3 RVs With The Most Square Footage (With prices & pictures)

Not everyone likes to be confined in a small space for hours and days when they travel. Some motorhome enthusiasts who choose to travel frequently or live in their RV full time prefer to have one that has high square footage.

Having a motorhome with high square footage has many benefits, especially if you have a moderate to large size family or group of people whom you frequently take adventures with.

We have found three of the most extraordinary Class A and fifth wheel motorhomes with high square footage and attractive features:

2 Class A Motorhomes With The Most Square Footage

One of the best motorhome categories well known for having significant square footage parameters is class A RVs.

Many significant benefits surround owning a class A motorhome, especially if you want a spacious living environment.

Some of the benefits you can look forward to experiencing if you own an uber large class A motorhome include a range of certified safety features, a professionally decorated home environment, and modern residential appliances. 

With a class A motorhome, you won’t need to stop for meals constantly, experience loud road noises, and you and your family will be wholly self-contained.

1. 2022 Entegra Coach Anthem 44Z (~$550,000)

If you’re after a high square footage motorhome that is incredibly luxurious with many high-end features, you may want to consider the 2022 Entegra Coach Anthem 44Z class A RV. 

This motorhome has a square footage of 382.96 and retails for approximately $550,000, making it the second most expensive motorhome on our list. The entire interior of this motorhome is exclusively designed to look modern with all the finishes that could be found in a residential home.

The 2022 Entegra Coach Anthem 44Z has a length of 45 feet and 5 inches, an exterior width of 101 inches, an exterior height of 12 feet and 8 inches, and an interior height of 84 inches. 

This class A motorhome has a gross vehicle weight rating of 52,000 pounds, a gross combined weight rating of 67,000 pounds, and a tag axle gross weight rating of 12,000 pounds. Additionally, this model has a freshwater tank capacity of 100 gallons, a grey waste water tank capacity of 62 gallons, and a black waste water tank capacity of 41 gallons.

Every Entegra motorhome features spectacular construction, which is partially why the 2022 Entegra Coach Anthem 44Z is so expensive. 

This RV has an X-Bridge bracing welded into its chassis frame, 4 inch arched aluminum trusses filled with bat insulation and reflective Flexifoil, a one-piece fiberglass roof, and exterior walls with exterior walls, Aluma-Tru welded tubular aluminum studs and an exclusive Entegra Relia-Torque flush-mounted slideout system.

Some of the best features equipped in this class A motorhome include a 32 and 50 inch Samsung QLED 4K UHD smart TV, a 5,000 BTU LED electric fireplace, hand-laid porcelain tiles, a Bose soundbar with subwoofer, a Sony Blu-ray player, a firefly multiplex system and a central vacuum system.

Additionally, this motorhome is also equipped with a washer and dryer, a bar area with a beverage chiller, Aire-Secure locks on all the pocket doors, and a dishwasher. It’s one of the best motorhomes for entertaining and living full time with a family of up to six.

2. 2022 Foretravel Motorcoach Realm FS605 LVMS (~$1,370,000)

Are you seeking a motorhome that is practically a residential house on wheels? 

Well, look no further than the 2022 Foretravel Motorcoach Realm FS605 LVMS. This motorhome has so many features and residential amenities, and appliances that it’s better than many available residential homes you can currently buy. 

The Realm FS605 LVMS combines motorhome technology and residential amenities seamlessly to offer an unparalleled RV living experience.

This motorhome is unlike any other luxury motorhome in the world. It has approximate square footage of 378.75, and it has a retail price of roughly $1,370,000, making it one of the most expensive motorhomes in the world.

The 2022 Foretravel Motorcoach Realm FS605 LVMS is expertly designed by a licensed ASID interior designer, which is why the interior has a timelessly elegant appearance. Additionally, this model features multi-color exterior paint schemes with intricate detailing and designs and seven coats of clear paint that take up to 650 man-hours to complete.

This premium quality RV model is one of a kind. It is the unit on the market currently in the motorhome industry built on Spartans K4 chassis which is why it offers superb handling and safety alongside an incomparable drive experience. 

Additionally, you needn’t worry about safety with this RV, as it has an array of impressive safety features.

For example, this model possesses a rear escape door with an integrated ladder, the Spartan advanced protective system, an ABS anti-lock braking system, a three-stage engine brake, air disc brakes on all wheels, and collision mitigation with adaptive cruise control.

Many interior and exterior features make the 2022 Realm FS605 LVMS worth the price. There are integrated cockpit controls; four 4K LED smart TVs, a touchpad behind the driver’s chair, a Bosh stacked washer and dryer, a Fisher Paykal dishwasher, a residential refrigerator, handcrafted wood cabinetry, and interior electric floor heating.

1 Fifth Wheel Motorhome With The Most Square Footage

If you want a towable RV with high square footage that you can attach and detach from a towing vehicle, you might want to consider fifth-wheel toy haulers.

Fifth-wheel toy haulers can be easily detached when you want to use your towing vehicle to travel more conveniently around the area you are visiting. Additionally, this type of toy hauler also provides ample room for all your outdoor toys, such as motorcycles, ATVs, kayaks, jet skis, canoes, and quad bikes. 

Toy haulers are also one of the most versatile motorhomes when considering that the largest of them can accommodate upwards of eight people.

Below we have briefly described one of the best fifth wheel motorhomes that also happens to have incredibly high square footage:

3. 2022 Heartland Road Warrior 3965 (~$147,000)

If you need a toy hauler with a high square footage rating and a 15-foot long garage with two 30-gallon fuel stations, you should consider the 2022 Heartland Road Warrior 3965. This fifth-wheel toy hauler might not be as fancy as the other models on our list, but it is spacious, comfortable, and affordable. 

The Road Warrior 3965 is 389.30 square feet, and it has an estimated retail value of approximately $147,000, making it the best budget-friendly motorhome option.

The 2022 Heartland Road Warrior 3965 has a length of 45 feet and 8 inches, a width of 8 feet and 5 inches, and an exterior height of 13 feet and 3 inches. This unit has a gross vehicle weight rating of 20,000 pounds, a hitch weight of 4,150 pounds, a dry weight of 15,546 pounds, and a cargo-carrying capacity of 4,406 pounds, which means you won’t have any issue taking your outdoor toys along with you.

This motorhome has a range of impressive exterior and interior features. Some of the best exterior features include a 100-watt solar panel with inverter prep, a 5,500-watt generator, backup camera prep, 7,000 pound Dexter axles with Nev R Adjust brakes, and 6 point auto level hydraulic levelers.

Additionally, some of the very best interior features you will find in the 2022 Heartland Road Warrior 3965 includes an 18 cubic foot stainless steel refrigerator, a stainless steel OTR microwave, a 10-gallon gas/electric water heater, a high-efficiency air conditioning system, a luxury fireplace, and an entertainment center with a high fi sound system and subwoofer.


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