privacy of a yard.

Laneway homes are houses that are close together and are only accessible from a lane or alleyway. Fenced-in yards connect through a series of alleyways that are often set back a little bit further from the main road.

Laneway homes are most popular in Canada’s larger cities where it can be difficult to find your own space. By using narrow lanes and alleyways to connect these yards together, it creats its own little community for the residents to find some sort of escape from the loud noises of the city.

5. Bungalow

If you are more interested in having a magical yard with character as opposed to just simply having a large yard, a bungalow-style home is exactly what you are looking for.

Bungalows sometimes referred to as cottages are designed to resemble a home that is surrounded by magnificent fields and gardens that gives a small nod to fairy lore.

These homes tend to be either single-story or two-level homes, but no matter how many floors there are, the inside is rather small and cozy.

The lure behind a bungalow is that no matter what type of area you live in, whether it is heavily populated or not, your home will still feel miles away from any type of civilization.

This is because bungalows are designed to be completely encased in nature. So, no matter which window you look out on, you can be looking at a field of wildflowers or even your own little vegetable garden.

A bungalow is one of those homes where the outdoor space becomes the centerpiece and where you will most likely find your own peace.

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Final Thoughts

When house hunting, it is important to never ignore that yard. After all, when the weather starts to warm up, this is where you will end up spending the most memorable moments with your family.

So, whether you just want that picture-perfect front yard with a tire swing, or want to fully commit to an atrium in the center of your floor plan, you have plenty of options. Even better, now you can put a name on it.

Good luck.


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