Massachusetts RV & Camping: Time, Dates & Rules (With Examples)

Massachusetts is situated in the New England region of the country. It has long been a popular tourist destination because of its charming atmosphere, bustling cities, and quaint villages and towns.

Should you decide to visit Massachusetts, some of the attractions, you can look forward to experiencing include the beaches of Cape Cod, Nantucket Island, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Freedom Trail, and the Bunker Hill Monument.

We have detailed a few places you can stay when visiting Massachusetts:

2 Massachusetts Campgrounds With Times, Dates and, Rules:

1. Normandy Farms Campground

If you want to be close to popular Massachusetts attractions while still being surrounded by nature, you may want to consider booking your camping stay at the Normandy Farms Campground.

This campground is situated in the picturesque woods between Cape Cod and Boston. That means you will only be 30 short miles away from the bustling city should you want to experience some of the best culture, nightlife, and restaurants the state has to offer.

At the Normandy Farms Campground, you will also be close to the popular Borderland State Park, the Freedom Trail, and Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary. The campground itself offers approximately 400 RV and tent sites, most equipped with full-service hookups and 30 and 50 amp electrical connections.

Unlike other campgrounds in the area, the Normandy Farms Campground offers guests some unique activities and amenities.

For example, a wellness center, a creative arts center that hosts arts and crafts sessions, a bike park, a dog park with its own agility equipment, and a recreation lodge.


At this campground, check-in is at 03:00 pm, and check-out is at 12:00 pm.


The Normandy Farms Campground is open from March 31st until December 1st.


  • This campground allows a maximum of ten visitors per campsite per day.
  • There is a maximum number of eight people per campsite.
  • Campers are not allowed to share their campsites.
  • All campfires need to be extinguished by 12 pm at night.
  • No tents are allowed to be pitched on the grass.

2. Adventure Bound Camping Resorts – Cape Cod

If your main goal in visiting Massachusetts is to spend time in the scenic Cape Cod area, you will want to consider booking in at the Adventure Bound Camping Resorts Cape Cod branch.

This resort is situated in the quaint town of Turro, which places it in the perfect spot for campers to explore Cape Cod.

When you stay at this resort in your RV or tent, you will be able to enjoy the pristine beaches of the area and visit the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, the Province Town Museum, and the Whydah Pirate Museum. You can also look forward to exploring the array of spectacular local restaurants.

At the Adventure Bound Camping Resort Cape Cod branch, there are an estimated 260 RV and tent sites, with most offering full hookups.

Guests will likely enjoy the activities and modern amenities on offer at this resort. There is fishing, whale watching, swimming, hiking trails, biking trails, and plenty of nearby walkable towns.


At this resort, check-in is at 03:00 pm, and check-out is at 11:00 am.


This resort is open year-round.


  • All guests under 17 years old at the time of check-in are considered children and require adult supervision.
  • The minimum check-in age at this resort is 21 years old.
  • All dirt bikes and ATVs are not allowed inside this resort’s campgrounds, but they can be parked at the gate.
  • Only local firewood is allowed to be brought into this campground.
  • Campers lose their reservation deposit if they cancel with less than 14 days’ notice before their booking.

Can You Go RVing In Massachusetts Outside These Dates?

Unlike in other states, there are not many campgrounds, parks, and resorts open throughout the year in Massachusetts.

We mentioned two of the best campground in this state above, with one open seasonally and the other open year-round. Yet, we realize that seasonal openings don’t suit everyone.

Although there aren’t many year-round campgrounds available and choices are slim, there are still a few that we have managed to find that you should consider. After all, a campground that is open all year will allow you to truly camp whenever you decide you want to embark on a camping adventure with your motorhome or tent.

Have a look below to learn of the few year-round campground options you have in Massachusetts:

  • Rose Hill Campsites.
  • Westover ARB FamCamp.
  • Circle CG Farm.
  • USCG Joint Base Camp Cod RV Park.
  • Pine Acres Family Camping Resort.

Where Can You Camp For Free in Massachusetts?

Just as there aren’t many campgrounds open throughout the year in Massachusetts, there aren’t many free campground options available to motorhome and tent campers.

That doesn’t mean you won’t find anywhere to camp for free in this beautiful state.

If you are on a limited camping budget or would like to try out dispersed or boondocking camping for the first time, a free campground could be an amazing place to experience these camping delights for the first time.

Here are a few free options you may want to consider if Massachusets is the place for your next camping vacation:

  • Cabela’s Berlin Campground.
  • Lunenburg Walmart Parking Lot.
  • Appalachian Trail at Mount Everett State Reservation.

Can You Camp On Public Hunting Land in Massachusetts?

In America, Massachusetts is one of the best states to hunt.

The wildlife management organization in Massachusetts owns and manages more than 100,000 acres of hunting land.

However, regulations and rules in this state regarding hunting lands are stringent, and any hunter caught disobeying them could face getting their license revoked.

One of the most notable public hunting land rules is that no hunter is allowed to camp on any state hunting land in Massachusetts without written permission from the director of the particular lease of land where the hunting occurs.

Massachusetts Camping And RV Rules For Local State Parks And National Parks

Do you want to camp at a National or State Park in Massachusetts, but you aren’t sure if it’s a plausible option for you?

Fear not, as we have found a few of the most important RV and camping rules at local State and National Parks. Knowing these rules will allow you to determine if camping at a State or National Park is suited to your needs and preferences.

Additionally, you will also be less likely to encounter any problems during your camping stay by knowing them:

  • At Massachusetts State and National Parks, alcohol is prohibited.
  • Guests are not allowed to use generators during quiet hours unless they have a valid medical reason.
  • There is a maximum two-vehicle limit at most Massachusetts State and National Parks.
  • Most campgrounds have 2 tents or 1 tent and 1 RV limit at campsites.
  • Each campsite only allows 4 adults or 2 adults and 2 children.
  • Campers and RVers are not allowed to bring their own firewood.


Massachusetts State Park Camping Rules

Massachusetts Public Hunting Land Information

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