Maine RV & Camping: Time, Dates & Rules (With Examples)

The state of Maine is a top-rated camping destination for millions of people, from rugged coastlines with dramatic peaks to pine forests and excellent local cuisine.

It can be tough to narrow down which destinations you should consider visiting with so much variety.

Luckily we have found three of the best campgrounds located in Maine that are worth looking at when you’re planning your next vacation:

3 Maine Campgrounds With Times, Dates, and Rules:

With thousands of campgrounds scattered throughout Maine, there are endless choices.

However, some campgrounds are far superior to others. Below are the three main campgrounds that have much to offer those seeking adventure, relaxation, and entertainment.

You will also notice that we have helpfully included the times, dates, and rules to be aware of when you can visit the campgrounds and what rules you will need to follow when you do.

1. Pumpkin Patch RV Resort

Should you look for a family-friendly campground that caters solely to RV visitors, you may want to consider the Pumpkin Patch RV Resort.

This resort is known for its friendly approach, excellent activities and amenities, and clean facilities. The location of the resort is also convenient as it is near numerous attractions.

The Pumpkin Patch RV Resort has 85 RV sites, with many of them being big rig friendly. Each site is flat and grassy, and there is more than enough space regardless of how many slide-outs your motorhome possesses. Additionally, most of the pull-through sites at this resort will accommodate your tow motorhome without you needing to unhook it.

At this RV resort, you won’t need to be too concerned with how you will stay connected with society and how you will get your laundry done. There are two laundry facilities, and the resort provides guests with free WiFi. There aren’t too many activities available at this resort, but the nearby attractions make up for what you miss out on.

During the day, you can visit one of the nearby harbors or beaches, Ft. Knox, the Lumberman’s Museum, Penobscot Marine Museum, and Stephen King’s home.


The Resort can be contacted Monday through Sunday from 8 am until 8 pm.


The Pumpkin Patch Resort is open from the 1st of May 2021 until the 15th of October 2021.


  • All camping is done at the visitor’s own risk.
  • Small children have to have parental supervision at all times.
  • No power splitters are allowed.
  • No one is allowed to bring a grill or picnic table.
  • Only two vehicles are allowed per campsite.
  • Cigarettes and alcohol are permitted.
  • Quiet times are from 10 pm until 7 am.

2. Paradise Park Resort Campground

Maine has many beautiful campgrounds near coastal regions, but one of the most beautiful campgrounds you can visit is the Paradise Park Resort campground.

The Paradise Park Resort is located only 800 feet away from the heart of Old Orchard Beach.

With the beach nearby, this campground is ideal for RVers and tent campers who want to enjoy a summer beach holiday filled with shopping, swimming, and other fun-filled activities.

Paradise Park Resort is set on 40 wooded acres and is equipped with more than 200 camping sites. Most camping sites are either pull-through or back in, and many of them offer waterfront RV hookups. This campground is pet-friendly, and there is WiFi, cell reception, and two heated pools to relax in.

Some of the activities and amenities you can look forward to participating in if you visit the Paradise Park Resort include fishing, paddle boating, volleyball, a games arcade, and numerous hot tubs. Additionally, some of the nearby attractions you can look forward to visiting are Playland and Pirates Cove mini-golf.


This resort can be contacted between 8 am and 9 pm daily.


The Paradise Park Resort campground is open from the 12th of May until the 9th of October.


  • All campfires need to be extinguished by 11 pm.
  • No mini bikes are permitted.
  • Hoverboards are allowed to be used by visitors as long as they are used responsibly.
  • All visitors need to leave before 10 pm.
  • Electric scooters are permitted but only by riders who have a valid license.
  • Dogs are not allowed during July and August in pop-up trailers and tents.
  • All deposits are non-refundable.

3. Smugglers Den Campground

Smugglers Den Campground is one of the best RV and tent campgrounds that you can visit if you want to fill up your time with lots of activities.

It is also one of the best campgrounds for those wanting to hike, immerse themselves in nature, and visit one of the most famous National Parks.

The Smugglers Den Campground is located on the quiet side of Mount Desert Island and is only a 20-minute walk away from Echo Lake Sand Beach in the famous Acadia National Park.

This campground has access to the National Park’s hiking trails, and visitors are granted access to more than 25 miles of the park’s hiking trails directly from the campgrounds.

Should hiking not be a favorite holiday activity, you will be pleased to learn you likely won’t need or want to leave the campground to have fun. At Smugglers Den Campground, there is a 4-acre recreation field that has a horseshoe pit, badminton, volleyball, a half basketball court, and there is also playground equipment.

One of the best perks about this campground is that they offer visitors a free Island Explorer Bus service. That means if you want to explore the island, you will have access to free transportation.


Check-in time for this campground is at 3 pm, while check-out is at 11 am.

However, check out for cabins, vacation rentals, and RV rentals is at 10 am.


The 2021 season is from the 28th of May until the 18th of October.


  • All sites and rentals have to pay a 9% Maine State Lodging tax.
  • The pool is to be used at the visitor’s own risk as there is no lifeguard.
  • Diving in the pools is prohibited.
  • Campfires are prohibited unless started in designated areas.
  • Motor vehicles are not allowed to drive faster than 5 miles per hour.
  • Private golf cars and other motorized vehicles are not allowed.
  • Pets are allowed but have to be on a visible leash at all times.
  • Bicycle riding after dark is prohibited.

Can You Go RVing In Maine Outside These Dates?

In Maine, privately run campgrounds and State Parks, and National Parks can set their own seasonal dates and times.

This can make it difficult to plan a trip as the campground you want to visit could be closed on the dates you want to book your vacation. Luckily, if you do want to camp outside of the dates we mentioned above, you can.

If you don’t want limitations surrounding your camp, you should consider visiting one of the many KOA campgrounds in Maine. A few of the KOA campgrounds in Maine are open 365 days and usually have a range of exemplary activities and amenities on offer.

However, you should note that KOA campgrounds are usually more expensive than campgrounds in State and National Parks.

Besides certain KOA campgrounds, a few other sites, including a handful of State Parks, offer year-round camping, but they are few and far between.

Below we have provided five of the best Maine campgrounds you should consider visiting if you want to camp during out-of-season dates:

  • Bar Harbor Oceanside (KOA).
  • The Evergreens Campground.
  • Colonial Mast Campground.
  • Shin Pond Village Campground.
  • Mt Blue State Park

Where Can You Camp For Free In Maine?

Maine has many fantastic campgrounds to choose from but what is surprising is that there are quite a few free campgrounds.

Most free campgrounds in Maine don’t have as many amenities and activities as pain campgrounds, but they offer relaxation, seclusion, and often spectacular views of nature.

The campgrounds we mention below are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Additionally, some of the sites we mentioned below offer trapping and boating:

  • Chain of Ponds: This campground has 4 sites, is open year-round and accommodates RV and tent camping. You can participate in wildlife viewing and fishing at a Chain of ponds.
  • Big Eddy, Dead River: At this campground, large RVs are permitted, and tent camping is allowed. It is open year-round, and activities you can participate in include fishing, boating, and swimming.
  • Log Landing: The Log landing campground is open from May to November, and it has five RV and five Tent sites. You can participate in Canoeing, fishing, and wildlife viewing.

Can You Camp On Public Hunting Land In Maine?

Similar to other US states, you are allowed to camp in Maine on public hunting land.

However, only primitive and backcountry camping is usually allowed as RV camping is only permitted at designated areas.

Most often, these areas will be in State and National parks and other campgrounds similar to the ones we spoke of above.

You should note that if you are participating in backcountry camping either on public hunting lands or at State and National parks in Maine, you will have to access most of the locations via kayak or boat.

Some Camping And RV Rules For Local State Parks And National Parks

There are some State and National Park rules you should be aware of if you plan to camp at any of the many on offer in Maine.

The Bureau of Parks and Lands has established the rules we mention below:

  • No visitor is allowed to feed or touch any wild animals found within any of the parks in Maine.
  • Metal detectors cannot be used at any historical sites and are only allowed to be used and State and national parks with a permit.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be consumed at historical sites, in common public areas at State and National Park campgrounds, and day-use areas.
  • The discharge of waste, including detergents and soaps, is prohibited except for designated areas that allow it.
  • Soliciting is not allowed.
  • No open fires are permitted unless they are contained within a grill or designated fire areas. Additionally, no fires are allowed on beaches.
  • Pets are only allowed at certain State and National Parks from the 1st of April until the 30th of September.
  • At tent campsites, visitors can place as many tents as can fit in the designated area.
  • Only one motorhome is allowed per campsite.
  • No chainsaws or power equipment is allowed to be used at any of the State or National Parks. However, generators are allowed during 8 am and 8 pm if they are not bothering other visitors to the campgrounds.


Free Tent And RV Camping In Maine

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