Are iKamper Rooftop Tents Worth The Money? (Reviewed)

With the recent boom in popularity of rooftop tents, more and more options are available, making it difficult to decide on what will be the best option.

Before you decide on which rooftop tent to buy, you should think about how often you will use the tent, how many people will be sleeping in the tent, and whether or not you want a rooftop tent with a hard shell.

Another major consideration when shopping for a rooftop tent is how much it’s going to cost. A rooftop tent is quite a sizable investment, and you’ll want to be sure that the product you end up with is worth what you’ve paid for it.

There are several models available, the largest of which can sleep up to 4 people.

Here’s the Rundown on iKamper Tents:

You can expect to pay over $3,000 for any iKamper rooftop tent, which means they definitely aren’t budget products. However, if you’re looking for a well made, durable, and highly-rated camping option, then an iKamper rooftop tent will definitely be a good investment.

Online Roof-Top Tent Stores:

Here are some of the most popular online stores to buy roof-top tents:

StoresPrice rangeModelsVisit
iKamper$$-$$$4Visit here
Thule$-$$$7Visit here
CampSaver$-$$$24Visit here
RoofNest$$-$$$7Visit here

How Durable are the iKamper Models?

iKamper is a company that prides itself on producing high-quality rooftop tents that are built to withstand the elements and last for a long time.

Let’s take a look at a few different iKamper rooftop tents emphasizing how durable they really are.

1. iKamper Skycamp 2.0

  • Price: $3,899.00
  • Sleeps: 3-4

The Skycamp 2.0 is an updated version of iKamper’s most popular and successful rooftop tents, the award-winning Skycamp.

This is the largest and most expensive iKamper rooftop tent, and it features a durable and aerodynamic hard shell that’s available in 3 different colors.

The hard shell is built tough and features locking clips. Although the shell is certainly durable, some users have mentioned that the clips are hard to use, which could be a source of future issues with the Skycamp 2.o.

The Skycamp 2.0 sleeps up to 4 people comfortably and has a built-in king size mattress, although some customers have complained that the high-density foam mattress isn’t as thick and comfortable as advertised.

The tent material is definitely thick and well-constructed, and the breathable, insulating cotton-polyester fabric will not only stand the test of time. Still, it will also keep you warm and dry.

iKamper customers love how easy to install this rooftop tent is and the fact that it comes with mounting brackets, wrenches, and a cool ladder.

The floor of the Skycamp 2.0 is made from super durable and insulating honeycomb aluminum panels that help to keep you warm during cold weather camping trips and also keep the structure safe and sturdy.

You can find out more about the iKamper Skycamp 2.0 by clicking here!

2. iKamper Skycamp 2x

  • Price: $3,199
  • Sleeps: 2-3

A smaller and more affordable iKamper rooftop tent, the Skycamp 2X has similar features to the Skycamp 2.0 but is lighter and more compact.

iKamper customers who have purchased one of these rooftop tents love the quick and easy setup and the fact that it takes as little as 1 minute to be warm and dry inside the tent. This can be especially important when the weather takes a turn for the worse during your camping trip!

The Skycamp 2x features a tent made from breathable cotton-polyester material and a super-durable polyester rainfly with a waterproof rating of 3000mm. There’s also the same tough honeycomb aluminum panels for the base, which means you’ll stay warm and dry.

The tough, aerodynamic shell is double-layered, with a 1-inch layer of air insulation, which furthers the idea of a durable and weather-resistant rooftop tent.

The Skycamp 2x comes equipped with a telescoping ladder, which has been redesigned to work more efficiently. However, some customer reviews mention that the ladder doesn’t perform well on uneven ground.

Click here to purchase the iKamper Skycamp 2x!

3. iKamper X-Cover

  • Price: $3,199.00
  • Sleeps: 3-4

The iKamper X-Cover is a more cost-effective rooftop tent than the previous entries and sleeps up to 3 people comfortably.

The built-in high-density foam mattress is durable, but few customers have complained that the mattress is too thin and not comfortable enough.

The X-Cover features a cool design that eliminates the bulky PVC cover of traditional rooftop tents. Although this tent takes a little longer to set up than the Skycamp 2.0 and Skycamp 2x, it has the advantage of coming with included crossbars that can carry extra gear on top of the hard shell.

Although the X-Cover weighs only 120 pounds, it is still a durable rooftop tent and comes with mounting brackets and a ladder with nifty angled steps.

This might not be an all-season tent, but it does come with a waterproof rainfly. This would be an ideal option for those who enjoy warm weather camping, and the open design, with double Skyview windows, allows for plenty of ventilation inside the tent.

Another cool feature of the X-Cover is the inclusion of tension poles that can be used to turn the window covers into canopies.

You can find out more about the iKamper X-Cover by clicking here!

How Long Do iKamper Rooftop Tents Last?

As we’ve already mentioned, iKamper rooftop tents are made to last, using high quality and durable materials.

Used properly, iKamper rooftop tents should last for several years.

That being said, it’s important to take proper care of an iKamper rooftop tent to keep it in good condition. All of the products we’ve listed above come equipped with hardshell wax, seam sealer, and a handbook on caring for the tent fabric.

The Skycamp 2.0 and Skycamp 2x come with gas strut locks that can be used during high winds.

These locks protect the struts, and if used correctly, will extend the lifespan of the rooftop tent.

Are Rooftop Tents Generally Durable?

There are many different options for rooftop tents, and some are definitely more durable than others.

Generally speaking, rooftop tents with a hard shell will be the most durable option because the tent is protected in a sturdy outer case.

The rule of thumb, as with any product, is that you get what you pay for. If the price of any rooftop tent seems too good to be true, then it probably is!

Another factor to bear in mind is how a rooftop tent is used. If you have a tent that hasn’t been designed to be used in poor weather conditions, then camping in torrential rain and high winds will most likely result in a product with a short lifespan!

How Do They Compare to Thule and Roofnest Brands?

There’s a lot of competition when it comes to rooftop tents, and there are quite a few companies that are all trying to market similar products.

Let’s look at a couple of other brands and see how they compare to the iKamper rooftop tents we’ve already listed.

1. Thule Ruggedized Autana 3+Annex

  • Price: $2749.95
  • Sleeps: 2-3

The Ruggedized Autana 3+Annex has been designed for the toughest conditions and is a great option for those who want to really get out there, no matter what the weather is doing.

The tent material is a 600D ripstop blend fabric that’s really tough and durable, which means this tent should last for a long time.

This burly rooftop tent sleeps 3 people comfortably and has plenty of mesh-covered windows to provide ventilation. A real bonus is that the tent is both UV and mold-resistant, which reassures those who worry about durability and lifespan.

Best of all, this rooftop tent comes with a detachable annex that’s ideal for storing wet clothes and boots. Although this is a great feature, some Thule customers have had leakage problems with the annex and have found it difficult to attach.

The Ruggedized Autana 3 is a lot cheaper than the iKamper rooftop tents on our list, and although it isn’t a hard shell tent, it is certainly tough and durable.

Click here to purchase the Thule Ruggedized Autana 3+Annex!

2. Roofnest Falcon XL

  • Price: $3,495.00
  • Sleeps: 2-3

The Roofnest Falcon XL is a rugged and durable rooftop tent meant for adventure enthusiasts who want to camp whenever they want and don’t mind rain, snow, and wind.

This is a rooftop tent with a hard shell that features a clamshell design. This is Roofnest’s largest hard shell tent, with a width of 60 inches, yet it’s only 7 inches high when closed.

This provides an aerodynamic design that cuts down on road noise and extra fuel consumption.

The tent is made from thick, reinforced fabric that holds up well in rain and high winds. Plus, the Falcon XL has a padded ceiling, telescoping ladder and comes with an anti-condensation mat.

Although the Roofnest Falcon is comparable in price to any iKamper product, it is still cheaper and is perhaps more durable and long-lasting.

Click here to purchase the Roofnest Falcon XL!

Pros and Cons of the iKamper Rooftop Tents


  • iKamper rooftop tents are made with high-quality materials that are built to last.
  • There are different options to fit every camper’s needs.
  • ikamper tents come in a hard shell, which keeps the tent from getting damaged.
  • iKamper tents come with a 2-year warranty.
  • IKamper rooftop tents are easy to mount on any vehicle and easy to set up.


  • The price of iKamper tents is quite high.
  • The mattresses can be uncomfortable.



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