5 Most-Popular Class A Motorhome Brands (With Pictures)

When you want to forget you are in a motorhome when traveling, it’s best to choose a Class A motorhome. 

These motorhomes are incredibly spacious and often include an array of features and amenities that make them akin to residential homes, only they are on wheels.

We did our market research and found five of the most popular Class A motorhome brands you should consider investing in if you want one to stand the test of time:

What Is A Class A Motorhome?

Unlike other motorhomes like fifth wheels and travel trailers, a Class A motorhome is drivable. 

These RVs are built upon incredibly durable and robust heavy-duty frames. These frames are often built on a commercial truck chassis, a motor vehicle chassis, or a commercial bus chassis.

Class A motorhomes are perfect for full-time Rvers, but you have to remember that you will need a consistent budget as they are expensive to maintain and run. Most Class A RVs only have a fuel economy of 8 to 10 miles per gallon.

They come in a wide range of sizes, and some can even go up to 45 feet and include two or more slide-outs, making them incredibly spacious and luxurious.

Five Of The Most Popular Class A Motorhome Brands:

Now that we have had a look at what precisely a Class A motorhome is, we can look closely at a few of the most popular and most trusted Class A brands.

Each of these RV brands has unique qualities that make them attractive to motorhome enthusiasts looking to purchase a new RV:

1. Winnebago Industries

The Winnebago RV brand has been around since 1958 and is one of the most popular Class A motorhome brands amongst avid adventurers.

Most of Winnebago’s facilities are situated in the Midwest, but they have smaller operations on the east coast in Florida and Oregon.

Winnebago specializes explicitly in providing clients with outdoor lifestyle solutions, and they claim to do this by providing consumers with unequaled quality, service, and innovation. 

They have a wide selection of diesel and gas Class A motorhomes with prices ranging between $157,000 and $420,000. Some of their most popular Class A’s include the Adventurer, the Vista, the Forza, and the Journey.

Most Winnebago Class A motorhomes can sleep a minimum of four people. Their models are manufactured with premium amenities, open and spacious floorplans, and powerful engines to ensure travelers can undertake adventures.

2. Newmar Motorhomes

For more than 50 years, Newmar motorhomes have been producing superb Class A motorhomes that the public has grown to love and respect. 

One of the main reasons this brand, founded in 1968, is so popular is its Mennonite principles. They firmly believe in providing their consumers with courtesy, fairness, reliability, honesty, and reasonableness.

Newmar Motorhomes were the first in the RV industry to include slide-outs in their Class A motorhomes which have since become an industry standard.

Additionally, Newmar Motorhomes offer a wide selection of handcrafted Class A motorhomes that’s craftsmanship cannot be outdone. Moreover, they have also incorporated many innovative designs into their Class A RVs. For example, they have created the world’s first-ever wheelchair-accessible Class A motorhome, and they have engineered a Comfort Drive steering system that ensures you will always have a smooth and safe driving experience.

However, you should note that Newmar Motorhomes are incredibly luxurious, which means they come with hefty price tags.

Currently, their 2022 lineup features five different extremely opulent models with an estimated price range of between $400,000 and $1,300000.

3. Forest River

If you’re an avid outdoor enthusiast who wants a Class A motorhome that is affordable, rugged, and versatile, you will want to consider Forest River. 

For more than two decades, this motorhome brand has been building motorhomes that people can use to enjoy the outdoors.

Even though they are a newer motorhome manufacturer, they have an extensive range of models and multiple different floorplan options, making it easy for families to find a Class A motorhome that suits their needs and preferences.

Forest River is the largest RV manufacturer in North America with an iron-clad focus on manufacturing Class A motorhomes that feature high-quality artistry and reliable dependability. To ensure each model that leaves their facility meets their rigorous standards, they perform rigorous tests on randomly selected units.

The brand presently manufactures three different Class A models:

  • The Berkshire
  • FR3
  • Georgetown

The Forest River Berkshire Class A motorhome won an RV Business Award in 2020 for “Top RV Debut,” and their Georgetown model won a 2021 RV Business Award for “Type A Gas Motorhome of the year.”

4. Holiday Rambler

One of the biggest reasons why Holiday Rambler Class A motorhomes are popular is because they design all their models to be four-season capable.

This means that you can drive your Holiday Rambler Class A 365 days a year, no matter the season. Essentially, if you want a Class A motorhome that you can use throughout the year, Holiday Rambler is your best bet.

To prove they are one of the very best four-season Class A manufacturers on the market, let’s consider the construction features you can expect. Each Holiday Rambler Class A RV features solid beam foam insulation for temperature control, dry seal edge coating to ensure moisture doesn’t seep into walls and windows, and vacu-bond walls.

Additionally, these motorhomes also include tuff-coat fiberglass walls that are not bonded to the wood.

Holiday Rambler was founded in 1953 and has since then been a leading Class A motorhome brand that puts forth consistently innovative designs. Curiously this motorhome brand reshaped the RV industry when it introduced aluminum-framed RVs specifically designed to be stronger and more lightweight.

Like the other brands on our list, Holiday Rambler manufactures each Class A model with multiple floorplans and interior decor options. Currently, they have seven available options, with their most popular ones being the Navigator, the Nautica, the Invicta, the Admiral, and the Armada.

5. Coachmen

Coachmen is a Class A motorhome brand that is immensely popular amongst beginner RVers.

Since 1964 this brand has manufactured more than 600,000 RVs.

Unlike other motorhome brands, Coachmen focuses on providing consumers with Class A RVs that offer simplicity, reliability, functionality, and affordability. Additionally, this brand is incredibly dedicated to enriching the lives of RVers with their superbly crafted motorhomes.

Coachmen take their dedication a step further by incorporating customer feedback and requests into their new motorhome designs. Unlike a few other brands in the RV market, they have an extensive array of floorplan options and features.

Two Class A coachmen models won prestigious RV Business awards. The company’s Encore model won a “2021 Must-See RV Award,” and their Sportscoach SRS model won a “2021 Top RV Debut Award.”

When you choose to buy a Coachmen RV, you will have five different Class A models to choose from. Their cheapest model is the Pursuit which has an estimated retail price of $130,500, and their most expensive model is the Sportscoach RD which has an approximated retail price of $345,500.


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