Oliver RVs: 9 Facts Owners & Buyers Should Know

When buying a motorhome, many people would prefer to spend their hard-earned money on an investment that will last a lifetime.

Oliver RVs promises just that while offering luxury RVs at affordable prices. However, the company isn’t as well known nor as long-running as some other RV companies with products on the market.

This one-of-a-kind brand has a lot to offer consumers, but you might not know much about them, which is why we have found nine facts that we think you should know about them:

Here’s The Answer To What Warranties Oliver RVs Provide Customers:

Oliver RVs Offer three different warranties and a lifetime support service. They offer a lifetime warranty on the fiberglass body construction and a limited 5-year warranty on the chassis and workmanship. They also offer a 2-year warranty on products manufactured and installed. 

1. Where Are Oliver RVs Made?

Oliver RVs are manufactured in Hohenwald, Tennessee, in America.

The company does offer factory tours to those interested in learning how the Oliver RV company design and manufactures their motorhomes. Tours are usually conducted from Monday through to Friday.

However, you will need to phone and give at least 24 hours notice before booking and arriving at the factory.

Additionally, the company also offers field visits. You can view specific models and floorplans at a field visit to understand better if an Oliver motorhome is right for you.

As with the factory tour, you will need to contact the company beforehand through a request form.

2. Who Owns the Oliver Company?

Oliver RVs was founded in 2007 by the Oliver family.

Currently, the company is considered one of the best RV travel trailer brands in America.

The Oliver motorhomes are manufactured by Oliver Fiberglass products company, which is located in Tennessee. Additionally, the company also has a sister plant in Hohenwald called Oliver Technologies Inc.

Their first travel trailer was 18 feet and 5 inches long and was sold in 2007 and 2008. After being well received by the RV industry, they decided to introduce another model at the beginning of 2008.

Later in 2008, motorhome manufacturing was suspended by the Oliver family due to the economic struggles faced that year. In early 2013, the company decided to bring Oliver travel trailers back into production, with many in the RV industry rejoicing at the news.

In 2014 their new models began production and were ready to be sold, and in 2015 a new model was introduced.

To date, the company is still owned by the Oliver family, with production still underway.

3. What Types and Sizes of RVs Do Oliver Produce?

If you are in the motorhome market for a quality, superior, well-built luxury travel trailer, then the Oliver RV company is worth considering.

Currently, the company only manufactures travel trailers and only has two models known as the Legacy Elite and the Legacy Elite II.

Both models are exceptionally well built and have much to offer. They are both luxurious with modern appliances and comfortable living areas.

The legacy Elite is perfect for those who enjoy a smaller space to travel in, while the Legacy Elite II is ideal for anyone wanting extra room.

4. Does Oliver Make a Toy Hauler?

The Oliver RV company does not make a toy hauler.

Currently, they only manufacture travel trailers and have done so for years.

It’s unclear if the company will branch out into toy haulers at a later stage. Their focus is on producing the best possible quality luxury motorhomes that they can at affordable prices.

5. What Are the Smallest RVs from Oliver?

The company does not have an extensive range of RVs, as we now know.

They only produce travel trailers and currently only have two models.

The Legacy Elite is the smallest model offered by the brand. It has an approximate dry weight of only 3,700 pounds and a gross vehicle weight rating of 5,000 pounds.

This travel trailer is 18 feet and 5 inches long with an outside height f 9 feet and 4 inches. This model has one standard floor plan, but optional extras are available to customize it to how you would like the RV.

Additionally, the outside width is 6 feet and 6 inches, and it can comfortably sleep, three people.

6. What Are the Biggest RVs from Oliver?

As we mentioned above, the brand does not have a wide variety to choose from, but its models do very well.

The most prominent model available from Oliver RVs is the Legacy Elite II. This model has an approximate dry weight of 4,900 pounds and a gross vehicle weight rating of 7,000 pounds.

The model is heavier than the Legacy Elite, but it provides more space with a length of 23 feet and 6 inches and an outdoor height of 9 feet and 10.5 inches.

Moreover, the Legacy Elite II has a width of 7 feet and can sleep up to three people.

7. How Are Oliver RVs Made?

Oliver RVs has a continuously growing reputation for manufacturing quality travel trailers in the RV industry.

Let’s have a look below at how the shell of the travel trailers is constructed:

The Shell & Frame:

Each travel trailer they build is made with four fiberglass shells, two for the inside and two for the outside, and the shells are made within a mold.

The gel coat used on the shells resists all chipping and potential road debris damage and even has a UV coat that helps keep the finish shiny and reduces fading for longer.

During the next part of the travel trailers manufacturing process, a coating of resin and chopped fiberglass is hand-rolled inside the shell, and a core mat is added to the roof to reinforce it.

Once the core mat has been added and installed correctly, craftsmen will add Carbon Core material to the top of the core mat for stronger reinforcement.

Additionally, the Carbon Core honeycomb nature provides an additional layer of insulation to wherever it is added.

Final Touches:

For extra strength when the trailer and frame are connected, the company hand lays the framing channels and adds two layers of woven mat and a layer of bi-directional glass cloth.

After this step, a similar layering process is completed for each of the four shells.

Lastly, after all the shells are cured, they are extracted from the molds, and the finishing touches are added.

8. What Are The Most Popular RVs by Oliver?

With only two models available, both of them are popular amongst RVers.

Both models can sleep up to three people, and both are constructed using the finest materials.

Those who want a lightweight travel trailer will often choose the Legacy Elite model, while those who want a bit more space often choose the Legacy Elite II model.

9. Are Oliver RVs For All Four Seasons?

Oliver RVs make travel trailers that are truly suitable for all-season travel year-round.

The Oliver company founders wanted to create a travel trailer camper superior to the competition after experiencing inferior quality while participating in all-season camping.

The company boasts that they have managed to manufacture the best-insulated travel trailer in the RV industry currently. They have done this by designing and producing travel trailers that utilize higher quality materials that are easier to maintain.

Oliver travel trailers each have their own heaters that help keep you warm in winter and air conditioning systems to keep you and your traveling companions cool in summer.

The heating system is modern and comfortable to function with different heat settings that allow you to get the perfect toasty temperature while camping.

The RVs that Oliver produces all have superior insulation with the double-sided radiant barrier made from aluminum foil and polyethylene. Additionally, in the RV industry, the Oliver motorhome company is the only company that uses a complete RV ventilation system.

This system comprises a fan, vent, and rain protection in a single unit while also having a wall-mounted easy to use thermostat.

You could be hard-pressed to find another travel trailer that provides the same weather protection and all-season capabilities as the Oliver travel trailers.


Oliver RVs Models

Oliver RVs Shell Construction Process

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