Midwest Automotive Design RVs: 6 Facts You Should Know (Explained)

Few motorhome manufacturing companies can create one-of-a-kind Class B RVs according to your needs, wants, and preferences. That’s why Midwest Automotive Design is a company worth considering if you need a motorhome that will be designed according to your exact RV dreams.

Yet, despite many knowing this brand makes custom RVs many don’t know much else about them.

Our article will discuss a few facts you need to know before you set your heart (and money) on a new Midwest Automotive Design motorhome:

Why Midwest Automotive Design only Manufacturers Custom RVs:

Midwest Automotive Design will work alongside you to help you choose the best sprinter van model to customize. They will then assist you with choosing the same options, features, and custom luxuries that suit your specific needs. No matter what you envision, Midwest Automotive Design can build it.

1. Where Are Midwest Automotive Design RVs Made?

The Midwest Automatic Design motorhome brand is headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana, and has produced RVs there since the company was founded in 2003. This company specializes in custom builds and LCT vans, and unlike other motorhome companies, they build their Class Bs on Mercedes Benz Sprinter and Ford chassis.

Midwest Automotive Design has grown in the last 19 years and continues to do so because the brand is recognized as reputable and innovative. With hundreds of satisfied clients, it’s unsurprising that they have hired more than 130 employees in the last few years.

Additionally, its believed that Midwest Automotive Design has a combined manufacturing and office space of more than 100,000 square feet. With so many employees and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, it’s unsurprising that the brand accrues approximately $45 million in annual revenue, according to 2017 estimates.

Moreover, unlike other brands, Midwest Automotive Design’s key strength over the competition is its ability to commercialize new motorhomes by rapidly designing, engineering, and constructing one-of-a-kind models for customers.

2. Who Owns the Midwest Automotive Design Company?

The REV Group has owned the Midwest Automotive Design Company since 2017. The REV Group is a more than $2 billion manufacturer of various industry specialty vehicle brands and a significant supplier of parts and services in the motorhome industry.

When the REV group bought Midwest Automotive Design in 2017, they enhanced their product offerings in both the commercial and recreation segments and their bus division.

This is because Midwest Automotive Design added a selection of Class B RVs and numerous products like charter, tour, and luxury limousines to the REV group lineup, as mentioned previously.

Upon acquiring Midwest Automotive Design in 2017, the REV Group issued a statement stating: “We are pleased to welcome Tim and his outstanding team at Midwest into the REV RV family.”

The company’s President, Jim Jacobs, further said: “Product quality and craftsmanship are consistently applied to describe the Midwest product, and integrity is a word used to describe the team Tim Gray has built over the past 14 years. The attention to detail in the production of their vehicles is second to none. I truly believe that with REV, Midwest Automotive Designs now has all of the resources and backing in place to become a leading brand in our RV segment.”

[Source: REV Group Acquires Midwest Automotive Designs]

In the years following these statements, Midwest Automotive Design has continued to flourish and grow under the REV Group umbrella. It is now more recognized in the motorhome industry for its premium quality RVs.

3. What Types and Sizes of RVs Do Midwest Automotive Design Produce?

At present, Midwest Automotive Design only manufactures custom-built Class B motorhomes with standard sizes according to the van chassis they are built upon.

Most of their current floorplan options are built on Mercedez Benz sprinter van chassis and Ford chassis. In the past, the brand also used a RAM chassis for some of its builds.

Midwest Automotive Design (also classified as a custom van-upfitter by Mercedes Benz) also develops various luxury vehicles for end segments like customized executive vehicles, shuttle vans, and limousines, in addition to motorhomes.

It’s unlikely that the brand will venture further than luxury, custom-built Class B motorhomes, so that you won’t find any toy haulers, fifth wheels, travel trailers, Class Cs, or Class As anytime soon in the brand’s inventory.

4. Do Midwest Automotive Design Make a Toy Hauler?

Although many companies manufacture toy haulers, Midwest Automotive Design is not one of them.

This brand has never produced toy haulers and is unlikely to manufacture this motorhome category in the future as its focus is on Class B motorhomes in the RV sector.

5. How Are Midwest Automotive Design RVs Made?

Midwest Automotive Design Class B motorhomes are manufactured after the company has discussed a client’s vision with them. They do this to ensure each customer receives a customized model they are happy to call home on wheels.

If you purchase a custom build from Midwest Automotive Design, you will start the building process by choosing the floor plan that suits your lifestyle. After you confirm your purchase, your RV will be scheduled for production at one of the manufacturing facilities operated by the company.

Interestingly, when you choose a custom build by Midwest Automotive Design, you will work with their team of highly skilled designers to customize your Class B so that it is unique.

You can choose to have everything from a widescreen digital television, premium audio system, and wireless internet to a compact bathroom, luxurious furnishings, and even a folding couch outfitted.

Additionally, this brand handcrafts its gorgeous interiors fabricated in its wood, paint, engineering, and seating facilities. Because of this, the brand can produce premium quality craftsmanship that sets them apart in the industry.

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6. Are Midwest Automotive Design RVs For All Four Seasons?

Having a four-season motorhome is of the utmost importance if you’re planning to travel all year long or want to camp in seasons other than summer.

If you travel in a Class B that has been properly insulated and equipped with the appropriate heating and cooling systems, you will not be too cold or too hot in the cooler and warmer months.

This means you’re less likely to get sick (heat stroke, frostbite, colds, and cases of flu) while nestled cozily inside your RV because it is appropriately outfitted.

Many Midwest Automotive Design RV owners believe their custom-built models are four-season capable.

Below are some of the features a custom-built Midwest Automotive Design Class B can have equipped that make them perfect for RVers seeking a four-season motorhome.

We have also briefly discussed what a model manufactured by the brand could offer RVers.

2020 Daycruiser 144 Sprinter RV Camper Van

The 19-foot-long 2020 Daycruiser 144 Sprinter camper van was built by Midwest Automotive Design on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van chassis. This model was optimized for driveability while outfitted with luxury features and amenities.

That means that the customer who bought this model was able to secure a motorhome that is significantly more maneuverable compared to Class Cs and Class As while being comfortable enough to live full time.

Let’s look at the four-season features that make a model like this one worth buying from Midwest Automotive Design:

  • A complete insulation package.
  • A heated water storage tank system.
  • Grey water, freshwater, and black water holding tanks.
  • An evaporator.
  • A digital touchscreen control system.
  • A 2,000-watt inverter.
  • An air conditioner.
  • A heater.


REV Group Acquired Midwest Automotive Design

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