Yacht Rent & Charter Prices In Europe (Helpful Examples)

Renting a yacht or charter boat in Europe is a great way to travel and explore the surrounding areas. There are many companies that specialize in matching customers with the ideal yacht or charter experience.

But how much can you expect to spend on these services?

In this article, we will look at the cost of chartering a yacht in Europe.

The Basics of Yacht Charter Pricing

There are a few considerations that are in place when pricing the cost of a boat rental:

  1. One is the location of the charter yacht. This will factor in things such as local taxes.
  2. Another consideration is the type of yacht.
  3. A third thing to keep in mind is the base cost. For example, if the yacht has a celebrity owner, then this can affect the overall price.

There can be a wide range of base prices, from $10,000 a week for a small sailing yacht to more than $150,000 a week for a super luxurious motor yacht.

All-Inclusive Options

Some charters, such as those in the Virgin Islands, have one price for everything that is needed during the yachting adventure.

This mainly applies to catamarans and monohull charters.

These rates are based on the number of guests and include all of the food and drink, fuel costs, and watersports. Taxes and docking fees may be added separately.

Plus Expense Charters

Larger yacht rates do not include the expenses of running it. The base price is for only the yacht.

Additional expenses include:

  • The bar tap
  • food
  • port taxes
  • dockage
  • tipping
  • and any other fees that are accumulated separately.

Most often, an Advance Provisioning Allowance pays for the running expenses. This may normally be 35% of the base price, and it is paid prior to the charter.

At the end of the trip, the captain will present an itemized report that shows the individual costs accrued during the charter. If the amount is less than the original fee put down, then the balance can be returned.

If it’s over, then it’s up to the person renting the boat to pay the remaining balance.

Base Prices On 3 Yacht Types

This list details the size of the yachts, and the average base prices per week.

Of course, these prices will vary depending on the charter you select.

1. Sailing Yachts

  • Sailing Boats Under 80 ft.: $10,000-$20,000 per week
  • Sailing Boats from 80-120 ft.: $20,000-$50,000 per week
  • Sailing boats from 120-150 ft.: $50,000-$100,000 per week
  • Sailing boats exceeding 150ft: $100,000-$200,000 per week

2. Catamarans

  • Catamarans less than 50 ft.: $10,000-$15,000 per week
  • Catamarans from 50-65 ft.: $15,000-$30,000 per week
  • Catamarans between 65-80 ft.: $25,000-$50,000
  • Catamarans greater than 80 ft.: $40,000-$100,000

3. Motor Yacht Charter

  • Motor yachts less than 80 ft.: $15,000-$35,000
  • Motor yachts from 80-120 ft.: $35,000-$80,000
  • Motor yachts from 120-150 ft.: $80,000-$150,000
  • Motor yachts greater than 150 ft.: $150,000-$500,000

Yachting companies have published prices, and may not negotiate on prices.

Working with a private owner might yield more leeway in terms of the cost of the yacht.

5 Factors That Impact The Prices Of Yacht Charters

Some yachts are privately owned, while others are owned by a company. Yacht owners will set the prices for the boats, which is one reason why the prices vary so greatly.

There are a few other considerations that will impact how much it costs to charter a yacht.

1) Factors Regarding The Yacht Itself

The year the yacht was built, the owner, the size, and the features will all impact the price the yacht is.

The boat might have water toys available to use that will increase the price. Boats that have an esteemed reputation might also be at a higher price point.

2) The Season in Which You Are Renting

Renting during the offseason will be less costly than during the holiday seasons when yachts are more in demand.

In the Mediterranean, high summer will be at a higher price point than other times of the year.

Caribbean winters are typically popular times to travel, and the prices will be higher this time of year than in other seasons.

3) The Destination You Choose

Areas with more competition and bigger yacht fields will have lower prices than those that do not have the same resources

4) Information About Other Costs

A crewed vessel carries its own price tag. The price will increase if the buyer wishes to include a crew along with the cost of renting the boat.

All-inclusive yachts will factor in the cost of hiring a crew along with the necessities that the renter will need. Having an experienced crew will be helpful for beginners or those taking a vacation.

Other yachters might prefer to run the ship themselves.

There are other fees that will add up. These include insurance costs, delivery fees, crew gratuity, and more.

Yachts are a big investment for the owners, and this is the reason why the costs can be expensive. If the yacht is booked for 2/3 of the year, then the crew’s expenses need to be condensed into this time frame.

5) VAT Prices by Country

  • French VAT – 20%, however 10% can be applied when an itinerary has International Waters included
  • Italian VAT – 22%, however 6.6% (over 24m) and 8.8% (under 24m) are applied with an itinerary including International Waters. 
  • Spain VAT: 21%
  • Greek VAT: 12%
  • Croatian VAT: 13%

Remember To Tip The Crew Appropriately

It’s best-practice to tip the captain and his crew.

There are a few unwritten rules you need to know here.

Here’s an article we wrote that explains exactly what you need to know about how to tip your captain and the crew properly.

Popular Locations In Europe to Charter a Yacht

1) Scandanavia

Scandanavian yacht charters can enjoy up to 20 hours of sunlight during the summer months. This allows for a relaxed experience exploring the waterways and fjords.

The capital of Finland, Helsinki, is on the water and has a vibrant atmosphere that yachters will enjoy. Journey through glaciers and beautiful mountain scenery.

This area of the world has a peaceful allure that is very different from other areas in Europe.

2) United Kingdom

This area of the world includes English, Wales, and Scotland. Since ancient times, it has been a popular yachting location.

The tradition of sailing has existed for centuries. England has many famous sailing regattas, such as the Around the Island Races.

This is also the birthplace of the America’s Cup.

Ireland has numerous ports and marinas around the island with lively cities and towns to explore. Scotland’s west coast has unparalleled beauty, with lachs and port towns that are accessible. North Wales and Annesley are increasing in popularity as places to yacht.

Yachting around the islands is popular, and a journey inland will only take a couple of hours.

3) The Mediterranean Area Is Popular

There are thousands of islands in this part of the world, and yacht tours are a popular way for people to experience the unique beauty of this area.

Many locations are only accessible by boat, and a yacht crew can assist in helping to make this a great adventure.

From Greece to Malta, to Turkey, there are many different cultures to see and experience firsthand.

The temperate climate makes it an ideal location for yachting any time of the year, with plenty of beautiful beaches as well as modern cities to see.

4) Russia

This part of the world has been known since ancient times. Some of the world’s most important shipyards are here, including Abeking & Rasmussen, Blohm & Voss, and Lurssen.

The Baltic Islands have many villages and seaside towns that you can visit.

There are plenty of picturesque views to take in.

The Baltic Sea hosts some of the world’s most prestigious shipyards. St. Petersburg is Russia’s capital city, and there are many yacht charters that are based out of this location.

About the Costs

A yacht functions as a way to travel as well as a hotel during the duration of the trip. This accounts for the total costs being in the thousands.

Some find it as a way to get the most value while they are traveling, as they get to see different places while having food and other expenses covered.

It offers travelers complete freedom as well as privacy while seeing the world’s most famous cities and landmarks.

Traveling in groups with friends or families can yield more value. If you are able to travel on an offseason, you can find discounts by as much as 50% in some locations. Planning ahead and asking around will help to find the best deals.

Comparing prices with various companies as well as in varying locations will help to find the right charter for your budget.

Planning your yacht trip to Europe is an exciting venture in helping you to achieve your goals of traveling, living a luxurious lifestyle, and experiencing the world. There are many options available at all times of the year to making the best out of chartering a yacht.

Keeping in mind the potential cost is an important step in planning the trip to go smoothly ahead of time. Whether you want an all-inclusive trip, just to use the yacht, or a crewed boat, there are plenty of options available when booking a charter yacht in Europe.

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