Nexus RVs: 8 Facts Owners & Buyers Should Know

Although the Nexus RV brand has only been around for a decade, it has quickly become one of the go-to motorhome companies for many.

When looking at the various motorhome options available on the RV market, you’ve likely come across Nexus RV models but aren’t sure who they are or if their motorhomes are quality.

That’s why we have done the work for you and established a few facts that we think you should know about the motorhome company.

Purchasing a new RV is a gigantic decision, but knowing as much as you can about Nexus will help make the decision easier.

Here Are Some Facts About Nexus RVs:

The Nexus motorhome company manufactures numerous recreational vehicle models that are customizable. Customers can change everything in their motorhomes from cabinetry, paint theme, and flooring to installing additional solar power and even a fully functioning outdoor kitchen. 

1. Where Are Nexus RVs Made?

Nexus RVs are manufactured in Elkhart, Indiana, in America.

This area is trendy amongst motorhome manufacturers, with several other companies having their facilities in this state.

The Nexus factory offers site tours for people interested in discovering how their RV would be made.

To schedule a factory tour, you can contact the company either by phone or through their website. If you are unable to visit them in person, you can look at a few of their models through their site as well!

2. Who Owns the Nexus Company?

Despite the Nexus motorhome company only being in business for just over ten years, they have a rich and interesting history.

In 2010 co-owners Dave Middleton and Claude Donati founded the Nexus RV company.

They started their business as a factory-direct manufacturing company but in 2017 decided to change their business model to instead sell to the dealer network.

In the recreational vehicle industry, Nexus has increasingly become one of the fastest-growing motorhomes manufacturers in America.

So much so that A & E Realty, a company that is a subsidiary of Lerman Enterprises, took notice and in 2019 acquired a majority share in the company.

Lerman Enterprises decided to invest in Nexus as they became impressed with the company’s trajectory and believed investment would help the company continue to grow exponentially.

3. What Types and Sizes of RVs Do Nexus Produce?

Nexus has quite a broad range of RVs on offer, available to customers.

Although the company doesn’t manufacture towable motorhomes, they produce Class A, Class B+, Class C, and Class Super C.

The brand’s Super C models come as a 4×4 option for those adventurous souls out there.

To help you decide which model is potentially best suited to you, we have listed two different motorhomes in the Class A and Class B + categories.

If you find neither of these to be suitable, remember there are other options available.

Class A Diesel – Evoque

The class A diesel Evoque by Nexus is arguably the most affordable luxury motorhome in the RV market at present.

This model comes with three exterior paint options and weighs approximately 32,000 pounds. With luxurious furnishings and modern appliances, you’re likely to be impressed with this Class A diesel model.

Traveling in winter and summer conditions can be a nuisance, especially if the motorhome you have isn’t equipped to handle extreme weather.

The Evoque comes with two 13500 BTU air conditioners and an electric fireplace in the living room, so no matter where you travel, you won’t have any issue with uncomfortable climates while indoors.

Some of the furnishings this RV features include a deluxe tri-fold sofa, an innerspring uber comfortable king size mattress, and a deluxe booth dinette.

Additionally, the motorhome is also outfitted with one 42-inch LED TV in the lounge area and one 32-inch LED TV in the bedroom. There is a two-door residential-sized refrigerator in the kitchen, a gorgeous 3 burner stove, and a massive stainless steel microwave oven.

The kitchen sink comes with a residential faucet with a sprayer, and throughout the entire RV, there is a water filtration system installed.

Class B Plus – Viper 25V

If you’re looking for an RV that will allow you and the family to travel to your heart’s content, then the Viper 25V could be ideal for you.

This model is increasingly popular due to it coming with slides.

This model features a 13500 BTU low profile air conditioner and an impressive 30000 BTU furnace.

The furnishings are luxurious yet practical throughout this motorhome with seamless laminated countertops, handy roller shades, and glazed maple residential hardwood cabinetry.

Inside the kitchen, you will find an LG residential-sized fridge that comes with a 1000 watt inverter, microwave, 3 burner stovetop, and a residential sink with a faucet.

The bedroom has overhead cabinetry, a comfortable queen-sized mattress, and a wardrobe. You will find a convenient medicine cabinet in the bathroom, a black tank flush kit, a porcelain toilet, and a moderately sized shower.

It might be hard to believe, but all this and more fits inside a 24 foot and 8 inches long motorhome with a ceiling height of 77 inches!

4. Do Nexus Make a Toy Hauler?

The Nexus motorhome company doesn’t manufacture a toy hauler, nor do they make travel trailers, truck campers, or fifth wheels at this stage.

5. What Are the Smallest RVs from Nexus?

Not everyone is in the RV market for a large motorhome, and that is completely fine.

If your budget is reasonably small or you don’t require much space, why not consider a smaller RV?

The Nexus company manufactures quite a few small motorhomes, so it’s likely you will find one that suits your needs and preferences.

If you’re finding yourself more than a little lost on the smallest models the company produces in each category, look at the options below:

  • Class A: Bentley 34B – This motorhome is 35 feet and 10 inches long with a ceiling height of 84 inches.
  • Class B Pluss: Viper 25V – The Viper brand by Nexus offers one of the smallest models, the Viper 25V, with a length of 24 feet and 8 inches with a ceiling height of 77 inches.
  • Class C: Triumph 24T – This class C is one of the smaller models with a length of 25 feet, but it does have a roomy interior with a ceiling height of 82 inches.
  • Class Super C: Triumph 30TSC – This Super Class C is 30 feet and 11 inches long and has a tall exterior height of 12 feet and 6 inches.

6. What Are the Biggest RVs from Nexus?

Often smaller RV models don’t suit everyone.

Many people prefer having as much space as possible while on holiday or when deciding to take up full-time RV living.

Fortunately, Nexus manufactures a wide variety of larger motorhomes.

Determining which model is the largest in each class can be challenging, so we have taken some of the fuss out of it for you.

We have below noted the biggest RVs available from Nexus so that you can decide for yourself which is the best option:

  • Class A: Bentley 38B – The Bentley class A has one of the biggest RVs offered by the brand with a length of 38 feet and 10 inches with a ceiling height of 84 inches.
  • Class B Pluss: Viper 29V – This motorhome is large for a B+ model with a length of 30 feet and 8 inches and a ceiling height of 77 inches.
  • Class C: Phantom 32P – The Phantom 32 P is quite late for a class C with a length of 32 feet and 9 inches and a ceiling height of 82 inches.
  • Class Super C: Ghost 37DS – This Super Class C is one of the largest models offered by Nexus, with a length of 37 feet and an exterior height of 13 feet.

7. What Are The Most Popular RVs by Nexus?

Nexus has been impressing people since it was founded.

They have built their motorhomes using the best construction methods and materials in the industry.

In fact, their entire steel cage construction process and manufacturing materials set them apart from their competition in the industry.

With that said, they have a few popular models that have caught the attention of many potential motorhome buyers over the years.

Thus below, we will look at three of the most popular models that Nexus manufacturers:

  • Class A: Bentley 34B
  • Class C: Triumph 24T
  • Class Super C: Wraith 32W

8. Are Nexus RVs For All Four Seasons?

Most people who purchase a motorhome would preferably like one that is capable of handling four-season traveling.

Although hundreds of different RV models are available on the market, it can be challenging to determine which ones are truly four seasonal.

However, Nexus is well known for its superior construction and for the quality materials they use during the manufacturing stages.

However, what features and amenities do the Nexus models have that make them capable of handling various weather conditions?

Let’s talk about one of their models capable of coping with the various weather requirements you may have:

Class Super C – Ghost 33DS:

  • 72% stronger construction than industry standards for better sound and thermal insulation.
  • Completly steel composite construction.
  • An engine block heater.
  • Outdoor shower.
  • Impressive 10-gallon electric water heater
  • Ceiling fan in lounge.
  • 13500 BTU air conditioner in the bedroom.
  • 13500 BTU air conditioner in the living area.
  • 35000 BTU furnace.
  • Above floor heat ducts installed.


Lerman Enterprises Gains a Majority Interest in Nexus

Nexus Motorhome Models 

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