5 Most-Common Problems With Ultimate Campers (Explained)

Camping in a trailer camper is a convenient hook-up and go option when touring and going on vacation, but as simple as they may seem, they are not invincible.

Ultimate camper trailers come with their own share of problems that could be small enough to fix on-site or require some extra hands off-site by a professional.

However, these are very sturdy, and most of the common problems that occur tend to come from the wear, tear, and environmental exposure over the long life of a camper trailer.

Let’s take a look at some of the common problems you may face with an Ultimate camper trailer:

1. Long Setup Time

Whether you own the most expensive Ultimate camper or one of the cheaper options, this is a common problem across their models.

Most Ultimate camper trailers will take approximately ten minutes to accomplish most of the basic set up and another ten minutes to finalize the awnings, poles, and canvas.

Adjusting the poles and the awnings are where the most significant issues settle in during the setup. They are generally minor problems; however, they are time-consuming and can contribute to added frustration.

Ultimate campers seem to really present this issue more than the less-expensive campers on the market.

To eliminate the setup time, follow these helpful tips:

  1. Ensure each latch, clip, and locking point involved in the setup process is unfastened first before attempting to unfold or wind up the camper.
  2. Always make sure the canvas is not caught in any potential pinch-points or hinges.
    • If this happens, then the setup process will be delayed or worse, the canvas could tear or become damaged.
  3. Follow the instructions carefully.
    • Use the instructional letter that comes with your Ultimate camper and follow each point to the letter.
    • Make sure you make proper use of the winder handles and winches; they there to ease the setup process.
  4. Do not rush! Rushing the process may incur more problems that will only delay the setup longer.

2. Leaking Within the Camper Trailer

If there is definitely one problem you do not want to face, it is a leaking camper trailer.

This problem can get the best of any RV or camper trailer, even Ultimate campers that are on the market.

If you have a leak-free canvas and a well-waterproofed camper trailer, then it is certainly worth it. Leaking is a common problem, and avoiding those dreaded leaks is always a valuable win.

Unfortunately, leaks do eventually occur over time as your camper’s waterproofing properties start to weaken as it is exposed to different elements over its lifetime.

Some influential factors that compromise your camper’s waterproofing properties include:

  • Severe sunlight
  • Poor overall maintenance
  • Washing the camper with destructive liquid soap that is not friendly for the canvas.

Always keep a close eye on the sections in the canvas where the seams meet.

These areas tend to stretch out quickly and develop small holes. If the holes are minor,  you can use a waterproof sealant to mend the holes.

If the holes are large, then you will require a patch and a sealant until a professional can assist with the repair.

3. Ultimate Camper Canvas Tears

It is often the case that Ultimate trailer campers have an additional canvas in the form of awnings, shower stalls, and ensuite tents.

Unfortunately, it does not matter how well-made or stitched the canvas is on a modern camper trailer; it can still tear through general usage.

When attempting to fix common canvas tears, bear the following in mind that the method and materials needed to mend the tear in the canvas depend on the size of the tear.

A small tear will enable a small, temporary fix using an adhesive patch. However, a large tear will require some needle and thread skills to stitch the hole closed in the canvas.

Do not forget the waterproof sealant.

4. Too Many Batteries = Too Many Problems

Less is more with your Ultimate camper trailer.

Often, one will be advised to load up on battery power, and some Ultimate camper trailers are sold with more batteries than actually needed.

They usually sell 100ah batteries for a camper trailer, but these batteries only add weight and draw on a lot of time to charge, mostly when drained.

Two 100ah batteries are perfect for the need behind them, and they will reduce any problems associated with batteries if there are only two.

Issues with weight will be eliminated, and charging time reduced when using a 144W folding solar panel (an excellent option for an ultimate camper).

5. Bent Awning Poles Need Replacement

Unfortunately, bent awning poles are more popular than you think.

Wear and tear, assembling and disassembling, and poor storage may contribute to bent awning poles.

Bent or dented awning poles can be temporarily fixed by using duct tape, cable ties, and a little MacGyver ingenuity, but this is only a quick fix and won’t stand the test of time. Furthermore, it may void the warranty.

You will need to purchase replacement poles for the awnings.

General Pros and Cons for Ultimate Campers

Ultimate campers are a great option if you do not want to tow a fifth trailer or RV trailer.

If you are considering buying the Ultimate camper, then an excellent suggestion is to rent one first, so you can experience the pros and cons first hand.

We have rounded up a few of the common pros and cons across the various models:


They are cheaper to rent or buy compared to that of an RV or motorhome.

Ultimate Camper Trailers are easier and safer to tow than an RV. They also have better fuel consumption when towing a camper.

Ultimate campers are much easier to pitch than a standard tent of the same size. More locations are accessible with the ultimate camper, mainly off-road because of the size and weight.

When adding an additional awning, you increase the living space, and when sleeping in an ultimate camper, you feel closer to nature.


  • It takes a long time to set up the camper without damage.
  • Leaks are common.
  • Too many batteries present further problems for the camper trailer.
  • Bent awning poles are a common problem and need to be replaced.
  • The canvas tears easily and often require professional mending.
  • Not all ultimate campers have a toilet or shower.
  • Less privacy with canvas walls
  • Less storage compared to RVs
  • The handling of an ultimate camper in high wind or rain is not excellent.

What Do the Reviews Say?

The actual construction of Ultimate Campers is difficult to critique.

Many of the common problems that occur tend to come from the wear, tear, and environmental exposure over the long life of a camper trailer.

“With a tare weight of only 850kg, compact dimensions, and super tough construction, off-road tracks present no problem for the NEXUS, and it’s a nimble rig to tow.”

[Source: www.ultimateoffroadcampers.com.au]

True to their lightweight construction, Ultimate campers can travel almost anywhere, including off-road locations where some RVs cannot venture into.

The Ultimate camper trailer may seem small, but it does pack a decent amount of storage space. You can keep all of your miscellaneous gear out of the way and neatly organized in the nose cone.

“The trademark nose cone is fully carpeted and boasts a massive 1,340L of space to throw your miscellaneous gear into, with the gullwing doors allowing easy access from either side.”

[Source: unsealed4x4.com]

What’s the Resale Value on Ultimate Campers

Model Year Price
Ultimate Nautilus 2015 $88,000
Ultimate Nautilus 2014 $83,700
Ultimate Elite 2011 $39,000
Ultimate Enterprise 2007 $40,000
Ultimate Off-Road 2002 $25,500

Final Thoughts:

Ultimate campers have been manufactured for more than 25 years.

Unfortunately, these campers are produced in Australia, and America is still waiting for their exclusive models, such as the Nexus 360, to reach its shores.

(Not to be confused with the Nexus RV Brand)

The five common problems listed above for Ultimate campers are relatively common problems across most brands of camper trailers, regardless of where they are made.

Unfortunately, with age, camper trailers do tend to incur those problems because they are exposed to the same level of man-handling and generally the same environmental factors too.

Take care setting up the camper trailer and packing it away, and it will prolong the life of your poles, canvas, and other components.


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