Average Sailboat Renting Prices: 6 Types & Sizes (With Pictures)

Daily rentals for an average size sailboat can range from $350 per day to well over $1,000 per day, depending on the sailboat. Hourly sailboat rental rates start from around $ 90.

Rental prices on sailboats can vary according to the boat and the area it is in. For instance, sailboat rentals in Florida may be more expensive than in Chicago.

 Let’s explore what to expect in terms of rental costs below.

6 Examples of What You Can Expect to Pay

How much you should expect to pay varies a lot from one renting company to the other.

However, the prices below seem to be the norm.

PS: You can see more info and images from the boats we mention in the section below!

Boat Price
J/22 $70 per hour
J/30 $105 per hour
T10 (Tartan Ten) $105 per hour
Beneteau Yacht $165 per hour
Hunter 326 $145 per hour
Catalina 400 $200 per hour

As you can tell from the above examples, rent prices on sailboats vary from boat to boat.

While one cannot say that it will cost you $ 105 to hire a J/30 anywhere in the United States, one can certainly say that a J/30 will be more expensive to hire than a J/22. How much you pay and what the intended purpose of your rental is, will also determine which boat you rent.

For example, you probably aren’t going to rent a big trimaran for just 2 people. And you won’t hire a J/22 for a large group or party event.

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6 Popular Sailboat Rentals With Prices

If you like the idea of being your own captain and taking to the water, you will not struggle to find a sailboat rental to help you make it happen. All across the United States, sailboats are available for rent by owners as well as rental companies and yacht clubs.

The brands and makes vary and there are a plethora to choose from.

The following sailboats seem to be popular choices, although there are many more that are not mentioned here:


The J/22 offers easy handling which makes it the best choice for both experienced and novice sailors. Its design can be accurately described as comfortable.

Their rental price is average – it appears to be an affordable option that’s choice by many.

You should expect to pay around $70 per hour for this boat.

The J/22 can carry 5 people.


The J/30 is quite a spacious sailboat but considered an entry-level rental for many. This particular sailboat is often chosen because it is so simple and easy to operate.

You should expect to pay around $105 per hour for this boat.

Those who use it often do so because it handles water well and boasts a quality, comfortable design.

T-10 (Tartan Ten)

The T-10 seems to be a popular choice. Although it is not particularly cheap – it is not too pricey either. Groups often hire this boat as they find the flat wide deck the perfect spot for socializing and entertaining.

You should expect to pay around $105 per hour for this boat.

With a flat deck, less trip and fall incidents can be expected too.

Beneteau Yacht

This sailboat is a popular choice for those who like a little bit of speed. The design of the boat doesn’t compromise on comfort just for speed though!

You should expect to pay around $165 per hour for this boat.

The Beneteau yacht offers the best of both worlds. This is not the cheapest boat to rent as a result.

Hunter 326

The Hunter 326 is sailboat that is loved for its cruising ability.

It goes fast and it goes smooth making for an exhilarating ride.

If you like a bit of space while sailing, you will find that the inside is comfortable and there is also a large dry storage area below.

These perks make the Hunter 326 slightly pricey to rent.

You should expect to pay around $145 per hour for this boat.


This particular boat is often a firm favorite for experienced sailors who want to sail fast. It is a sleek boat offering a comfortable ride. Inside, the boat is spacious and offers a large cockpit area and plenty of entertainment space and zones.

You should expect to pay around $200 per hour for this boat.

If you want on-water opulence or are a group, the Catalina-400 is a great option. Of course, this boat’s rental price is on the more expensive end of the spectrum.

The Type of Rental Determines the Price

The type of rental you opt for will determine how much you pay for your sailboat rental.

Some sailboat rental types include:

Seasonal rentals

Seasonal rental is when you rent the sailboat for the entire boating season. When you do this, you can use it as much as you like.

This is a popular option for those who have their sailing license and like to get out on the water but don’t want to commit to buying their own sailboat. This is the most affordable option for someone who likes to sail often.

Hourly rentals

Hourly sailboat rentals are popular for those who travel in a new country/area and want to see the area from a different perspective. It is also a popular rental choice for those who are having a party or just want to get out on the water for a very short period of time.

This is an expensive option for someone who wants to sail often – it’s a better option for a one-off or very sporadic sailing trips.

Daily rentals

These are usually for days out and for groups just looking for a bit of fun on the water for a day. If you want to sail often, the daily rental rate can rack up quite quickly.

Daily rentals are not suitable for regular sailors. If you want to plan a special date or celebration or have a free day and want to do something different, then is a good rental option.

Charter rentals

Charter rentals are a great option for groups and for a defined duration, like a week.  A charter is when a group hires a boat to use for a defined period of time. Usually it is a specially planned trip. Some rental companies even offer catered chartered rentals which can be expensive, but include everything required for the trip from crew members to onboard comforts and even cooked meals!

4 Reasons for Sailboat Rental Price Fluctuations

After doing a bit of research, it was found that the prices can fluctuate according to a number of varying factors.

You might notice that a sailboat that is priced very high seems to have similar features to another sailboat that just so happens to be priced considerably lower.

Does this mean you are being ripped off?
What is the reason for this?

This sort of price fluctuation doesn’t necessarily mean you are being ripped off. Often it’s a case of sailboat qualities differing or different levels of demand in different areas.

Just like anything in life – two items can be worlds apart in terms of cost. It is a fact that boat rental prices can be high or low, but there are always fairly logical reasons for it.

Below are a few reasons why one boat has a higher rental price attached to it then another:

1) The manufacturer brand

Each sailboat brand comes with a certain reputation attached to it.

If you own an inferior brand, chances are that the cost of the boat is considerably lower than a high-end brand. The more high-end the brand, the higher you can expect the rental price to be.

According to Sail Magazine, the best sailboat brands for cruising, currently on the market in 2019 include (but not limited) the likes of:

  • Beneteau Oceanis 46.1,
  • Dufour Grand Large 360,
  • Hanse 388,
  • Hanse 458,
  • and Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 319.

To name just a few.
(You can expect to rent these brands to come at a price.)

2) The age of the sailboat

The older the sailboat is, the cheaper it should be to rent.

While you can expect this, generally, it is important to realize that it is not always the case. Of course, you should not rent a sailboat that has not been well maintained and is no longer safe on the water.

Saving a few dollars is not worth risking your life for. Sailboat rental companies will usually ensure that their vessels are safe.

3) The overall design & available space.

The more cramped or awkwardly designed the sailboat is, the cheaper the rental price has been found to be.

It seems that larger and more spacious sailboats that offer comfortable entertaining and socializing areas are far more expensive to rent – and to a degree, that makes perfect sense.

4) The included features and extras

Hiring a standard baseline sailboat will come at a lower price than hiring a sailboat that is fitted with all the latest components, features, and tech devices.

Do you want some fancy navigation included?
Get crew members with your rental?

These things cost!

The Different Types of Sailboats You Can Rent

A bit of research has also uncovered that sometimes it is the type (not only the brand) of sailboat you hire that affects the overall rental price.

There are 3 main differentiating categories that sailboats fall into.

These are:

Monohull sailboats

Monohull sailboats might not be as popular a choice as catamarans, but they are certainly a worthy competitor.

They have limited space available and a sloped deck (it can still be a comfortable spot for socializing).

However, they do very well when under sail. In fact, that can be maneuvered with far greater ease than a catamaran.

For the inexperienced captain, the monohull has attractive self-righting abilities, which means it fairs better in an accident than other sailboats would – they tend to turn back the right side up. Monohulls can be speedy, but they are no match for a modern, fast catamaran.

While catamarans offer space, they are not as easy as the monohull to move through tight spaces and narrow channels. Monohull sailboats come in at fairly affordable rental prices.

Catamaran sailboats

These are very popular for events and parties, as well as mini charters. They are considered safer in a potential accident. Also, the deck is flat, which means passengers can move around on deck without worrying about accidents (other sailboats have a sloped deck area).

The catamaran typically has two engines, which makes it easy for the driver to dock the vessel.

Catamarans are known to do particularly well in shallow areas. Because of all the space involved with a catamaran, they are ideal for docking in marinas for long periods. The extra space and added comfort make the rental price quite high in comparison to monohull sailboats thought.

All that comfort will cost you more than a monohull.

Trimaran sailboats

The Trimarans have an additional hull. There is one big hull in the middle, with a smaller hull on either side. For big groups and events, trimarans are a popular choice.

They are also quite fun to sail.

This particular boat incorporates the good features of the catamaran and monohull – it is stable and spacious. The trimaran can reach speeds greater than that of the catamaran, which can be dangerous for inexperienced sailors.

Of course, as expected, these are the most expensive type of sailboats to rent.

What is Required to Rent a Sailboat?

When planning a charter or day out on the water, you might wonder if you need a license to rent the sailboat. Of course, you do need some experience on the water – you will not have time to learn all the driving, steering and safety information on the day of hiring the boat.

Whether or not you need a license will depend on how you wish to rent the boat.

Sailboat rentals are offered in two formats as follows:


If you are an experienced sailor, this is probably the option that you will want to go for.

Bareboat is exactly that: just the boat with no crew, no extras, and no provisions.

For many, this is great because it allows a bit more freedom, the opportunity to relax among friends and to do things according to your own schedule.

That brings us to the topic of a license. Most countries will want you to have an internationally recognized boat license in place, before taking one of their vessels out on the water. ICC, Radio License, and CEVNI are licenses usually requested.

If you can present any of these licenses, it serves as proof that you have gone for training and have the skills required for boating safely

Boat with skipper

This is the ideal option for those who want to rent a boat, but do not have a license or any on-water experience.

When you rent a sailboat with a skipper, or with an entire crew, you can sit back and relax while the skipper handles the rest. The hired skipper will ensure that your trip or time out on the water is safe by handling all of the navigation, sailing, and safety procedures on the vessel.

If you want it, your sailboat rental experience would allow you the opportunity to get more involved and learn about sailing that size of boat.

Some skippers will allow passengers to learn a few skills on board and help with some of the functions such as dropping the anchor and raising the sails.

Documents Required When Renting a Sailboat

Sailboat rental prices, whether high or low, are not the only thing that you need to think about when planning a trip or some time on the water.

You will need to provide some documentation too.

When renting a boat, the documents required are usually:

  • Completed rental agreement between you and the rental concern.
  • A list of all the names and passport numbers of every passenger on the boat.
  • A copy of your ID.
  • Sailing license.
  • Passports and visas as required (if you are traveling).
  • Fishing license if you intend to do some fishing.

Last Word

Rent prices on sailboats vary depending on the boat and where you are renting from. Generally speaking, the rental option you go for will determine what you pay. You should be offered seasonal, hourly, daily, and weekly sailboat rental prices to choose from.

For many sailors, the hassle and expense of owning, storing, and maintaining a sailboat don’t warrant the massive capital outlay. For these people, it makes sense to simply hire the sailboat when a vessel is desired to go out on the water or head out on a charter trip.

But at what cost and is it viable to rent a sailboat? It is difficult to pin down an exact sailboat rental price as there are so many sailboats on the market to choose from and most rental companies determine their rates based on their unique situations.

It is definitely obvious that sailboat rentals are priced according to size, brand, location, and the duration of the rental period.  So, just investigate in the area you want to sail, and pick a boat to rent!

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