Louisiana RV & Camping: Time, Dates & Rules (With Examples)

When visiting Louisiana, you can look forward to kayaking trips in the famed bayous, cemetery tours, sightseeing in the beautiful architecturally diverse cities, participating in Mardi Gras parades and cruises along the Mississippi River.

That’s why we have tried to make the camping process easier for you by providing you with a few campgrounds you should consider in Louisiana:

2 Louisiana Campgrounds with Times, Dates and, Rules

Louisiana has hundreds of campground options that are suited to a variety of needs and wants.

That’s why sifting through all the available camping options can be tiresome and irksome.

Yet, fear not, as we have eliminated most of the hassle associated with searching for where to stay when visiting this state by providing you with two superb campground options:

1. Reunion Lake RV Resort

The Reunion Lake RV Resort is arguably one of the best RV resorts in the country.

This resort impressively has a 10-10-10 Good Same rating, which makes it recognizable as one of the very best campgrounds you can choose to stay at. The Reunion Lake RV Resort provides campers a superb mix of family fun and adult entertainment.

This resort is more expensive than other campgrounds in the area, but its location, modern facilities, amenities, and activities are worth the rates you pay.

At the Reunion Lake RV Resort, 228 full-service RV sites offer 30 and 50 amp electrical connections. Guests can look forward to free WiFi, hot showers, clean campsites, discounts, and being close to many popular local attractions like Kliberts Alligator Farm, the Global Wildlife Center, and the Oak Knoll Golf Club.

In addition to this, there are many notable activities and amenities worth mentioning. For example, at the Reunion Lake RV Resort, there is a Sonic Drive-In, a giant hot tub, a sandy beach area, kayaking, paddle boating, a floating lake obstacle course, a family pool, an adult pool with an exclusive swim-up bar, and a lazy river tiki bar.

Moreover, this resort also has a mini-golf course, poolside cabanas, an outdoor amphitheater, a fenced-in dog park, a well-equipped fitness center, a basketball and volleyball court, and a children’s playground.


Guests have to check at 4 pm, and check-out is at 2 pm.


The Reunion Lake RV Resort is open 365 days a year.


  • Only eight registered campers are allowed to occupy a campsite at this resort at one time.
  • The resort’s quiet hours are from 11 pm until 8 am.
  • No sound systems of any type are allowed.
  • Campers are not allowed to bring in and use portable or inflatable swimming pools.
  • All guests need to wear the required wristbands at all times.

2. Frog City RV Park

If you have always dreamed of visiting Lafayette and exploring the cajun country, you may want to consider visiting Frog City, RV Park, operational since 2006.

This RV park has a range of applaudable amenities and facilities. They offer pristine campsites, paved roads, handicap accessible grounds, and are within walking distance of many local attractions.

For example, campers can easily visit the Lucky Deuces Casino, Roady’s Truck Stop, Avery Island, the Cajundome & Convention Center, and participate in Cajun Country Swamp Tours.

At The Frog City RV Park, 62 RV campsites are big rig friendly, affordable, and clean. Each of these campsites provides free WiFi, free cable television, and electrical connections.

Additionally, guests can look forward to private hot showers after long days of adventuring, DVD rentals, a book exchange, an outside saltwater swimming pool, an on-site Pavillion, and a convenient coin-operated laundry.


At Frog City RV Park, check-in is at 12 pm, and check-out is at 1 pm.


This RV park is open year-round.


  • Pull-through RV sites are only allowed one vehicle at this park, while back-in sites are allowed two vehicles.
  • Pets are permitted except for Dobermans, Pit Bulls, Chows, and Rottweilers.
  • Paintballs, BB guns, and other firearms are prohibited.
  • No smoking is allowed in any of this park’s buildings or restrooms.
  • Campfires are only permitted in designated areas at a campsite.

Can You Go RVing In Louisiana Outside These Dates?

The weather in Louisiana makes this state a popular camping destination, and as such, many campgrounds remain open throughout the year.

Yet, it is crucial to note that not all campgrounds will be open throughout the year. For example, there are several Louisiana State and National Parks that are only open seasonally.

If neither of the year-round campground options we listed above are to your liking, you may want to look below at the list.

This list includes a few of the best and most popular RV and tent campgrounds in Louisiana that are open throughout the year:

  • Lake Bruin State Park.
  • Gum Springs National Forest Campground.
  • Baton Rouge KOA Campground.
  • Chases RV Park.
  • Red River South Marina Resort.

Where Can You Camp For Free In Louisiana?

Camping has become a prevalent pastime, but not everyone can afford to stay at expensive RV parks and resorts.

Should you be new to the camping experience or prefer low-budget trips, a few exceptional free campgrounds are available in Louisiana.

We have provided a few examples and have mentioned if you can camp with a tent or RV at the campsites:

  • Rutherford Beach – RVs and tents.
  • Holly Beach – RVs and tents.
  • Bankstone Camp, Alexandria – Small RVs and tents.
  • Saddle Bayou Camp, Alexandria – Tents.
  • Coyote Camp, Provencal – RVs.

In Louisiana, Can You Camp On Public Hunting Land?

Interestingly, in the state of Louisiana, there are approximately 2,000 public hunting lands.

Unlike in a select few states in America, campers can camp on public hunting land as long as they stick to designated areas. Those looking to hunt or camp on public hunting land can easily find accessible lands through a state hunting map book.

Additionally, it’s crucial to note that camping on public hunting lands is limited to no more than 21 consecutive days in a 30 day period in Louisiana.

Louisiana Camping and RV Rules For Local State Parks and National Parks

Before choosing to camp at a Louisiana State or National Park, you should know the rules.

American National and State Parks offer an abundance of activities and facilities to ensure an enjoyable camping excursion with friends and family.

Below we have provided a few essential Louisiana State and National Park rules you need to know:

  • In Louisiana State Parks, personal drone usage is allowed as long as campers adhere to federal, state, and local laws.
  • In general, State and National parks in Louisiana don’t permit ATVs except for South Toledo Bend State Park.
  • All early departures are counted as cancellations.
  • Campers are only permitted to stay at a campsite for a maximum of 15 consecutive days.
  • To fish in State or National Parks in Louisiana, all campers need to own a valid fishing license if they are older than 16.


Louisiana Public Hunting Land Rules And Regulations

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