3 Great Toy Haulers For Cars (With Prices & Pictures)

Toy hauler designs have come a long way as more manufacturing companies try different techniques and more advanced technological practices.

One of the main things many RV manufacturers have been working on is building toy haulers that are more lightweight. We will look closely at a few of the most outstanding lightweight 2022 models they have invented that can be towed by the car.

Although it might not sound believable, a few cars have a high enough towing capacity to pull a small toy hauler.

It took some time we came across a few toy haulers that weighed less than 8,500 pounds:

2 Great Toy Haulers For Cars That Are Between 6,000 and 7,500 Pounds with a Garage Size of Fewer than 11 Feet:

Having a toy hauler is a dream of many, but some people never achieve it because they don’t have the appropriate vehicle to tow one.

Fortunately, this is slowly becoming a worry of the past as car manufacturers are making vehicles with high towing capabilities, and motorhome manufacturers are producing RVs that weigh less than ever before.

If you have a vehicle similar to a BMW X7 that can tow 7,500 pounds, a Mercedes Benz GLE that can pull 7,700, or a Porsche Cayenne that can also tow 7,700 pounds, you won’t have any issue pulling one of the toy haulers we have listed below.

Each of the below models weighs less than 7,500 pounds and can be equipped with a car:

1. 2022 Forest River No Boundaries 19.1 (~$43,000)

The 2022 Forest River No Boundaries 19.1 might be rudimentary, but it is affordable at an approximate retail price of $43,000, and it is incredibly lightweight.

This model is the lightest on our list and also happens to be one of the best for off-road adventures. Additionally, this model has three different upgrade packages to choose from, where you can choose to add air conditioning, roof racks, a solar kit, or an outdoors bush kitchen.

The Forest River No Boundaries 19.1 has an exterior length of 14 feet and 11 inches, an exterior height of 9 feet and 11 inches, and an exterior width of 88 inches. 

This toy hauler has an unloaded vehicle weight of 4,264 pounds, a hitch weight of 720 pounds, and a cargo-carrying capacity of 3,456pounds. Additionally, this motorhome is equipped with a 30-gallon freshwater tank, a 30-gallon grey water tank, and a 30-gallon black water tank.

The Forest River No Boundaries 19.1 might not have as many features as a larger motorhome, but it does have a few that make it worth considering. Inside this motorhome is a spacious 10 feet, 5-inch long garage for all your outdoor toys at the rear.

There is a queen-sized bed at the front. This one had LED lighting inside and outside, and it also has an RTV track and an LED entry step light.

Interior features include a two-burner glass recessed stovetop, a black stainless steel sink, a handy USB charging station, a bottle opener, high-performance vinyl furniture, and a JBL Flip portable Bluetooth speaker.

2. 2022 Intech Flyer Discover (~$29,000)

The 2022 Intech Flyer Discover is tiny but mighty.

This toy hauler has a rugged design that is built using an all-aluminum fully welded cage frame. Due to this design, it can handle a multitude of different road and weather conditions.

You can take this motorhome to places traditional RVs cannot go. Some might say it’s even worth its weight in gold.

One of the biggest attractions this RV has is incredibly affordable when you compare it to its competition. You can expect to pay a price of only $29,000, making it the most affordable RV on our list.

This unit can sleep between four to six people due to its spacious interior, depending on the number of tip-outs you choose.

The 2022 Intech Flyer Discover has an exterior length of 18 feet, an interior length of 141 inches, and an interior height of 83 inches. This model has a gross vehicle weight rating of 5,200 pounds, a dry weight rating of between 2,475 and 2,750 pounds, and a cargo-carrying capacity of between 2,45 pounds and 2,725 pounds.

Surprisingly, unlike the other toy haulers on our list, this unit is only equipped with an 8.5-gallon fresh water tank as it does not have a bathroom.

Although this model doesn’t come with a bathroom, it does have an impressive compact kitchen. Inside this kitchen is a farmhouse sink, a two-burner stainless steel cooktop, a 3.1 cubic foot refrigerator, and there is plenty of cupboard storage space for your kitchenware and groceries.

Some of the other features you can look forward to in this model include a 10-foot long power awning, a roof rack system, and a Bluetooth stereo with two speakers.

1 Great Toy Hauler For Cars That is Under 7,000 Pounds with a 13-Foot Garage:

It might not seem believable, but a few cars can tow a toy hauler that weighs between 7,000 and 8,500 pounds.

If you have a car similar to a Toyota Land Cruiser, which can tow 8,100 pounds, a Land Rover Discovery, which can tow 8,201 pounds, or a Ford Expedition that can tow 9,300 pounds, the below toy hauler could suit you.

3. 2022 Forest River XLR Micro Boost 29LRLE (~$31,000)

Should you want a toy hauler that can comfortably sleep four people and is modern with a gorgeous interior color scheme, you might want to consider the 2022 Forest River XLR Micro Boost 29LRLE.

This unit not only has impressive interior features but is also reasonably priced with an approximate retail cost of $31,000. Additionally, this model impressively has the largest garage out of the models on our list.

You won’t have any issue storing your kayaks, ATVs, jet skis, or motorcycles in the 13-foot long garage when you go on holiday.

In keeping with the Forest River motorhome brand’s expectations, this model has an array of impressive construction features. Since it’s constructed well, you are guaranteed this motorhome will last you many years.

For example, this unit has a 5-inch wood-framed roof, insulated storage doors, large tank capacities, and a laminated aluminum framed weatherproof ramp door. It also features 5,000-pound D-Rings, a diamond-plated front rock guard, oil and gas resistant linoleum, and rear LED strip lighting over the door.

The 2022 Forest River XLR Micro Boost 29LRLE has an overall length of 34 feet, a height of 10 feet and 9 inches, and an exterior width of 96 inches.

This model has an unloaded vehicle weight of 6,718 pounds, a hitch weight of 1,340 pounds, and a cargo-carrying capacity of 4,822 pounds. The 2022 Forest River XLR Micro Boost 29LRLE also has a 76-gallon grey water tank, an 87-gallon freshwater tank, and a 38-gallon black water tank.

We mentioned earlier that this motorhome home has impressive modern features, so it’s only fair we tell you about what you can look forward to. Inside this unit, there is LED interior lighting, a foot-flushing toilet, a quick recovery water heater, a deep-seated stainless steel kitchen sink, a 5,000 BTU fireplace, and a queen-sized bed in the master suite.

Moreover, some of the tech and appliance features you can expect to see in the 2022 Forest River XLR Micro Boost 29LRLE include two interior speakers, USB chargers, a 10 cubic foot refrigerator, a 17-inch black oven with a glass cooktop, and a microwave.


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