Illinois RV & Camping: Time, Dates & Rules (With Examples)

Illinois might be one of the most populated states in America, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t many campgrounds and State and National Parks to explore.

Many motorhome and tent campers choose Illinois because it is home to the bustling city of Chicago that is famed for its legendary Chicago-style pizzas. Additionally, campers are drawn to the iconic architecture, spectacular museums, and gorgeous scenery.

This handy camping guide will demonstrate a few of the best campgrounds in this wonderful American state:

2 Illinois Campgrounds with Times, Dates, and Rules:

1. Sycamore RV Resort

If you prefer to stay at family-owned and operated campgrounds, you may want to consider the Sycamore RV Resort.

This resort has been operated by the same family since 1986 and has catered to the needs of thousands of campers over the years. The Sycamore RV Resort is one of the best campgrounds you can stay at in Illinois should you want to be surrounded by beautiful tranquil lake views and peaceful surroundings.

There are 89 tent and RV campgrounds at this resort, with most offering full hookup amenities and 30 and 50 amp electrical connections. The Sycamore RV Resort is definitely summer vacation material with its two natural spring-fed lakes.

You and the family can take daily swims on the beach, hire a paddle boat for the day, or have a friendly game of basketball or volleyball with fellow campers.

Additionally, some of the amenities you can look forward to including a laundromat, clean restrooms with hot showers, WiFi, a dump station, a pavilion, and a campground convenience store filled with everything from ice creams and snacks to fishing supplies.


At this resort, the check-in time is at 03:00 pm, and the check-out time is at 2:00 pm.


The Sycamore RV Resort is open from the 1st of April until the 31st of October.


  • All garbage needs to be wrapped in plastic bags before being placed into the resort dumpsters.
  • No guests are allowed to ride golf carts, mini bikes, or ATVs.
  • Bows and arrows and all firearms are strictly prohibited.
  • Campers are not allowed to enter the beach alone, and they are not allowed to swim alone.
  • Guests are not allowed to wash their dishes or clothing in the restrooms.

2. Geneseo Campground

Are you an adventurer at heart who thrives in the outdoors?

If so, you may want to visit the Geneseo Campground in Illinois for your next grand camping trip.

This campground is near the Historic Hennepin Cal, a vast recreational trail encompassing over 72 miles of natural habitation, wildlife, and scenic views. In addition to being near this well-known trail, the campground is also close to many lively restaurants and a few lovely local attractions.

There are 75 RV and tent campsites at the Geneseo Campground, with most offering full hookups and electrical connections of 30 and 50 amp. At the campground, you can look forward to a range of activities that include but aren’t limited to fishing, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, and bicycling; it is truly an outdoor enthusiast’s dream holiday.

Along with these fun activities, the campground also offers convenient amenities. There is a laundry, an airconditioned activities building, a convenience store, a children’s playground, a dump station, and various equipment rentals that include canoes and bicycles.


Guests are not allowed to check in after 09:00 pm CST time.


This campground is open throughout the year.


  • Guests are not allowed to invite anyone else to their campsite to stay beside those booked at the site.
  • Visitation hours at the campground end at 10:00 pm CST time.
  • Dogs who are uncontrollable and who bark incessantly are not allowed.
  • Campers are only allowed to park on a gravel RV site and not on the grass at this campground.
  • Only one car is permitted per RV site at this campground.

Can You Go RVing In Illinois Outside These Dates?

The state of Illinois is one of the best if you want to go camping at a campground, resort, park, or State and National Park that is open throughout the year.

There are more than thirty campgrounds that are open year-round in Illinois, which gives you many options.

Above, we mentioned a campground that is open throughout the year and only opens seasonally. You will need to beware that not every campground is open throughout the year because most have the right to set their own times and dates.

If you are not interested in the campgrounds we mentioned earlier, you may want to have a closer look into the few year-round campgrounds we have listed below.

  • Camp Sullivan.
  • Timberline Campground Goodfield.
  • Tin Cup RV Park.
  • Buena Vista Farms Campground.
  • Kamper Kompanion Campground.

In Illinois, Where Can You Camp For Free?

Unfortunately, Illinois is not known for having many free campsites.

Yet this does not mean they are impossible to locate. Most of the free campgrounds in this state can be found in business parking lots owned by private establishments, but these are not your only options if this sounds like something you wouldn’t be interested in.

Below, we have mentioned a few of Illinois’ best free campground options for those on a budget:

  • Shawnee National Forest.
  • Turkey Bayou.
  • Harrah’s Metropolis Casino Parking Lot.
  • Chillicothe Campground.
  • Gilman City Park.

Can You Camp On Public Hunting Land in Illinois?

In Illinois, camping is not permitted on all public hunting land. Only certain parklands offer designated camping areas.

Additionally, some will only allow camping for those who hold permits, and other parks won’t have designated areas. Still, they will allow dispersed camping within a certain radius of the hunting area.

In Illinois, one of the only public hunting lands where you can camp is the Pyramid State Park.

Illinois Camping And RV Rules For Local State Parks And National Parks

Do you want to avoid private campgrounds, resorts, and parks in Illinois and go with a cheaper camping holiday option?

If so, you might need to consider planning your next camping adventure at an Illinois State or National Park.

However, before deciding if this is something you genuinely want to consider, you should look into some of the Illinois State and National Park campground rules:

  • Only two cars are allowed per trailer or tent at a campsite at the Illinois national and state parks.
  • Dogs are allowed at Illinois parks, but they have to be kept on a leash.
  • At Illinois state and national parks, all campers are prohibited from smoking cannabis.
  • Mushroom hunting is prohibited in nature preserves in Illinois.


Illinois Hunting Regions 

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