Holiday Rambler RVs: 9 Facts Owners & Buyers Should Know

The Holiday Rambler motorhome company has been in business for many years and has managed to retain its reputation of offering consumers quality recreational vehicles.

Holiday Rambler is respected in the RV industry, which has allowed consumers to place their faith in the company. Many know about this motorhome manufacturer, but there is still much to learn before choosing a new RV produced by this company.

That is why we have found nine facts that we think you should know, as these facts will help you determine if Holiday Rambler is the right motorhome manufacturer for you.

Here Are A Few Holiday Rambler Facts:

The Holiday Rambler company offers industry-competitive warranties on all of their motorhomes. They have a one-year basic limited warranty, and they offer a 3-year limited structural warranty. Additionally, they also provide customers with a REV assist 24/7 roadside assistance service for 1 year.

1. Where Are Holiday Rambler RVs Made?

Holiday Rambler motorhomes are manufactured at the companies facility in Decatur, Indiana, in America.

The company firmly believes in creating quality relationships with its consumers and offers factory tours for those looking to learn how durable and innovative the Holiday Rambler models are.

Holiday Rambler encourages those interested in their products to schedule a factory tour with their keen focus on customer service. During the tour, you can meet the various manufacturing teams and discuss the manufacturing processor the model you are interested in.

To schedule a factory tour, you can contact the company either by phone or through their website. If you are unable to visit them in person, you can look at a few of their models through their site as well!

Additionally, it’s important to note that the company does not allow children under 16 to accompany an adult during a tour.

2. Who Owns the Holiday Rambler Company?

The Holiday Rambler motorhome company has a rich and interesting history, which may surprise those looking into the company.

The RV company was founded in 1953 by Richard Klingler in Wakarusa, Indiana, in America. Founder Richard Klingler started the business by building various trailer parts inside of a chicken coop.

It’s impressive that a company coming from such humble beginnings could rise in the RV industry to today’s success. Incredibly the company was not always known as Holiday Ramble but was named after its founder and was known as the Klingler Corporation. The company’s first-ever motorhome was introduced in 1953.

Holiday Rambler has been one of the most innovative motorhome manufacturers since 1961. During 1961 the company introduced a remarkable new era lightweight aluminum body framing that was more durable than the materials previously utilized in RV manufacturing.

This innovation was amazingly the first of its kind and paved the way and became the standard for aluminum framing for approximately 40 years.

Astonishingly this was not the only remarkable innovation that the company introduced. They were also the first to introduce built-in fridges, aerodynamic radiused corners, and holding tanks. Over the years, ownership of this motorhome company has changed a few times.

In 1986 Holiday Rambler was sold to Harley-Davidson and in 1996 was sold to the Monaco Coach Corporation.

After a few years with Monaco Coach, the company was sold in 2013 to Allied Specialty Vehicles and is now in 2021 owned by the REV Group Inc.

3. What Types and Sizes of RVs Do Holiday Rambler Produce?

Since the company’s inception, Holiday Rambler has manufactured a wide variety of motorhomes.

The company has manufactured a range of towables, including fifth wheels and bumper pull trailers such as the Presidential Suite and the Savoy LX TT.

They are also known for their Class A, B plus, and C motorhomes, such as the Augusta B Plus and the Atlantis.

In 2021 Holiday Rambler currently only manufactures class A motorhomes with many gas and diesel models available to consumers.

Below we have listed the brands you can purchase from the company at present:


  • Invicta
  • Admiral
  • Vacationer


  • Endeavor
  • Nautica
  • Armada
  • Navigator

4. Does Holiday Rambler Make a Toy Hauler?

At present, the Holiday Rambler company does not manufacture a toy hauler brand.

In the past, the company would manufacture fifth wheels and bumper pull towables, but they only produce class A motorhomes.

5. What Are the Smallest RVs from Holiday Rambler?

With a current production line of only class A motorhomes, Holiday Rambler still has a few smaller models amongst their petrol and diesel categories.

Smaller class A motorhomes are perfect for full-time and part-time RVers and are better for those who have a smaller budget.

If you’re in the market for a more compact class A, have a look at the smallest RV options available by Holiday Rambler below.

  • Class A – Gas: Admiral 28A: The Admiral 28A has 29 feet and 3 inches with an interior height of 82 inches.
  • Class A – Diesel: Nautica 34RX: This motorhome is 35 feet long and has an interior height of 84 inches.

6. What Are the Biggest RVs from Holiday Rambler?

As a class A motorhomes manufacturer, Holiday Rambler has a few large models ideal for those looking for more space when traveling.

Larger models are usually a fair bit more expensive, but the extra space and extra features make them desirable.

If you’re wondering what the biggest models offered by the company are, you can have a look below:

  • Class A – Gas: Invicta 36DB: This motorhome has a length f 38 feet and 11 inches with an interior height of 82 inches.
  • Class A – Diesel: Armada 44LE: The Armada 44LE has 44 feet and an interior height of 84 inches.

7. How Are Holiday Rambler RVs Made?

When you’re considering purchasing a new RV, it’s essential to know how it is manufactured.

The way an RV is made and the type of materials used in its production can tell you a lot about the model and if it will last for years to come.

Holiday Rambler has been around for numerous years, but you still might not be convinced that one of their models is the perfect match for you.

Were going to look into the construction of  Holiday Rambler models so that you can better understand how they manufacture motorhomes.

Hopefully, after learning about the manufacturing process, you will decide if you should investigate the company further or take the leap into purchasing one of their models.

Holiday Rambler Chassis Foundation

The Holiday Rambler motorhomes are built on world-renowned and trusted chassis.

These chassis types we have listed below:

  • Ford Power Platform.
  • Delta Foundation.
  • Freightliner Titan Bridge.

Holiday Rambler Construction Features

  • Insulated AC Ducting
  • Specialized TPO Roofing
  • Durable  Aluminum Slide Transition Ramps
  • Fiberglass Walling
  • Convenient Automatic Hydraulic Levelling System
  • Bead Foam Insulation
  • Weatherproof Dryseal Edge Coating
  • Pitched Slideout Box Tops

Holiday Rambler Engineering And Innovation Features

The Powerlock System:

The power lock system is an improvement on the outdated stick and frame construction that motorhomes previously utilized.

This system uses aluminum wall joints that interlock to create a singular roof and sidewall construction.

The seamless nature of this construction provides a durable construction in the long run.

Ergonomic DriveTech Controls:

Holiday Rambler has created ergonomic DriveTech controls with an easy-to-reach steering wheel and column-mounted controls that provide a convenient RV driving experience.

Industry’s First-Ever OptiView Instruments Cluster:

The OptiView instrument cluster by Holiday Rambler is an industry first.

This cluster has LED lighting, uber bright graphics with many theme options, Bluetooth, a 360-degree camera system, and an on-demand operation feature.

8. What Are The Most Popular RVs by Holiday Rambler?

The Holiday Rambler company has been operating for more than 50 years.

With that much experience in the RV industry, customers have flocked to the company repeatedly.

Although the company only manufactures class A motorhomes currently, they did produce other types of recreational vehicles in the past, as we now know.

With their rich history and durable products, they have manufactured a few RVs that have become popular.

If you would like to learn which of the Class A motorhomes are the most popular Holiday Rambler models, you can see the list below:

  • Class A Gas – Invicta 32RW
  • Class A Diesel – Navigator 37R
  • Class A Diesel – Armada 40M

9. Are Holiday Rambler RVs For All Four Seasons?

When it comes time to choose your new motorhome, one of the most important aspects to consider is if your new motorhome will be capable of all-season travel.

If you want to frequently camp in summer and winter or are someone who is debating full-time RV living, finding out if your motorhome can handle four-season travel is crucial.

You will need to find out the heating and cooling features offered, and you will need to establish what kind of insulation is used. Additionally, it would be ideal for uncovering what materials are used in the motorhome production you are interested in and if these materials enhance the RV durability.

Over the years, Holiday Rambler has produced many different types of motorhomes that have been capable of four-season travel and full-time RV living.

With the brand only manufacturing class A motorhomes, it can be challenging to determine if their product line is suitable for all-season travel.

To help you discover if Holiday Rambler is a brand that you should consider for your all-season travel needs, we have listed one of their models that does well in various weather conditions.

It is well known that Holiday Rambler RVs are durable and made to last, which is why it isn’t surprising that most of their models withstand the elements exceptionally well.

Holiday Rambler Nautica 33TL All-Season Specs:

  • Durable vacuum-bond aluminum frame construction on the roofing, sidewalls, and floor.
  • Two 13500 Uber quiet ducted and insulated airconditioning system.
  • Incredible high-density insulated polystyrene floor, sidewalls, and roof.
  • Durable TPO roof.
  • A water filtration system throughout the motorhome.
  • Frameless tinted windows.
  • Handy electronic cruise control.
  • Convenient energy management system.
  • 6kW Onan quiet diesel generator.
  • Electric heater.


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