New Hampshire RV & Camping: Time, Dates & Rules (With Examples)

New Hampshire is one of the best camping vacation destinations for families because of its family-friendly local attractions and outdoor adventurers because of the gorgeous beaches, grand White Mountains, and the serene lakes region.

New Hampshire’s more noteworthy attractions include Flume Gorge, Franconia Notch State Park, the Mount Washington Cog Railway, the White Mountain National Forest, Story Land, and the Portsmouth Market.

Along with these amazing reasons to visit this state, there are also more than two dozen campgrounds waiting for eager campers to grace their doorsteps:

2 New Hampshire Campgrounds with Times, Dates, and Rules:

If you want to visit New Hampshire, these campgrounds also have different times, dates, and rules, which we have decided to include:

1. Wakeda Campground

If you want an adventurous beach holiday but don’t want to be right on the beach, you should consider the Wakeda Campground.

This campground is family-friendly and is situated a mere 8 miles away from the popular Hampton Beach in New Hampshire. In addition to being close to the beach, guests are also surrounded by beautiful greenery and a peaceful environment at the campground away from busy crowds and hectic city life.

The Wakeda Campground has numerous RV and tent campsites that are equipped with full hookups. Since the campground opened in 1965, it has been a popular destination for families and solo adventures due to its modern facilities and fun summer activities.

If you stay at the Wakeda Campground, you will be nearby the Kittery Outlets, the historic town of Portsmouth, and the spectacular Newburyport. Additionally, the campground is only an hour away from Boston if you decide a day out in the city is what you need while on holiday.

Some of the facilities campers can expect at the campground include clean, modern bathrooms with hot showers and flush toilets, a 24-hour laundromat, a free dump station, a dog park, a game room, fireplaces, and picnic tables at each campsite.

The activities at the Wakeda Campground are largely seasonal, so some of the summer activities you can look forward to are deep-sea fishing, whale watching, swimming, surfing, guided city tours, golfing, and boat cruises.


At this campground, guests can check-in and out at 3 pm if staying at a campsite.


The Wakeda Campground is open from May 15th until October 1st.


  • All powered vehicles are only allowed to be operated by licensed drivers.
  • Campers are not allowed to pitch tents on pull-through sites or at cabins.
  • Only four adults are allowed per electric site, and only 3 adults are allowed on a tent site.
  • The campground allows only one camping unit per campsite.
  • Vehicles and motorhomes are not allowed to be washed at this campground.

2. Ashuelot River Campground

It’s no secret that New Hampshire is filled with spectacular nature, wildlife, and greenery.

This pleasant and peaceful environment lends to amazing hiking and swimming opportunities in lakes, beaches, and rivers. That’s why if you are seeking a campground that has some of the best hiking trails in the state, you should consider the Ashuelot River Campground.

The Ashuelot River Campground is incredibly close to the trendy tourist town of Keene. In this town, you can visit the Pisgah State Park, the Monadnock State Park, the Cheshire Rail Trail, and the Cheshire Children’s Museum.

There are 70 RV campsites at the campground, with most offering full-service hookups and 30 amp and 50 amp electrical connections.

Additionally, the facilities and amenities at the Ashuelot River Campground are impressive and will ensure you have an enjoyable camping experience.

There is a convenient dump station, a honey wagon service, a shuttle service, a laundry room, a games room, free WiFi, kayak, canoe, and bike rentals. Moreover, guests can enjoy hot showers in clean restrooms, swimming and boating, and other nature activities.


At this campground, check-in is at 2 pm, and check-out is at noon.


The Ashuelot River Campground is open from the 1st of May until the 17th of October.


  • No drones are permitted at this campground.
  • To register for a campsite, you need to be 18 or older.
  • Alcohol is only allowed to be consumed at this campground by those who are 21 or older.
  • This campground’s quiet hours are from 10 pm until 8 am.
  • Guests are only allowed to ride their bicycles during the day.

Can You Go RVing In New Hampshire Outside These Dates?

Above we spoke about two campgrounds that are only open during seasonal dates.

Unfortunately, many campgrounds in New Hampshire are only open during certain seasons. We know this is not ideal as not everyone can take leave from work or book a weekend getaway only during selective dates according to popular campground schedules.

That’s why we did some searching and have managed to hunt down a few campgrounds that are open throughout the year in this popular state. Below are our top picks for the best campgrounds open year-round.

However, to be sure, you need always to contact the place you are interested in staying at to ensure that they are open and that their dates have not changed:

  • Blackberry Mountain Campground.
  • Ramblewood Cabins And Campground.
  • Hancock Campground at White Mountain National Forest.
  • Danforth Bay Camping And Rv Resort.
  • Merideth Woods Four Season Camping Area.

In New Hampshire, Where Can You Camp For Free?

Some states have many free campground options available to motorhome and tent campers, but New Hampshire, unfortunately, does not have very many.

This doesn’t mean that you should consider a different state when you urge to camp somewhere blessed with numerous outdoor activities and family-friendly attractions.

Despite not having hundreds of free campgrounds, there are a few that tent campers and motorhome campers can visit.

Below, we have briefly listed a few of the best free New Hampshire campgrounds ideal for anyone trying to save on costs while enjoying a camping holiday:

  • White Mountain National Forest.
  • Green Mountain National Forest.
  • Gale River Loop Road.
  • Kilkenny Loop.
  • Jefferson Notch Road.

In New Hampshire, Can You Camp On Public Hunting Land?

Interestingly, in New Hampshire, hunters are allowed to camp on nearly all lands in the state.

This includes county and private land, municipal, federal, and state lands.

Essentially this means that campers are allowed to camp on public hunting lands because, in almost all lands that campers are allowed, hunters are also allowed.

New Hampshire Camping And RV Rules For Local State Parks And National Parks

As with any US state, the New Hampshire State and National Parks have strict rules that campers need to follow.

If you are curious about what a few of the most important State and National Park rules are for New Hampshire parks, have a look below:

  • Campers are not allowed to use car stereos.
  • No camper is allowed to burn their trash.
  • Guest campfires need to be extinguished no later than 11:30 pm.
  • No firewood from outside states is allowed to be brought into any New Hampshire State or National Parks.
  • All generators need to be switched off during quiet hours.


New Hampshire State Park Rules

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