Problems With Regal Boats? 3 Most-Common Issues

Regal Boats was founded in 1969 by husband and wife team Paul and Carol Kuck.

It is still a successful family-run boat-building business today. Over the years, they have built a range of boats, including their popular Bowriders, Surf boats, Express Cruisers, and their more upmarket Motor Yachts from 19′ – 53′.

The company has a reputation for building quality boats with an exceptional eye for detail. 

Despite more than 50 years in the business and winning many awards for customer satisfaction, there have been a few problems to look out for:

3 Most-Common Problems With Regal Boats:

While Regal Boats has a reputation for quality control and incorporates multiple inspections within their boat-building process, there are a few problems that have slipped through the cracks. 

Most new Regal Boats are delivered to their new owners without any flaws, but there are a few things to look for, especially if you’re purchasing an older or second-hand Regal Boat.

1. Problems With Volvo-Penta XDP Engines On Older Models

The majority of complaints about Regal Boats on the different boating forums concern the Volvo Penta engines fitted in some 2005, 2006, and 2007 stern-drive models.

The U-joint bellows have reportedly been failing on certain Volvo XDP composite outdrives, which resulted in a class-action lawsuit against Volvo-Penta.

A U-joint bellow is a flexible gasket that seals the water out where the universal joint, shift cable, and exhaust run between the boat and the engine. Flexibility allows you to trim and turn the engine while underway. However, these U-joint bellows can dry out and become stiff, which means they can crack and let in water due to heat, accumulated salt or dirt, or simple wear and tear. 

These flexible rubber gaskets on any engine brand should be checked annually and be replaced every 3 – 6 years to avoid engine failure and do not seem to be covered by any warranty after this time.

The problem with the Volvo-Penta engines was that the U-joint bellows were failing well before this time. Plus, the engine warranty did not cover “water ingestion.” It seems like Volvo-Penta were aware of the fault, but it still took them a full 3 years before they discontinued these XDP drives.

While this is not an actual fault with Regal Boats, they fit some models’ problematic Volvo-Penta XDP drives. If you consider one of these models, then a good marine surveyor should identify a problem.

Paying a marine surveyor may seem like an extra cost, but it could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

2. Water In The V-Berth Storage Compartments

A few reports from owners included finding water in the forward v-berth storage compartments.

These complaints mostly come from 2005, 2565, or 2665 Regal or Express models owners. Most have no idea how this water is getting in – is it rainwater, a leak in the hull, or a leaky through-hull fitting?

One owner identified a problem when washing his boat and noticed water collecting in the forward galley v-berth storage area. He found that the water was coming in from the bow anchor locker.

To solve the problem, he cleaned out the locker areas and used white Flex-Seal to coat the inside of the anchor locker. This stopped the water leak.

3. Exposed Wood On The Inside Of Some Hulls

There have been one or two reports on different boating forums of new boats that have been delivered with exposed wood inside the hull.

While the hulls of Regal Boats are wood-free, wood is still used for some of the interior structures, such as battery storage compartments and lockers.

Bare wood in interior spaces is not a cause for major concern as it is not part of the hull structure and is not exposed directly to the elements. However, you do not expect a new boat to be released from the factory without at least a coat of paint, resin, or epoxy to seal the wood.

In addition, if you do experience any water getting into the boat, this exposed wood may get wet and start to rot. The exposed wood found on a few new boats is undoubtedly caused by poor workmanship and has been missed by many of the quality control checks.

While it is noted that Regal Boats have tried to rectify the problems to the boat owner’s satisfaction, it is still not what you would expect from a company with an exceptional reputation for quality.

What Do the Reviews Say?

In general, most Regal boat owners on the various boating forums only have positive things to say about their boats.

 “Fully loaded with water, gear, and six people, we were forty-nine miles per hour top speed. It was just impressive the way the boat performed.”


“The FastTrac design is not just a one size fits all package and differs from boat to boat. Regal tweaks each hull to change the strakes, steps and deadrise to optimize it for each particular model. One thing that remains constant is the quality and finish of every boat, from the stainless steel fittings to the French-stitched upholstery.”


General Pros And Cons For Regal Boats

Despite the problems listed above, Regal Boats generally have a good reputation. 

Let us take a look at some of their pros and cons:

The Pros:

Today, Regal Boats is one of the largest family-owned boat-building manufacturers globally, with a history that goes back more than 50 years. Over these years, Regal Boats has become synonymous with innovative product design and quality boat production.

Regal introduced their award-winning FasTrac Hull back in 1995. The FasTrac Hull gives you better control of your boat while out on the water and with up to 26 percent faster speeds than boats with the equivalent power.

Plus, the FasTrac Hull boasts up to 30 percent better fuel efficiency than its competitors; however, this is a hard claim to prove.

Regal Boats offer unparalleled performance, including the whole package from ride quality, ease of handling in both flat and rough water, fast acceleration, and overall good fuel efficiency.

Today Regal Boats offers a range of 36 highly customizable models over 6 lines from 19′ – 53′. They are covered by a network of dealerships worldwide, so you should find a dealer near you.

In addition, every new Regal Boat is covered by a Limited Lifetime Structural Hull Warranty. This warranty is transferable (for a fee) and valid to a second owner for the remainder of the first 5 years.

However, make sure you read and adhere to the small print for the transfer to be valid.

The Cons:

  • There are problems with Volvo-Penta XDP engines on some older models.
  • Users can sometimes find water in the V-berth storage compartments.
  • Exposed wood has been discovered inside some new boat hulls, indicating a lack of quality control.

What’s The Resale Value On Regal Boats?

Regal Boats offers its customers a wide range of options for customizing every boat.

Each customer can plan their boat by choosing the hull color, engines, and other optional equipment via its website. Because of the wide range of options, no two Regal Boats are the same, so comparing resale values is difficult.

However, if you have looked after your Regal Boat and followed the owner’s manual for the routine maintenance required, then the resale value should be as good as any other mid to high-end brand of motorboat.


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