Boat Rental Prices: 15 Types Compared (Helpful Examples)

Whether you’re looking to rent a boat for fishing, parties, sailing, watersports, or just cruising for the day on the water, renting a boat can be a stressful thing.

Especially when it comes to how much you’re going to end up paying.

Never fear!

We are here to give you 15 Different Rental Price-Ranges and Types of Boats to help you make informed decisions on renting and what prices you may be looking at!

Average Rental Rates on 15 Boat Types

Boat Type Hourly Daily
Airboats $10-$100 $60-$500
Bow-Rider Boats $40-$300 $200-$900
Cabin Cruisers $200-$400 $1,000-$1,500
Canal Boats Typically not possible $1,800 (3 days) – $3,500 (7 days)
Catamarans Typically not possible $500 (1 day) – $16,000 (7 days)
Cuddy Cabin $150-$250 $375-$800
Deck Boats $140-$600 $660-$2,500
Fishing Boats $75-$250 $150-$1,400
House Boats $99-$300 $600-$1,750
Jon Boats $15-$45 $75-$150
Pontoon Boats $120-$300 $500-$1,200
Sailboats Typically not possible $115-$2,000
Speedboats $140-$250 $700-$1,200
Trawlers $170-$430 $700-$3,300
Yachts Typically not possible $1,000-5,000 (1 day) – $35,000-$90,000 (7 days)

Tip: These prices exclude security deposits or cleaning fees, which vary depending on the company or person you rent from.

1) Airboats Rental Prices

Airboats are primarily used in wetlands or areas full of aquatic vegetation and shallow waters.

Therefore, there is a niche market for Airboats, and so their prices are usually pretty similar.

You will also find that Airboats are mostly rented by the hour and not the day. Since airboats are generally rented hourly, you will find that you end up on an interesting tour, rather than a relaxing boat trip, should you rent one.

Almost always, you yourself will not be the captain of the airboat you rent. To have the potential even to operate an airboat would require special licensing or possibly renting privately with someone willing to let you drive it.

Keeping that in mind, you can usually rent an airboat for as little as $17.00-$30.00/hour per person in the boat, or as high as $42.00/person for the hour (which could equate to over $100.00 for a nuclear family of four or five).

Furthermore, it would be best if you considered the fact that an airboat comes more with a tour than a relaxing time out on the water. If you’re into wild alligators and gorgeous wetland adventures, then this is the one for you!

2) Bow-Rider Boats Rental Prices

Bowrider boats can be pretty basic or crazy luxurious. This means that you can find a lot of variation in their rental prices.

This type of boat is great for watersports, such as water skiing, wakeboarding, or traveling fast over open water. This means that you’ve rented a boat for speed, and it is sure not to disappoint.

Bowrider boats are pretty affordable by the hour, as most families or friends looking for a fun time water skiing generally won’t be spending all day on the water (which would be exhausting).

If you are an hourly renter, you can expect prices ranging from $40.00/hour (for basic models) to a luxurious $300.00/hour for those really fancy bowriders.

If, however, you’ve decided you want to take your friends and family out on the water for a long period of time, perhaps pack a picnic, you’ll be looking for the daily prices. In this case, even with a basic boat, you’ll be starting a daily rental at around $200.00 and getting as high as $900.00.

Even though there may be higher prices than that, I wouldn’t expect you’d need a rental that extravagant.

But who knows?

3) Cabin Cruisers Rental Prices

Cabin Cruisers are great for a long day trip, or even a couple of days (depending on your budget).

Their spacious design and interior cabin are great for taking a break from the sun and playing cards, catching a nap, or hanging out.

There is a down-side to the Cabin Cruiser, though, and that is their price.

We have now entered into the hundreds an hour territory, so skip ahead for some other options if you’re on a tight budget. If, however, you’re ready to spend a pretty penny, these are the boats for you!

You can start a Cabin Cruiser boat for around $200.00-$400.00 an hour and move up from there. For half a day, generally a few hours, you can get a Cabin Cruiser at a bundle rate of around $800.00, depending on where you rent from and if they offer the half-day rate.

If you go straight for the full day price, you could run into prices of between $1,000.00 – $1,500.00.  Plus the fuel cost.

These boats are generally big, fast, and fun, so if you’ve got the money, they’ve got the adventure!

4) Canal Boats Rental Prices

Like Airboats, Canal boats are very niche and mostly used for tours or attractions.

Difficult to find, but worth the search, these boats can be found mostly in European countries such as France or Italy.

While there are places where you can rent the whole boat and even drive it yourself, most of what you’ll find with Canal boats are daily tour rates. If, however, you are interested in renting a boat, you may need a special boater’s license or insurance to captain one.

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Unlike airboats, however, these slow-moving beauties of the past are very expensive, as most canal businesses charter them from three nights to a week. Three nights maybe $1800.00 at the lowest and range into the $2500.00 at the highest to start.

A full week (7 days) edges into $2700.00 – $3500.00 territory at the most.

Many canal boats are houseboats and provide accommodations such as bunk beds, showers, and kitchenettes. Furthermore, the route along the canal is generally filled with activities and stops along the way to help you get a great feel for canal living.

For example, in France, canal tours and rentals stop at shopping destinations and wineries. The Erie Canal in the United States offers historical sites and food destinations. Mid-Lakes Navigation, specifically in New York, offers luxurious house-boats that you can live, eat, cook and shower on for days.

Basically, if you’re renting a canal boat through a company, you’ll be looking at a hefty price tag.

5) Catamarans Rental Prices

Catamarans are probably some of the most luxurious boats out there next to Yachts and modern Houseboats.

They offer all the comforts of a small, floating hotel and usually have plenty of storage space or options for showering, dining, and watersports.

This also means that they come with quite the price tag.

Excluding private rentals (which can be advertised very low and usually are misleading), most catamaran rental companies are high-end and extremely pricey. They also generally charge as charters (rather than daily trips) and last up to a week or more depending on the trip.

The Catamaran Company, for example, offers trips in the Cayman Islands, Greece, the British and U.S. Virgin Islands, and St. Maarten. Each trip is generally around five days to a week and offers meals, private bathrooms, an open bar, and sporting equipment rolled into the price.

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A three-cabin Catamaran can range from $500.00/day to $5,200.00/week. In contrast, a six+ cabin Catamaran can start at $1,350.00/day for a basic model and jump all the way up to $16,000.00/ week for a 2019 model with all the comforts of a mini-resort!

One interesting thing about renting a Catamaran boat is that the cost can change whether or not you have to hire a captain. For example, a three-cabin catamaran can have starting rates as low as $500.00 a day without a captain. Hiring a captain as well as renting the boat itself can start your price rates around $750.00 – $900.00 per day.

The difficulty in pinning down a rental Catamaran is the level of luxury. Much of their prices can be broken down into things like housekeeping after a trip, optional crew members (such as hostess and captain), internet and wifi, a faster engine, or meals serviced.

It is, therefore, important to know how long your trip will be before even thinking about shopping around for prices. If you’re looking for a day-trip, maybe skip the Catamaran.

6) Cuddy Cabin Boats Rental Prices

Cuddy Cabin Boats are generally slower and smaller than Cabin Cruisers, but this also makes them a little cheaper. Who needs all that speed, anyway?

These family-friendly boats are great for small groups of people looking to get away from the water.

They’re generally used for swimming, coasting along the shore, or tanning in the sunshine. I like to bring a book, myself.

Cuddy Cabin boats can be as low as $150.00 an hour or $400.00 a day for the basic models. For higher-end models, you can expect around $250.00 an hour to as high as $800.00 a day.

The range on Cuddy Cabin boats is much less varied than Catamarans, and they are not required to be rented by the day.

This makes them a great, family-friendly boat to take out on the water for any small occasion.

7) Deck Boats Rental Prices

Deck boats are often compared with Pontoon boats in regard to capacity and luxury.

Deck boats generally hold more than the average speedboat and tend to move much faster than any pontoon.

While the general style of this boat is a little different than what you may be used to, the end result is something fun and relaxing!

These boats are great for hourly rental! Unlike Catamarans and Canal boats, these boats are the perfect day-trip boat, without lacking in necessities. You can have plenty of space, plenty of watersports, and safe swimming.

Hourly rates for Deck boats range from $140.00 – $600.00 depending on how new or luxurious the boat is. For example, a 2019 model is going to cost upwards of $400.00, while a simple 2000s boat with everything you need can be $140.00 – $300.00 an hour.

For daily prices, you’ll expect prices upwards of $650.00 a day and as high as $2,500.00 for a full week. As a reminder, these boats are not meant to be slept on unless you’re a camp-and-boat type of person.

If you aren’t, these are great to dock in a tropical marina while you spend time at the hotel, then get up early again to do it all over.

8) Fishing Boats Rental Prices

“Fishing boats” is an incredibly varied term and can’t be narrowed down as easily as “Pontoon.” However, many of the distinct features of a fishing boat include fixed seating, fishing pole slots on the back of the boat, and storage for your catch, either in tanks or built-in coolers.

The best part about “Fishing boats” being a varied term is that they come with a lot of price options.

Average aluminum fishing boats that fit one or two people can be as cheap as $100.00 – $150.00 a day!

For many fishermen, this is all it takes to bring home a fresh catch.

Center console fishing boats with basic bimini top roof, bait wells, and fish-finders will charge upwards of $170.00 an hour. They usually fit between three and seven people, have plenty of space for your catch, and maybe a cooler or two. You can also get away with them for around $500.00 – $700.00 a day.

Perhaps you are looking for a more luxurious fishing vessel than the aluminum one-seater you take to the river or lake on weekends. These fishing boats are the ones you’re probably looking to rent for deep-sea or large freshwater fishing and tend to come with a little luxury.

These boats also fit many more people (sometimes up to twelve) and usually have an interior cabin. Sometimes they can even have kitchenettes and private bathrooms.

If this sort of luxury fishing is your cup of tea, then you can find yourself paying from $250.00 per person and upwards of $1300.00 a day.

Simple life on the lake? Not always!  A more economical way to go ocean fishing is to take a day trip on a “head boat” that charges per person (or “head”), and they take you and the other 20 or more passengers out to their favorite fishing spots and usually you can use their equipment.   This can cost in the $25-$60 price range, depending on the location, trip length, and food arrangements.

9) Houseboats Rental Prices

Houseboats (also called sleep aboard boats), unlike Canal boats, were made to be lived on full-time.

However, for our purposes of a rental, they can also be used by owners to make a little extra money. Why go to a hotel to sit by the beach when your hotel is on the beach?

Many tourists like to discover the hidden coves and ports by traveling and staying on a fully-fledged houseboat (which are usually owned by locals with great advice on spots to visit).

Houseboats are big, beautiful, and have one giant flaw: they’re expensive.

Not as expensive as a luxury Catamaran, but nonetheless pricey, houseboats can range from $99.00 an hour to almost $300.00 an hour.

For more information on Houseboats, check out our article: Houseboat Rental Prices: 18 Helpful Examples!

One hour aboard a houseboat sort of defeats the purpose doesn’t it? If you’re staying the night, you’re looking at a minimum of eight to twelve hours! Depending on whether or not you stay for a night or for an entire 24 hours, you can greatly upcharge your pricing.

For example, you can spend a single night (8-12 hours) on a really nice houseboat for around $600.00 – $1,750.00 depending on the level of luxury. For an entire day (24 hours)? You’re looking at more than $2,000.00.

There are a few perks, though. Many private owners can negotiate a price and even sometimes offer things like music, accompanying watersports (like jet skis), and complimentary amenities you might find in an Airbnb.

When you think about splitting the price of a houseboat among six or twelve people, that price can definitely come down!

10) Jon Boats Rental Prices

Closer in nature to our friend, the aluminum fishing boat, a Jon Boat is perfect for a quick, easy fishing or hunting trip.

Named for duck hunting, the Jon boat is small, easy to hide and store, and usually fits two hunters and their dogs comfortably.

Definitely, on the cheaper end of our spectrum, Jon Boats can be rented for as little as $75.00 a day!

Sometimes they can be charged per person, such as $20.00 to $50.00 per person, and usually come with a security deposit, but these boats are hard to damage (be careful when you’re hunting; no holes needed in this hull!).

There really isn’t a “luxury” Jon Boat, but there are varying speed or horsepower levels to their outboard motors, so that can affect the price.

However, it is hard to find a Jon Boat that is more than $150.00 a day.

11) Pontoon Boats Rental Prices

Pontoon Boats are a personal favorite of mine. My family and I have an old Manitou from the early 2000s that is still going today!

Pontoons are spacious, comfortable, relaxing, and full of possibilities! Pull an inner tube, go fishing, cut through the waves or float gently on top of them. The Pontoon Boat is your best friend!

Because Pontoon Boats have such a varying level of luxury and possibilities to spend the day, their prices range wildly.

In the United State’s midwest, Pontoon boats are usually pretty common and generally simple, so you’ll be safe at a lower price. Daily rentals (6-8 hours) for Pontoon Boats in the Midwest can range from $150.00 to $500.00, while an hourly price range is $120.00 – $230.00.

In tropical, coastal areas like Miami, however, you’ll find extremely luxurious Pontoons with LED lighting, sound systems, mini-bars and come with names like “Avalon” or “Excalibur.”

These Pontoon boats start at $500.00 a day (6-8 hours) and go up from there. Hourly, you’re looking at around $150.00-$300.00.

While it would be fun to sail away on something named “Excalibur,” I think my Midwestern tastes will stick to a nice-and-easy Manitou.

12) Sailboats Rental Prices

Kids sail on yacht in sea. Child sailing on boat. Little boy in safe life jackets travel on ocean ship. Children enjoy yachting cruise. Summer vacation for family. Young sailor on sailboat front deck.

Sailboats are another type of boat with a great range of prices, but they also come with a lot more work.

I won’t lie, it’s super easy to putter around on my Manitou Pontoon boat, but a Sailboat is a lot harder to sail.

Only those who are really experienced or serious about their rental situation (or have the money to hire a captain) are going to rent a sailboat.

For More Information about Sailboat Rentals, check out our article: Average Sailboat Renting Prices: 6 Types & Sizes!

You can generally find a great Sailboat for around $115.00 – $300.00 a day, and they usually are great for a couple of hours staying close to the coast. These are the kind that most people have the ability to sail and will be trusted with by the rental company.

They can range from a single-person Sailboat or small boat for a group.

For more intensive sailing trips, you can get a liveaboard Sailboat for $300.00 – $650.00 a day. These boats are great for those who may be more experienced sailors and like to spend longer time out on the water and further from shore.

Finally, you have more luxury Sailboats that come with Captain and crew and generally function the same way our Catamarans from earlier did: like floating hotels. These charter Sailboats reach into the thousands and can cost a minimum of $1,200.00 a day.

The good news is there are a lot to choose from and are a great experience when you get out there!

13) Speedboats Rental Prices

Speedboats are an entirely different beast altogether. Literally built for power, speed, dexterity, and slicing through waves, only the greatest water sportsmen or thrill-seekers like to rent these bad-boys.

As you can imagine, the powerful motors and fuel requirements of these boats make them expensive to repair and maintain. It would be best if you also thought about investing in boaters’ insurance before you rent one of these (sometimes it is required).

Speedboats are generally small enough for four to eight people or can be large and luxurious with interior cabins.

A general hourly rate for a speedboat can range from $140.00 – $250.00, and daily rentals can range from $700.00 – upwards of $1,000.00.

Also, expect a hefty security deposit upon renting! (And don’t forget that insurance!)

14) Trawlers & rental Prices

Recreational Trawler boats are sort of like mini-yachts. Unlike their commercial fishing Trawler cousin (who is a massive fishing vessel), these Trawlers for rent are gorgeous!

From 40 – 64 ft, these boats are costly to rent. Beginning in the smaller range, a 43′ Trawler can charge upwards of $170.00 an hour, while a 64′  can range upwards of $430.00 an hour!

Why pay that much? Well, like our friend, the expensive luxury Catamaran, Trawler boats between 50′ and 64′ have air conditioning, private bathrooms, cabins, and sometimes crew members who work as service staff for renters. A full day charter cruise on a 64′ Trawler Yacht can cost $3,300.00!

If you’re looking to rent a smaller Trawler personally, a full day on one can cost as little as $700.00 a day. This still includes an interior cabin with a private bath and bed, but with much fewer amenities and no serving staff.

It’s safe to say that if you’re looking for one day on a Trawler, a 45′ would be just fine, but if you’ve got the money, why not charter a floating hotel?

15) Yachts Rental Prices

Bringing out the biggest for last: Yachts!

The word “Yacht” is basically synonymous with “Luxury,” and anyone looking to rent one should be prepared to pay big for it.

For more information on Yacht Rentals, check out our article: Yacht Rent & Charter Prices In Europe (12 Price Examples)!

Closer to a floating mansion than a hotel, a Yacht is meant for large groups or two affluent tourists (respectively). Yachts also come with many amenities, perks, and activities! Open bars, delicious meals, serving staff, private bath, king-sized cabins, and views of the most beautiful coastlines in the world are only a fraction of what Yachts have to offer.

So what does that all cost?

Well, a “middle-sized” Yacht is roughly 66′ – 80′ and can usually cost upward of $90,000.00 to charter for a week!

If you don’t want to charter a whole trip, smaller Yachts in the 40′ – 55′ range can cost a rough minimum of $3,500.00 a day. This would usually be a rental company price and can increase based on location. Miami, for example, has luxury Yachts for rent in the $5,000.00 a day range (depending on the level of luxury).

There is always the potential to rent privately through an owner in the off-season, but be careful that you do your research first.

There are a lot of private owners out there who will rent their Yachts for less than $1,000.00 a day, but that is still quite the chunk of change!

Ready to Rent?

There are so many different ways to have fun on a boat, and each boat can reflect that!

From extreme sports on a speedboat to slow vibes on a pontoon, renting a boat should be fun and easy.

While many of these boats range in many directions in price, the overall takeaway is that boats are a great luxury to have, and renting them can be a fantastic adventure.

Make sure to do a lot of research and price-checking when you rent a boat, but most of all, be careful if you rent from a private owner.

Finally, make sure you have fun and sail safe!

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