8 Most-Common Problems With Skeeter Boats (Explained)

Skeeter Boats have been in operation for almost seventy years. Generations of anglers have been relying on them since they first started building boats.

Their deep-V hulls give you the ultimate control no matter what the conditions. Skeeter Boats promises to offer uncompromising performance for all types of fishing excursions.

If you are shopping for a Skeeter Boat, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share the most common concerns faced by boat owners.

We have searched through all the Skeeter information to find the issues you might face with a Skeeter Boat.

Before we dive in Check our article on how reliable Skeeter boats are these days.

1) Problems with Trailers

Many of Skeeter Boat owners have a common issue that they share throughout the forums. This concern is not with the boat but with the boat trailer. Many owners do not like the design of the trailer.

Skeeter manufactures trailers specifically for their boats. Owners have stated that they would prefer a better design for the swinging tongue. Many owners also state that the trailer is not built or designed to last.

There are some comments among boat owners that they are not able to load their boats.

Some owners believe that those who have problems do so because they do not know what they are doing.

In some cases, owners have noticed that their trailer is rusting. On other postings, owners have stated that one of the largest problems with trailers is they are built for bare bones weight.

Once you add water, great, a full tank of gas, and other items, your boat becomes heavier than what the trailer was intended to load.

2) Uncomfortable Seats

Many owners across the forums state that the seats that came with their Skeeter Boat are uncomfortable. Therefore, it is not long before many owners change them out for aftermarket seats.

In some cases, the sides of the seat pan break and push down. When this happens, you are left with a hard seat. This causes many owners to change out their seats.

3) Standing Water Problems

Many owners have problems with standing water. In some of the forums, some owners believe this is a problem with boats and not just Skeeter Boats. Other owners feel this is a problem with Skeeter Boats. There are several different reasons for the standing water.

In some cases, there is water collecting on the back seat deck because there is no drain. This causes damage to the rear seat covers and creates a mess.

In other instances, the hull fittings are not sealed properly, and water seeps through.

In some other instances, the storage compartments leak any time there is rain, or the boat is washed. In most cases, when there is leaking water, the carpet becomes soaked. Most owners recommend using a dry vac and a fan to get the water out.

Other owners recommend putting a cover on it to keep water from standing on the boat when it rains.

4) Livewell Leaking

A common concern among Skeeter Boat owners is the livewell leaking. There seems to be a number of potential causes for the leaking. In some cases, the owner cannot find the source.

One owner had water rise up to the middle floor storage in the bottom of the hull. It took approximately four hours to fill up that much but was not sure of the cause.

There are no noticeable cracks in the hull.

In the forum, there is a suggestion to plug the boat and fill it in the back with water using a hose and watch for leaks. They recommend patience when filling the boat with water and looking for leaks.

In another instance, an owner had to change the o-rings in the quick disconnect hose for the live well drain.

5) Cracking All Around the Boat

Many boat owners posted concerns about cracks around their boats. In one case, the boat was two years old. Some of the cracks seem to be stress cracks in the hull, but there are others all around the boat.

Some of the cracks are in the gel coat, which can be cosmetic only.

The gel coat could be too thick, which causes it to crack.

It is important to note that these cracks were not caused by any type of impact. Most owners believe that Skeeter will cover stress cracks under their warranty.

6) Boat is Too Small

While there is not much a boat owner can do about the size of the boat, some Skeeter owners find the storage compartment in the front of the boat to be too small.

Its size makes it difficult for some owners to utilize the boat in the way they want.

If you are interested in a Skeeter Boat, you should make sure the storage area is not too small for your needs.

7) Porpoising

There is a lot of talk in the forums about Skeeter Boats porpoising at lower speeds. Skeeter Boats are sensitive to weight, and if it is not balanced correctly, it can cause the porpoise motion.

Some owners believe that Skeeter Boats are a little harder for inexperienced boaters to handle, especially in rough water.

Many owners talk about the difficulty of keeping the nose of the boat down. Others mention that the more they drive the boat, the better they are able to control it.

8) Locating Older Parts

It is not clear how far back Skeeter Boats has parts available. Unfortunately, they do not have links to accessories or parts on their website.

They do, however, provide owner’s manuals for older models from 1980 to 1989. These manuals provide excellent information about parts and accessories for those models.

If you cannot find what you need that way, you should contact the dealer network.

They may be able to help you find older parts. In addition, there are online dealers that specialize in parts for Skeeter Boats. It is critical that you have the year and model of your boat to help you determine if the part is available.

If possible, try to locate the part number, as that will make your search easier.

General Pros and Cons for the Skeeter Boat


Skeeter Boats are durable, reliable, and will last a long time as long as they are cared for properly.

They are stable and can handle the roughest water and ride without making the riders feel like they are going to be tossed from the boat.

Many Skeeter Boat owners are repeat customers because of the high quality customer service.


  • The boat has the tendency to porpoise, especially for inexperienced boaters.
  • Some owners find the storage capacity to be too small.
  • There are some major concerns about cracking around the hull.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Many Skeeter Boat owners find their boats to be durable and reliable. As a result, many will not buy any other brand boat.

“Skeeters are well built boats that last. They don’t have the flash of an expensive boat; they just work. All the best local tournament fisherman I know run Skeeters unless they are sponsored by another boat brand.”

[Source: bassresource.com]

What is the Resale Value on the Skeeter Boats?

Just about every boat is going to depreciate. It is a rare find when you see a boat that has increased in value. Boats typically lose most of their value in the first few years.

After that, they tend to smooth out.

However, that smoothing out may not happen until the boat is 7 to 10 years old. Many people buy used boats for that reason because they have already reached maximum depreciation.

Skeeter Boats depreciate at about the same rate as any boat in their class. However, the rate of depreciation does depend on how well you care for your boat.

A better cared for and maintained boat is going to have a higher price tag.





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