Are Lagoon Catamarans Still Worth The High Price?

Lagoon Catamarans is a French company designing and building luxury catamarans since 1984.

Since then, they have launched more than 6,000 catamarans, which due to the sheer numbers alone, makes them the world leader in catamaran design and production.

Lagoon’s own high-tech cabinet-making workshop manufactures interior furniture. Each catamaran has to pass rigorous quality controls before the boat is released to its new owner.

But are Lagoon Catamarans still worth their high price?

Here’s Why Lagoon Catamarans Are Worth Their High Price:

Lagoon Catamarans are worth their high price. Their highly talented and experienced marine architects and interior designers have consistently devised innovative ideas to ensure that Lagoon stays at the forefront of catamaran design. In addition, the company uses only the latest technology.

How Much Exactly Do Lagoon Catamarans Cost?

How much exactly a Lagoon Catamaran costs will depend on which model you buy and how many optional extras the new owner adds to the package.

However, new base boat prices are as follows:

Model: Sailing Cataramans Base Price:
Lagoon 40 €309,426 ex VAT
Lagoon 42 €371,348 ex VAT
Lagoon 46 €433,000 ex VAT
Lagoon 50 €561,080 ex VAT
Lagoon 51 To be confirmed
Lagoon 55 To be confirmed
Lagoon Sixty 5 €1,825,300 ex VAT
Lagoon Seventy 7 €4.500,000 ex VAT, well-equipped
Model: Power Catamarans
Lagoon Sixty 7 €2,019,273 ex. VAT
Lagoon Seventy 8 €3,277,178 ex. VAT

[New boat prices courtesy of]

It’s worth noting that the new price for the flagship in the fleet, the Lagoon Seventy 7, has a very high spec which means that this boat is ready to sail away.

But, if these new boat prices seem quite daunting, then it’s worth looking at the secondhand boat market, where plenty of Lagoon models are available.

At the time of writing,, one of the biggest yacht market websites on the internet, had a total of 499 Lagoon Catamarans for sale, including 45 new vessels and 454 used yachts available.

The most affordable model on offer is a Lagoon 410 from 2002, listed at $166,111. The most expensive model listed is Lagoon Seventy 7 from 2021, with a price tag of $4,946,886.

However, a qualified marine surveyor must have the boat surveyed if you decide to purchase a secondhand model. This will ensure no nasty structural defects hidden away that may cost you a lot of time and money in the long run.

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Do Lagoon Catamarans Cost More Than Similar Brands?

Lagoon is the largest manufacturer of catamarans in the world.

It’s a position that is hard to beat, but similar brands include Catana Catamarans, Fountaine Pajot, Leopard, and Nautitech. All of these brands build mid-size ocean-going catamarans that are stylish, seaworthy, spacious, and comfortable.

But how do they compare price-wise? With new boat prices difficult to establish for some brands, we’ve looked at the secondhand market.

Our criteria were simple – to look for similar-sized catamarans from the same or similar year.

The results are as follows:

Brand Year Price
Lagoon 52 2019 $988,643
Catana 53 2019 $1,613,049
Fountaine Pajot 50 2018 $995,000
Leopard 50 2020 $1,351,814
Nautitech 542 2019 $1,450,000

[Info courtesy]

At a glance, the results do show that, while still expensive, a Lagoon Catamaran is more affordable than similar brands. This fits with the brands’ intention to build great value catamarans.

However, to get an idea of each boat’s real value, you would need to compare detailed inventories and the overall condition of each boat.

Comparing the value of different boats is very difficult – even if they are from the same brand, no two boats will have the same inventory.

Why Do People Choose Lagoon Over The Competition?

Choosing a boat is a very personal decision – everybody’s requirements differ.

People choose Lagoon Catamarans over the competition for the following reasons:

  • After so many years in business, people trust the brand;
  • Lagoon Catamarans have a reputation for being well-built and safe;
  • Proven track record of crossing oceans, with some Lagoon Catamarans having completed a circumnavigation;
  • Good value for money;
  • The signature vertical windows help to maximize internal space and keep off direct sunlight, making the interiors more spacious and cooler;
  • Even though Lagoon builds a lot of catamarans, the boats have a good resale value on the secondhand market.

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Do Lagoon Catamarans Keep Their Value Better?

As a general rule, catamarans keep their value better than the equivalent monohulls, and Lagoon is no exception.

This is because there are fewer catamaran builders around, so there is a smaller pool of boats to choose from.

In addition, Lagoon Catamarans is an internationally recognized brand that offers unrivaled design and builds quality for a reasonable price compared to other brands.

Plus, people love their spacious, modern design and the fact they are set up for easy sailing, which all contribute to their high demand.

Don’t take our word for it – statistics show that a Lagoon’s resale is very strong, particularly the 3-cabin owners’ version. But the 4-cabin layout, more popular with the charter market, holds its value well too.

However, for any boat, the value of a Lagoon Catamaran will depend on how well the boat has been maintained. How well a boat has been looked after is evident as soon as you step onboard a yacht.

If a boat looks or feels ‘tired,’ it will usually need a lot of work (and extra cash) to get it in good working order.

What Are Typical Alternatives To Lagoon Boats?

If you’re in the market for a catamaran, then a Lagoon is a great choice, but other brands are worth looking at.

Typical alternatives to Lagoon Catamarans include the following:

Catana Catamarans

Catana builds a range of catamarans from 42 to 70 feet in length.

This is a smaller catamaran builder than Lagoon, which has been operating since 1984.

All their boats are built to order on a semi-custom basis, making every Catana Catamaran unique.

Fountaine Pajot

Fountaine Pajot is probably the closest alternative to a Lagoon Catamaran.

It’s another French production catamaran builder building sailing catamarans since 1976. Their range includes boats from 40 to 80 feet.

Leopard Catamarans

The South African boatbuilder, Leopard Catamarans, offers a range of sailing and power catamarans from 40 to 53 feet.

They have been producing catamarans for both the private and the charter market since 1994 and are known to build comfortable and robust yachts.


Nautitech is another French catamaran builder that offers a range of sailing catamarans from 40 to 46 feet, plus a 47-foot power catamaran.

They are much smaller than Lagoon, Fountaine Pajot, or Leopard.

They concentrate on producing fast, performance catamarans emphasizing style and comfort.

Do You Pay Full Price, Or Do Dealers Offer Discounts?

New catamarans are in huge demand in both the private and charter markets.

You can expect a wait time of up to 2 years for a new boat, and most dealerships have waiting lists for a new Lagoon. With new Lagoon Catamarans in such high demand, you can expect to pay full price rather than get a discount.

However, if you have good negotiating skills, you may be able to negotiate a discount with a dealer at a boat show or on some optional extra equipment you may want to include.

If you are looking for a good deal, the alternative is to look at the secondhand market.

Depending on the seller’s circumstances, you may be able to pick up a relatively new boat with a good inventory and at a good price.


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