Kansas RV & Camping: Time, Dates & Rules (With Examples)

One of the best states in the midwest that RVers and campers can visit is Kansas.

This slow-paced state is in the heart of the United States and features many beautiful rolling hills, endless horizons, and numerous fields of flourishing grains extending further than the eye can see. Although this state is known for its abundance of farmland, it is also filled with peaceful creeks, sparkling lakes, appetizing restaurants, and historical monuments galore.

To ensure you have the best possible holiday experience, we have assembled this brief guide concerning some of the best RV campgrounds you should consider visiting in Kansas:

3 Kansas Campgrounds With Times, Dates, And Rules

Out of all the different campgrounds where you and your family or group of friends can visit Kansas, we have found three of the best.

Below we have briefly described what you can expect, including the amenities and local attractions you can look forward to.

Additionally, we have also included the campground times, dates, and rules:

1. Spring Lake RV Resort

If you want to unplug from the working world and enjoy a relaxing vacation in Kansas, you might want to consider the convenient and comfortable Spring Lake RV Resort.

This resort is located near Halstead and is only approximately 12 miles west of Newton on Highway 50.  This resort might not be as fancy as others in Kansas, but it is affordable and has a wide array of outdoor activities and amenities to keep you busy.

The Spring Lake RV Resort has 180 camping sites, with some offering full hookups. These camping sites are surrounded by lush greenery, and some of them are located near the resort’s beautiful lake. This resort offers free WiFi, a swimming pool, a hot tub, and numerous hiking trails.

Additionally, some of the activities you can participate in include mini-golf, fishing, basketball, and kiddies playgrounds.

Moreover, this resort hosts monthly events, including karaoke, live bands, and jam sessions for aspiring artists. It’s unlikely you will lack entertainment options when you visit.

If you want to explore Kansas a bit more, you won’t need to drive too far as the resort is near shopping centers, restaurants, and other notable sites.


At Spring Lake RV Resort, you can check in at 2 pm and check out at 12 pm.


The resort is open all year, but there are some exceptions to this rule.

You will need to contact the resort’s administration to find out when they plan to close.


  • No washing of RVs and vehicles is permitted at the resort.
  • Only those who own a fishing bracelet that has been obtained from the resort’s office are allowed to fish in the lake.
  • No fireworks or firearms are permitted.
  • All campfires need to be kept small and elevated in a specific fire ring.
  • Wristbands are required for those utilizing the resort swimming pool.

2. Walnut Grove RV Park

Some people want to travel to Kansas for the wide array of historical attractions on offer.

Should you be interested in sightseeing historical attractions while staying at a campground with a homey feel to it, you may want to look into Walnut Grove RV Park.

The Walnut Grove Rv Park is located near the heart of the Merriam Downtown Business District, but it is not exposed to the hustle and bustle of the city.

This RV park offers visitors the option of renting one of the 50 sites for a short-term or long-term stay. Additionally, many of these sites are either pull-through or back-in sites, and most of them offer full hookups. Walnut Grove RV Park has many notable amenities.

Some of the very best amenities the park has on offer include a general store, snack and pop machines, free coffee every morning, free fiber WiFi, a 24-hour laundromat, pet-friendly facilities, a dump station, and clean restrooms with hot showers.

Walnut Grove RV Park doesn’t have many activities available, but the nearby local attractions make up for what you miss out on at the park. For example, you can opt to visit one of the historical attractions, the Kansas City Zoo, the NASCAR Racing Arena, and even the trendy Worlds of Fun theme park.


This RV park can be contacted between 7;30 am and 8 pm daily.


The Walnut Grove RV Park is open year-round for daily, weekly, and monthly stays.


  • The park’s WiFi can only be used for legal purposes and not to download films and music.
  • All pricing for the sites is subject to change based on the park’s discretion.
  • All pets must be kept on a leash at all times.
  • Guests and visitors need to check in at the office before making their way to a site.
  • The park’s quiet hours are from 10 pm until 7 am every day.

3. Gunsmoke RV Park

As voted by “Good Sam,” the best RV campground in Kansas is the Gunsmoke RV Park.

This family-friendly campground is located in Dodge City, one of the most popular cities in America for those wanting a true western experience. The Gunsmoke RV Park has a few notable amenities, but its proximity to local attractions is its main drawing card.

This uniquely western-themed RV Park has 75 sites with full 20/30/50 Amp hookups making the campground incredibly convenient for many different types of RV owners. There is a general store, an on-site ice cream parlor, a 24/7 laundry, a pavilion for group activities, and a video game and arcade room.

The local attractions close to Gunsmoke RV Park include the famous Gunfighters Wax Museum, the Fort Dodge jail, the Boot Hill Museum, and the Teachers Hall of Fame.

There is even a casino and a few breweries near this RV park which is ideal for those seeking memorable nightlife entertainment.


From the 1st of April 2021 to the 30th of September 2021, the office hours are from 10 am until 8:30 pm.

The office hours from the 1st of October to the 15th of November are from 10 am until 7 pm.


The Gunsmoke RV Park is open from the 1st of March until the 15th of November.


  • No smoking is allowed in the RV park pool area.
  • The speed limit throughout the park is 5 miles per hour.
  • No metal detectors, firearms, or fireworks are permitted in the park.
  • No guest is allowed to wash their rigs or vehicles with a hosepipe at their designated site rental.
  • All wood fires are prohibited.

Can You Go RVing In Kansas Outside These Dates?

In Kansas, you can go RVing outside of the dates we mentioned above.

Two of the campgrounds we briefly spoke of earlier in this article are open year-round, while the other was open during a particular timeframe.

Most campgrounds and RV parks can set their own operating dates and times. The same applies to State and National Parks.

A few other campgrounds are open year-round if you don’t want to be restricted to camping during a specific time of year.

For example, there are KOA campgrounds that are open year-round in Kansas, and there are several privately owned campgrounds that are run throughout the year.

Where Can You Camp For Free In Kansas?

The state of Kansas has several campgrounds where you can camp for free. Some of these sites are seasonally run, while others are open year-round.

This is excellent news for campers on a restrictive budget as not everyone can afford to camp at expensive and popular RV parks.

Many free campgrounds are well maintained and have decent amenities, although you won’t have nearly as many if you compare the free campgrounds to ones you pay for.

Below we have briefly listed five of the best free camping locations where you can camp in Kansas:

  • Ford State Fishing Lake & Wildlife Area: Wright, Kansas.
  • Chase State Fishing Lake: Cottonwood Falls, Kansas.
  • Milford Lake Loop: Junction City, Kansas.
  • Dodge City Roadside Park: Dodge City, Kansas.
  • Meade City Park Campground: Meade, Kansas.

To find out if they will accept RVs, you will have to contact the campgrounds directly.

Can You Camp On Public Hunting Land In Kansas?

In Kansas, the wildlife hunting lands are specifically for wildlife and hunting opportunities.

This means that camping opportunities are limited. However, you can camp on public hunting land, but camping is only allowed in designated areas.

Additionally, most of the public hunting lands in Kansas are located near State Parks.

Many of the State Parks in the area offer excellent camping facilities and might be better suited to those wanting more freedom when camping with their tents or motorhomes.

Some Of The Camping And RV Rules For Local State Parks And National Parks

If you will be camping at a State or National Park in Kansas, it’s crucial to be aware of the rules beforehand.

Below we briefly listed a few of the most important rules you need to know before planning your vacation in Kansas:

  • Motor vehicles are only allowed to drive on maintained roads and in parking areas.
  • Fires are permitted but are only allowed in cooking grills, fireplaces, and fire rings.
  • Fishing activities are prohibited on swimming beaches, boat ramps, and designated swimming areas.
  • Fireworks are permitted in designated areas at certain times.
  • State and National Park quiet hours are from 11 pm until 6 am.
  • No holes are allowed to be dug, and no geological formations are allowed to be removed from any parks.


Kansas Public lands

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