10 Mid-Range Tiny Houses For Sale (Right Now!)

Because the Tiny House movement has become such a popular topic, the demand for better and newer models is overshadowing the fundamental point of Tiny Living: decreasing expenses.

Finding a cheap tiny house these days can be difficult unless you’re willing to sacrifice a lot of what makes tiny living great!

To help ease that difficulty, we’ve searched and found ten tiny houses on the market, right now!

Here are some tiny houses that are for sale right now that are both functional and reasonably priced!

Brand new shiny tiny house

Upscale Colorado Home

Colorado is one of the top states that is deemed to be “tiny house friendly”.  Colorado has always been at the top of the game when it comes to environmental issues and progressive actions.  So, it is no surprise that you can find amazing tiny houses that come along with an affordable price tag!

This ranch-style tiny house has the best of both worlds when it comes to downsizing.  Along with eco-friendly touches, you can find luxury appliances wrapped up with one great view.

Also, this tiny house is less than the average cost of a tiny house at just $60,000!

This beautiful white cedar home is built with perfection by a licensed tiny house contracting company, so you know you’re getting quality.  This home is meant to hold at the max three people.  In the loft, there is a king-sized bed that is more than comfortable for a couple.

There is also an extra loft that holds a twin mattress that is perfect for kids.

The living room can also double as extra sleeping space for guests.

The overall dimensions of this amazing tiny house are 28 x 7.5 with an extra 11.5 feet pop-out extension that houses the common areas. 

When it comes to amenities, this tiny house has it all!  This home comes with an amazing entertainment system as well as stainless steel appliances.  There is even extra living and storage space located in a detached shed that would make a great office space.

For more information on this cool Colorado home, check out the official listing here!

Indiana Dream Trailer

No matter what type of house you are looking for, there is one common thing that people want.  This is the feeling that they belong.

A home is only a home when it is filled with people and memories.

That is why this Indiana tiny house is the perfect place to set down roots and build some real memories.  The one thing that stood out to me about this home is how warm it feels.  From the upscale appliances to the clean crisp white accents, this home has everything you need.

More than that, this home will automatically make you feel like you belong.

This warm and cozy tiny house will only run you $72,000 which is less than the average cost of a tiny house at $75,000.

You will also have plenty of room to spread out.  The dimensions for this Indiana home are 10 x 28′ and offers over 250 square feet of room.  This also includes the two separate lofts that are located in the home.  Each loft offers a cozy space to sleep with ample room for guests and more.

One of the best parts of this tiny house is that it is completely insulated for comfort and saving money.  The siding of this home is made of cedar with a vinyl covering to help keep heat in.

This also makes it easier when it comes to cleaning the exterior of the home.

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However, the real star of this home is the kitchen.

Kitchens in tiny houses can sometimes be touch and go when it comes to size and space.  This kitchen features a fully functioning stove that has all four burners.  Along with a luxury stove, you will find a dishwasher, microwave and kitchen island for cooking prep.

The best part about the kitchen is that there are ample storage and cabinet space.  This is like gold for tiny house owners who have plenty of things to store!

For more information on this charming Indiana tiny house, check out the listing here! 

Vermont Classic

If you are looking for an absolutely beautiful tiny house that has all of the charms that you want, this Vermont listing is perfect for you.  But, don’t take my word for it!

This home and has been featured on HGTV’s Tiny House Big Living Series and can be yours for a reasonable price.

This home comes with a very affordable price tag of $40,000.

But, what can you expect at such a low price?  The answer is plenty!

The dimensions for the adorable home are 8 x 24′ and comes lifted on a trailer for easy transfer.  Also, this home was built by professional contractors who specialize in the construction of luxury tiny houses.  You will also love how this home features tons of eco-friendly details so that you can enjoy your home without guilt.

While the features are what sell this home, I personally love the tiny details.  Form the color scheme to how thoughtfully planned out the home is, its a great place to call your own.

The loft is a great place to crash at the end of the night and even has it’s own little window for fresh air.  I also love the comfortable common space under the loft.  This is a great place for a small home office or for guests to crash.

Whether you spend your days reading in the little nook or cooking a meal in the fully functioning kitchen, you will swoon!

Check out the listing for this home here for all the amazing details.

Rooftop Dream Home

This tiny house makes the list because it connects you with nature which is a fundamental part of tiny living.  Being able to seamlessly move from indoors to outdoors is part of what makes tiny houses so great.

Plus, since space is limited, being able to use the outdoors as an extension of your home is truly ideal for downsizing – and this home does not disappoint!

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The biggest selling point of this home is the amazing rooftop deck.  You can move from a roomy loft bedroom to the outdoors with just a couple of steps.  This deck is the best place to kick back and enjoy the night stars.  Just follow the spiral staircase up to the roof and let your worries melt away.

This beauty cost around $53,000.

Along with the amazing views, you will also get the best of luxury when it comes to downsized living.  While this home looks small in scale if has found creative ways to get the most out of your space.  For example, the kitchen countertops also double as a functional workspace.

With the addition of a fold-away office chair, you can quickly move from cooking to working without missing a beat.

A sleek ladder will bring you up the bedroom loft which has ample lighting and space for all of your sleeping needs.  Under the loft you will finally a top-of-the-line bathroom which is completely unexpected in such a small space.  This bathroom features crisp white tiles and even a roomy shower.  The best part about this home is that it has never been lived in.

This means that you can enjoy a newly built home without worrying about its troubled past.

You can view the official listing for this newly built tiny house here!

Boho Style

Living in a tiny house is great way to enjoy a little bit of wanderlust in your life.  The perfect boho lifestyle where you can pick up and roam whenever the mood strikes.

If you are looking for a little more adventure in your life, this stunning boho tiny house might just be what you’re looking for.  From the pale pinewood details to the sleek loft, this house has everything.

A common misconception about living the tiny house life is that you have to do it under cramped circumstances.  However, most modern tiny houses offer the same amount of comfort that you would hope to find in traditional homes.

This house was sold at $29,500.

With the house, you can find plenty of perks so that you can enjoy life without worrying about bumping into everything along your way.

This is especially true in the bathroom of this new modern tiny house.

While most showers leave little to be desired, this one is perfect for you no matter how tall you are.  This is because it features a full-sized shower topping out at 36″.

This lux bathroom fits perfectly underneath the bedroom loft.  My favorite feature is the extra tall vaulted pine ceilings.  This helps to make space feel much more open and airy!

To learn more about this boho cottage, check out their many listings here.

Pennsylvania Prairie

Life should be about simple pleasures.  Cooking a lovely meal and then tucking into a warm book at night.  If you are on the hunt for a tiny house that is the perfect place to enjoy life’s little pleasures, this is great for you!

The best part about this Pennsylvania bungalow is that it only has the bare bones of what you need.  The rest is up to you!

The entire home is built with pinewood touches and a neutral color palette.  This gives you the opportunity to design the rest of the home as you want.  This is great way to flex those creative muscles and have an end result that you can be proud of.

Along with the fresh wood, you will love the fully laminated flooring throughout the home.

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However, the crown jewel of this home is truly the kitchen space.  While most kitchens features in tiny houses can be cramped at best, this one does not disappoint.  This kitchen allows you to cook large holiday meals without using the floor as a storage space.

This home features a whopping 248 square feet of space.

The main floor is 192 square feet while the sleeping loft is a comfortable 56 square feet.  

There is even an amazing 32″ shower that is sure to comfortably fit anyone of any height.  When it comes to being eco-friendly, this house has plenty to offer.  It comes fitted with a fully functioning composting toilet as well as a tankless water heater to help save space.

All of this can be yours for the super reasonable price of $45,000!

For more information on this Pennslyvania dream – check out the listing here!

Crisp Cottage

One of the best ways to experience living in a tiny house is through minimalism.

This is the idea that you don’t have more than you truly need.  This is a great way to save money while cutting down on overall waste.

Along with the reduction in “stuff”, you also can enjoy a clean and crisp color scheme throughout the home.  That is exactly what this amazing tiny house has to offer.

This tiny house features an open and airy sleeping loft.  My favorite part about this sleeping area is that it is surrounded by wide-open windows.  Sometimes seeping lofts can feel like a box with no natural light.  There is nothing like going to bed with a view of the stars and waking up to a bright sun and a breeze.

With the sleeping loft, that’s exactly what you can experience.

However, with this home, you get two sleeping areas!

This house is listed at $65,000.

This means you not only have a great place to crash, but your guests will too!  The second sleeping loft also features its own skylight which is sure to delight any sleeper.  One thing that this house has done that is unique is to offer a compact dining room.  Many times in tiny houses you will find that common area has multiple purposes.

While there is nothing wrong with dual-purpose rooms, it is nice to have a designated eating area.

Even the bathroom in this tiny house lives up to the crisp and clean lifestyle.  Clean white subway-style tiles cover the walls and the floor with a beautiful teal backsplash for contrast.

But the true masterpiece is the kitchen.

It is bright and white with plenty of creative details.  There is even a full-sized washing machine which is perfect for smaller families.  There are so many windows that the real star of this home is the incredible natural light.

To check out this beautiful tiny house, find the listing here.

The Mustard Seed

Out of all the tiny houses on this list, this one is by far my favorite.

Call me a sucker for adorable touches and contrasting designs!  From the outside, this home looks like something out of a storybook.  The home has denim blue siding with a mustard yellow door which just so happens to be my favorite color combination.

However, it is the little details of this home that really puts it over the top for me.  From the half-moon window to the clean white window accents – this home is perfection.

However, once you get inside you will learn that this tiny house is much more than a pretty face.  The overall square foot of this adorable tiny house is 272 square feet.  This is slightly larger than the average of 250 square feet.  One thing about this home that really stands out to me is that it has been completely insulated.

This means that you can comfortably live in this home no matter the weather.

While this house may be small in size, it is might in creative storage.  This is especially evident in the bathroom.  There is a custom inert area in the bathroom that provides storage without sacrificing space.  One thing to note about the bathroom is that the house features a standard flushing toilet.

This tiny house is listed at $68,000.

However, it is wired for compositing toilets so, the house is easy to upgrade to make it more eco-friendly.

This home has everything you need to feel safe and comfortable.  There is even a folding deck located in the room of the home.  This means that if the weather allows, you can enjoy your morning coffee right on your own private deck.

I love the dark and light details throughout the home.  From the classic black countertops to the trendy tiled backsplash – you will love the craftsmanship that when into every detail.

Custom Built Dream

Custom-built tiny houses are really the way to go for someone who has a clear vision of what they want out of a tiny house.

This way you can lead the way in every detail no matter how small.  From the type of tiles you use to the color of the siding, you are the boss!  However, custom-built homes still need a solid template to follow.

When it comes to having a sleek design that can suit your needs, this house has it all.

The reason why this custom homemade the ist is because it offers not one, but two separate bedrooms.  This is a rarity when it comes to tiny houses.

Generally, you will see a sleeping loft and a separate sleeping area.  However, this home has set out to do things a little differently.  I also love how this house has cut the fat when it comes to unusable space.  For example, the kitchen counter is a floating one.

This means that you can use the space under for whatever storage you need without compromising style.

The size of this tiny house is also remarkable.  It measures 26′ x 8′.  This offers some great options for how to use this space.  I love the addition of an entryway to the home.  While most tiny houses don’t have a traditional entryway, this house has seemed to manage one!

This home has also taken measures to ensure that you are getting the most out of your money.  The home is fitted with energy-efficient windows as well as a skylight.  This allows for amazing natural light as well as some great savings!

When it comes to price, you will be pleasantly surprised by this home’s $37,730 price tag.

To learn more about this custom cottage, check out the full listing here.

Woodland Retreat

Have you ever dreamed of leaving the noise and the stress of the city behind and live a more off-th-grid lifestyle?  There is something beautiful about connecting yourself to nature while disconnecting from the worries of everyday life.

Nothing says “away from stress” more like a tiny house in the woods!  If that sounds ideal to you – check out this beautiful and affordable home.

The first thing that stands out about this home is that from the outside it looks like a log cabin type shed.

Complete with window flower boxes full of sunflowers, this house immediately makes you feel relaxed.  However, once you get inside, the real fun begins.

This 8 x 16″ tiny house is fully insulated and updates so that you can still enjoy modern life in a vintage setting.  The inside of the home is completely fitted with light wood to help keep the integrity of the woodland lifestyle.

Even the kitchen countertops are solid wood so that you can always feel connected to nature throughout the whole home.

The combination of natural wood details with onyx metal touches is an absolute delight to look at,  However, it also helps to make the house feel like a lost treasure in the middle of nowhere.

I love the small workspace that also doubles as an eating nook that is tucked away in the corner.

Right above the compact kitchen, you will find a delightful little sleeping loft.  This is a great place to unwind or do a little reading.  While this may be one of the smaller homes I’ve featured, it is by far one of the most stunning.  Even the addition of a sliding track bathroom door lends itself to the truly simple design of the home.

The best part is that this house is the most affordable on our list at just $25,000!

The check out this adorable woodland retreat – check out the listing here.

Final Thoughts

Each year more and more people become interested in the downsized way of life.  One of the reasons why there is constant attention when it comes to tiny houses is the way that they look.  They can almost come across like a fairytale way of living.  Small scale houses that still feature everything you need to live a comfortable life are indeed fascinating.

However, it is more than just the charm that keeps people coming back to these magical houses.  In fact, one of the main reasons why people opt to live in a tiny home is because it saves a great deal of money.

This is especially true since tiny houses are far less expensive than traditional homes.  Whether you want to make the leap because of finances or are just looking to reduce your carbon footprint, you have options.

Finding an affordable tiny house is a lot easier than you think.  This is because, by nature, tiny houses are already pretty affordable.  The average cost of a tiny house is roughly $75,000.  The average cost of a traditional home is $250,000.

That means that tiny houses on average are less than half the cost of traditional homes.  However, many times $75,000 is the tippy top of the tiny house scale.

There are plenty of beautiful tiny houses that are reasonably priced.

But, does that still mean you are getting quality?


This breakdown of some of the best affordable tiny houses shows just that.  You can get quality and fully functional tiny houses on whatever budget you are working with.

This is another reason why living the downsized life is great for the environment… and your wallet!  Good luck.

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