How Reliable Are Runaway Campers? (We Checked)

Not every beginner or expert RVer has the funds to afford an expensive camper trailer.

That’s why many have turned toward the Runaway Camper brand. For about ten years, this brand has been making a name for itself as a go-to option for those on a restrictive RV budget who want an affordable camper that is reliable.

Yet, just how reliable are Runaway campers?

Here’s How Reliable Runaway Campers Can Be:

Runaway campers are pretty reliable with only a few mold and moisture issues reported. According to Runaway Campers, their warranty covers a camping trailer if used for camping or recreational travel for one year. Their roof warranty is valid for five years and covers leaks and structural defects.

Who Are Runaway Campers?

Firstly, Runaway was founded in 2012 and is a company that has a deeply Christian mindset. The founders can be paraphrased as stating: “We believe that our business is a true gift from God, and how we maintain it is our gift to Him!”

It’s unsurprising that they value selling premium quality products that make people happy.

Unlike other RV travel trailer manufacturers, Runaway is a family-owned and operated camper business. This company is located in Marion County, Florida, and was founded by Stephen Shives and his father-in-law, Robert lane.

Despite many difficulties the company has faced along the way (including the economic downturn of 2008), they have remained debt-free.

For years this company has been making camper trailers worthy of attention. Yet, as they have grown and prospered, they have not sacrificed quality for quantity. They have focused on people, not products and profits, which is partly why they are so successful.

However, this doesn’t mean they don’t have a diverse product range regarding travel trailers. Runaway specializes in manufacturing a wide range of mini campers. These mini campers offer adventure seekers a compact RV that is an excellent affordable alternative to the traditional motorhomes that are far more expensive.

The company is so dedicated to affordability that they have stated that its mini camper will remain ‘America’s most affordable mini camper.’ Yet, you should know that their campers are not known for their luxury amenities and numerous modern features but their simplicity and quality.

Here are 4 Most-Common Problems With Runaway Campers to check out!

How Long Do Runaway Campers Last?

Since Runaway campers have only been in business for ten years, it’s difficult to determine how long their camper trailers last.

However, a few customers have stated that their trailers have lasted between three and five years, with others still having their trailers after ten years of use.

Runaway builds its campers from scratch. Each of the materials they use is carefully evaluated to ensure the company can manufacture a high-quality camper.

Because of this commitment to quality, Runaway decided to depart from its standard practice of using adhesives, sealants, and VHB tapes while producing its motorhomes.

The company identified that the VHB tapes they were using weren’t reliable options because of their inconsistency, and the sealants were not UV stable. This meant that a second caulk layer was needed, which pushed up prices, extended manufacturing times, and made the units somewhat unstable.

The company decided to use Sabatack sealants, specifically 780 and 750XL from the brand Chemique Adhesives, to eliminate these problems and ensure campers were given a more reliable product. By turning to these products instead for the production of their units, Runaway eliminated the use of more unreliable adhesives, sealants, and tapes.

His trust in these products is well warranted, considering the company’s decision to use Chemique Adhesives has cut production times by approximately 10 to 20 percent. Additionally, Runaway can manufacture campers that take less time to build and offer a better hold without using screws.

Because of this change, their campers are holding up better, with many stating that the newer models are more reliable.

Are Runaway Campers More Reliable Than Similar Brands?

Compared to other brands that manufacture campers, Runaway is considered a strong contender. However, since the brand has only been around for a decade and focuses on only trailers, they are not as reliable as others regarding reputation and product range.

Yet, their superb manufacturing processes and high-quality materials set them apart from other, more recognizable brands.

Numerous customers prefer Runaway campers to other brands because of how reliably bare the trailers are. This makes them easily customizable, allowing users to create their floor plan layouts and add their beds, sofas, and appliances.

How Much Maintenance Are There On Runaway Campers?

As is the case with many other camper brands, Runaway campers do require maintenance. Without maintenance, Runaway campers can break into many different places (doors, hinges, walls, roofing), creating a time-consuming and costly problem for owners.

According to one camper, he had to do plenty of maintenance and rearrange to ensure his Runaway camper trailer was comfortable enough to camp in. He further said that he had to constantly remove his mattress to ensure it did not become moldy.

[Source below in references]

A few other customers had these same maintenance concerns alongside the typical maintenance requirements of keeping a camper trailer in good condition.

What Are The First Things That Typically Break?

For the most part, Runaway campers are designed and constructed well, so not many people have experienced irreparable damage. Yet, this doesn’t stop people from questioning what the first things are that typically break on a Runaway camper.

After researching this question extensively, we have found three things on and in a Runaway camper to break first: the bed (due to mold and mildew), the door, and the roofing.

Some 2020 Venturist models have had a badly manufactured door that allows light to come through it from the outside and a sagging roof. However, it’s important to note that Runaway has said that the sagging roofs are specifically manufactured this way.

Still, many have found them to break and sag more, making the trailer almost unusable.

One customer said: “My biggest issue is the roof. Mine is sagging, which Runaway says is “normal” but appears there is not be enough support in my opinion.” Yet, besides these problems, there are not many things that often break on these trailers, which is unsurprising considering their quality materials and construction practices.


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