7 Most-Common Problems With Phoenix Boats (Explained)

Phoenix Bass Boats is a new boat company. They build fiberglass boats for any angler; however, they specialize in bass boats.

Phoenix Bass Boats build a good quality boat for a good price, and they hold on to their value really well.

If you are shopping for a Phoenix Boat, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share the most common concerns faced by boat owners.

Before we dive in, check our article on how reliable the Phoenix boats are these days.

We have searched through all the Phoenix information to find the issues you might face with a Phoenix Boat.

1) Difficulty With the Gas Tank

Some Phoenix Boat owners have reported having problems filing up the gas tanks. This is a problem frequently reported across the forums.

In addition, owners have a difficult time filling up the gas tank when the boat is on a slope.

This is an even larger problem when the slope is leaning towards the pump. This could be an indication that the tank is placed is in a bad place. One way to correct this problem is to hold the gas handle at a certain angle. You can also lay something in from of the tires to raise the passenger side of the boat up and tile the tank.

There is another way to correct the problem.

To do this, you must remove the seats and take out the screws. After that, you should cut the fuel line and remove the vapor canister.

Finally, you must put in a connector for the fuel line and reassemble the entire thing.

2) Lack of Lighting

Many of the Phoenix Boats have panels that are backlit, but many do not. It depends on the model year of your boat. There are models since 2015 that have been backlit, but some newer models are not backlit.

Many boat owners complain that when the panel is not backlit, it is dark.

The owners cannot tell what switch is which when it is not backlit. For those that are not backlit can be corrected by adding a single LED light that points to the panel.

3) Motor Leaking

Many of the problems that are common in the forums among Phoenix Bass Boat owners is leaking problems with the motors. A large number of owners find this most often in their outboard motors.

Some of these leaking problems are due to the powerhead leakage.

The seals around the driveshaft may become a problem. When the seals leak, the engine can be low on oil which is a problem for the running of the engine.

4) Trouble With the Engine

Many Phoenix Bass Boat owners report problems with their engine randomly shutting down.

This is prevalent after many years of use. Some owners report that it feels like their engine is running out of power.

When this engine stoppage occurs, there is typically no warning. However, sometimes boat owners say they hear a vibrating sound or unusual noises.

This can be caused as a result of several potential issues. The first of which could be that the tank has been left empty for too long. When this occurs, it can cause condensation.

The oil can get dirty after a lot of severe use. When this happens, you may also find that you have filter problems or fouled plugs. In addition, if the battery has no water left in it and it stops flowing, then the engine becomes overheated and no longer works.

Another cause could be that there is corrosion, which may create rough spots on the pulleys.

When there is corrosion can eat a drive belt in a small amount of time.

5) Uncomfortable Seats

Many owners in the forums have reported problems with the seats feeling uncomfortable. However, in some cases, owners have stated that their only problem with their Phoenix Boat is the seat.

Owners have stated that seats are vertical and have a large hump at the top of the seat that pushed the shoulders forward.

Some owners suggest that the only way to resolve this problem is to replace the seats.

Other owners state that if you give it some time, the seats break in a bit and become more comfortable.

6) Problems With the Console

Some owners have reported problems with the passenger console on their Phoenix Boat. The passenger console is removable, and it can rattle and shake, especially when the water is choppy.

In other models, the consoles sit really low.

This allows for a lot of wind when the boat is moving at a high speed. Some models also have a removable console which also seems to shake and make a fair amount of noise when there is a lot of wind or chop.

7) Finding Older Parts

Phoenix Boats does still make parts for older model boats.

This is mainly because Phoenix Boats have not changed much in the design and manufacturing. When owners need older parts, they should contact the company or dealer directly.

One of the difficulties with Phoenix Boats is that you cannot find parts through online suppliers as easily as you can with other brands.

There are online forums and a page on FaceBook where Phoenix Boat owners can look for older parts.

These forums often specialize in bass boating.

General Pros and Cons for the Phoenix Boat


Phoenix Boats are innovative, which include details like the placement of the ruler.

The ruler pulls out from the closed lid instead of it being placed under the tackle lid compartment.

The landing net runs under the seats for instant deployment instead of it being in the way when you are not using it.


  • Some owners have problems filling up their gas tanks.
  • Some boats do not have backlighting.
  • It is difficult to find older parts for some models.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Phoenix Bass Boats always try to be innovative and on the cutting edge of adding extra features.

“The casting deck has lockable hatches and various thoughtful storage options including two side lockers, each with 12 slots for rods up to 9ft, a central fully dry storage bin and a dedicated locker capable of holding eight Plano 3700 plastic tackle trays.”

[Sources: tradeaboat.com]

Phoenix Boats have superior customer service with a strong reputation and quickly established itself as a company that has many popular tournament features.

Being a current owner I do not see the quality issues you speak of…But there were a couple of features on the Phoenix that pushed me to the Phoenix over Bass Cat. Price was not part of my decision.”

[Source: ultimatebass.com]

What is the Resale Value on the Phoenix Boats?

Phoenix Bass Boats are a relatively new company, and as a result, there is limited data about the longevity and resale value of these boats. Therefore, it is best to understand how Phoenix Boats match up against other boat brands in their category.

The value of the boat when it is sold does depend on how well it was cared for by its owner.

Even the best quality boat will eventually have significant problems if it is not maintained or well cared for.

While Phoenix Boats do maintain their value well, it is important to note that they are not too expensive, to begin with.

A brand new 618 Pro was sold in 2015 for $37,156. Today, that same boat sells for $35,680. That is a depreciation of 4%, which is an incredibly high rate.

The largest model that Phoenix Boats sells is the 921 PRO XP.

This boat sold for $65,086 when it was brand new. Today, that same boat sells for $62,350. This is a deprecation of a little more than 4%.

Price Cost
2015 618 Pro $37,156
2015 618 Pro $35,680
2015 921 PRO XP $65,086
2015 921 PRO XP $62,350




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