North Dakota RV & Camping: Time, Dates & Rules (With Examples)

North Dakota is culturally and historically rich, and there is an extensive range of activities on offer throughout the state for families and solo travelers.

If you visit North Dakota, you can look forward to quite an eclectic range of local attractions. For example, campers can visit the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, the historic western Medora, the Fort Totten Sioux Indian Reservation, and the historic Lewis and Clark Trail.

In addition to these noteworthy North Dakota attractions, there are also many attractive campgrounds that campers can explore.

2 North Dakota Campgrounds with Times, Dates, and Rules

An important part of your planning process for your North Dakota camping experience is identifying where you want to stay.

Fortunately, when you decide to stay in this state, you will have various available options. Yet, it can be quite challenging to determine where you and your traveling occupants should stay with such a wide variety.

That’s why we have found two campgrounds that you should consider visiting. Each of these campgrounds has its own unique attractions that make them worth mentioning.

To further assist with the camping planning process, we have included each campground’s times, dates, and rules below.

1. General Sibley Park and Campground

When you want to visit as many local North Dakota attractions as possible, you must choose a localized campground.

One of the best campgrounds in this state near local attractions is General Sibley Park and Campground.

This campground is situated in the state’s southern region, and it includes many tent sites and motorhome sites. Most motorhome sites are equipped with full-service hookups, and this campground also has a convenient dump station.

It has a family-friendly atmosphere, making it an attractive option amongst those traveling to North Dakota with small children for a camping vacation.

The General Sibley Park and Campground is only a short distance from Bismark and is set along the gorgeous Missouri River. At the campground, there are many on-site activities and modern amenities to ensure your stay is enjoyable.

For example, campers can look forward to an interpretive trail walk, playgrounds, an 18 hole disc golf course, a sand volleyball court, a free library,  a boat ramp, and horseshoes.


Check-in and check-out are at 2 pm.


The campground is open until October 11th, 2021, but the day park is open year-round.


  • All campsites are only allowed to have one camping unit.
  • The tent area campsites are not available for reservation.
  • The maximum allowable stay per camper is 14 consecutive days
  • At an RV campsite, there is a limit of two tents.
  • Campers are not allowed to transfer a reservation from one customer to another customer.

2. Walhalla Riverside Campground

One of the best family-friendly campgrounds in North Dakota is the Walhalla Riverside Campground.

This campground is beautiful because it is budget-friendly. Campers can expect daily RV rates under $30, weekly rates under $200, monthly rates under $550, and tent rates under $20.

Additionally, the Walhalla Riverside Campground is situated in the stunning rendezvous region of North Dakota, making it close to attractions. Each RV site is equipped with 30 and 50 amp electrical connections, and the entire campground, no matter the campsite you choose, is pet-friendly.

At the Walhalla, Riverside Campground guests can expect clean facilities and fun-filled activities. For example, a large swimming pool, a children’s playground, a volleyball court, a corn hole, and two wifi hubs allow you to stay connected to the outside world while away from the city.


Check-in at the Walhall Riverside Campground is at 2 pm, and check-out is at 11 am.


The camping season at this campground begins on the third weekend in May if there are no spring flooding issues and continues until September 30th.


  • ATVs and road bikes are permitted, but they have to stay on designated roadways.
  • Decks and storage containers are allowed on sites but only if a $100 fee is paid.
  • No dumping of greywater is permitted in the river at this campground.
  • When there is bad weather or a tornado, campers need to bunker down in the bathhouse.
  • All campground fees need to be paid in full before campers are permitted to camp.

Can You Go RVing In North Dakota Outside These Dates?

Above, we spoke of two campgrounds that are only open seasonally in North Dakota.

We know that this isn’t always ideal, as many people lead challenging lives with busy schedules. Fortunately, you don’t need to try and wrangle time away during a specific season, as there are a few year-round campgrounds available in North Dakota.

If you want to learn which campgrounds are open throughout the year, we think you should consider looking below:

  • Schuster RV Park.
  • Fort Ransom State Park.
  • BLM Schnell Recreation Area.
  • Hunters Den.
  • Fox Run RV Park.

In North Dakota, Where Can You Camp For Free?

Sometimes camping can be a costly experience, especially if you are camping with a large group of people.

If you don’t have the budget to stay at one of the paid campgrounds, you can stay at one of the free campgrounds located throughout the state.

Below we have briefly listed a few of the best free North Dakota campgrounds you should try to visit at least once if you’re on a budget:

  • Scoria Pit.
  • Camel Hump Lake Wildlife Management Area.
  • Painted Canyon Visitor Center.
  • Gascoyne Lake Campground.
  • Lewis and Cark Interpretive Center.

In North Dakota, Can You Camp On Public Hunting Land?

In North Dakota, you can camp on public hunting land, but several strict rules exist.

Campers can only participate in camping activities in designated areas at certain public hunting land in North Dakota. Additionally, camping is not allowed in wildlife management areas where there are public road entry points.

Moreover, campers are not allowed to camp on public hunting lands in this state for longer than 10 consecutive days.

North Dakota Camping and RV Rules for Local State Parks and National Parks

Do you want to stay at a North Dakota State or National Park in your motorhome or tent?

If so, you need to know a few of the important State and National Park rules.

Have a look below to find out a few of the essential park rules so that you are aware of them before planning your trip:

  • All campers need to establish an occupied campsite as soon as they have purchased a camping permit.
  • All camping equipment used at a campsite is not allowed to damage the campsite.
  • Campers can only use generators from 8 am until 8 pm.
  • All campsites are only allowed one camping unit.
  • No noisy or dangerous pets are allowed at North Dakota State and National Parks.


Public Hunting Lands North Dakota Rules

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