5 Ways To Rent Tiny Houses Short & Long-Term (Easy Guide)

Tiny houses are unlike most homes you probably have tried before.  Not knowing what this experience is like is one of the reasons why people are afraid to try.

But, did you know that you can absolutely try a tiny house out before you buy it?  There are some easy ways for you – and your family – to test drive a tiny house.

Where can I rent a tiny house?
There are 4 options if you want to test a tiny house:

  • Airbnb has several tiny houses
  • Glamping hub
  • Tryittiny.com
  • Ask on forums

This will not only help you to envision yourself living a downsized life but also get a sense of whether or not it is right for you.

Here are some of the best, and easiest, ways that you can try or rent a tiny house!

User-To-User Platforms

Brand new shiny tiny house

User-based platforms have changed the way that we access the things we need in life.  From how we get our food delivered to ride-sharing apps, everything is easier to get.  One style of user-based platforms that are catching fire are home rentals.

From short term to long term rentals, there are more options out there for us.

One good thing that has come out of rental platforms is that people have a way to test out more unique houses.  From houseboats to tiny houses, there is no domicile you can’t find nowadays.  So, it’s no surprise that people have found a way to test drive tiny houses by using these types of connections.

Here are some of the most popular user-based rentals and how they work:

1) Airbnb Has Several Tiny Houses

Airbnb is one of those most popular tools that people use to find quick rental properties.  Also, because there are millions of listings all around the world, there are plenty of unique properties to choose from.  So, how does Airbnb work?

Airbnb is a super easy and user-friendly platform that requires you to sign up with your email.  From there you can search thousands of rentals in your area and even extend your search worldwide.

These types of properties are privately owned which means that you will be dealing directly with the owner as opposed to a hotel.

To find a specific style of home, like a tiny house, you have to make sure that you filter your options.  Under the property type tab, you can select “unique homes” to see what is available.  For finding a great tiny house to rent, try searching under the “RV” option.

From there you can choose how much you want to spend to how long you want to stay.  Best of all, by using this platform you are protected from scam artists and spam listings.

2) Glamping Hub Is Great

Glamping was a phrase created in the past decade which is short for “glamourized camping”.  Glamorous camping lets you connect with nature from the comfort of a house.

You can enjoy the wilderness while still enjoying the simple things like showering.

Tiny houses are a perfect example of glamping done right.  This is because tiny houses are built to move.  So, even if you park them in the woods, you still have a home to call your own.  The Glamping Hub is a great resource for people looking to test drive a tiny house.

Like other user-based platforms, The Glamping Hub allows you to search tons of rental properties. 

All you need to do is fill out a quick form stating when you want to rent and how much you want to spend.  You can also read reviews from people who have stayed there before to get a better sense of the house.

3) Try It Tiny Rent Out Tiny Houses Specifically

Tiny house designer

Tri It Tiny is another great resource for finding quick rentals.

However, the main difference between these platforms and others is that this has only one goal.

This is to find the best tiny house for you to rent as well as rental spaces to park your tiny house.

Having a platform that is specifically geared toward tiny houses lets you search without clutter.  This has streamlined the way you can view tiny house rentals.  You don’t have to click through thousands of listings in order to find the unique home you are looking for.

The main reason why people love to use this more focused platform is that it is great for networking.

It not only allows you to see what is available, but it also connects you with thousands of tiny house owners.  This way you can see how the other half lives from their own personal perspective.


Ask A Friend

One of the best resources you have is a community.  Luckily for you, there is a huge community surrounding tiny houses.  People are there to answer questions and help give advice about what it means to downsize your life.

However, this community does much more than lending a hand.

They can be your connection to tiny house rentals.

Chances are, the people you network with will know other people who are looking to temporarily unload their tiny house.  This gives you options when it comes to renting a tiny house.

Also, you don’t have to be face to face with someone to be a part of this community. 

There are plenty of online communities of tiny houses enthusiasts at your disposal!  Here are some of the top online communities available to you:

4) Ask The Tiny House Community

The Tiny House Community is a hub for all things downsized.

This is a direct link between homeowners to share experiences and problem solve.  Under the “community” tab, you can search for a community near you.

This way you can ask around to see what rental properties may be available.  Having direct access to other owners is a huge advantage to people just starting their downsized journey.

5) Tiny Home Forums

Tiny Home Forums is another great resource for you to use.  Unlike other sites, this one directly focuses on a user to user connection.

This means that you won’t have to wade through information to find a human connection. 

Right from the front page, you can search through forums and users to find what you are looking for.  You can even post your own thread looking for the perfect rental for you!


Our Personal Experience From Renting A Tiny House

Morten and Maria from GoDownsize rented a tiny house in California a couple of years ago.

You can see here how it all went down.

We rented this cute little house 1,5 hours north of San Francisco and it was a great experience!


Long Term Rentals

Some people like to dip their toe in the water while others prefer to jump in head first.  For some, a weekend rental isn’t enough for them to get the full downsized living experience.  This is where long term rentals come in handy.

Long term rentals are considered rentals that last for more than a month.  This is the same logic that is applied to extended stays as well as apartment rentals.  But, how do you find a great long term rental for a tiny house?  Here are your options!

Is A Long Term Rental An Option?

If you are using a user-based platform to find your rental, you will notice that the longer the stay, the more expensive it will be.  However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t request a quote for an extended stay.

Because platforms, like Airbnb, are user-run, there isn’t a limit to what you can ask for.

Just keep in mind that requests like these will only be approved if the homeowner is willing to work with you.

when searching for a tiny house to rent on these platforms, see if the owner is open to letting you stay for an extended period.  This may take some negotiating on your part, but if the owner is willing, you can strike a deal!

How Expensive Are Long Term Rentals?

The idea behind these instant rentals is that the owners can get a quick buck for a few nights.  However, it might not be in their best interest, financially, to rent long-term.

So, how expensive are long term rentals?  It all depends on how much you are looking to spend.

On average, daily rentals of tiny houses are as low as $40 a night.  So in order for your offer to be desirable to the owner, you have to be able to match this price as close as possible.  This means that you have to be prepared to rent a tiny house for upwards of $600-$800 a month.

However, this is slightly less than the average cost of an apartment rental.

So, when it comes to renting a tiny house for longer than a weekend – money talks!


Wrapping It Up!

Any type of big changes to your life comes along with some sort of commitment.  When it comes to living in a tiny house, you need to be sure that its right before packing your first bag.

Since tiny houses come equipt with a large network of people, you are in good shape.

This way you can get first-hand advice on what it is like to live in a tiny house.  But, much more than that, you can actually try it for yourself.

You longer have to imagine what it might be like parking your home under new stars every night.  You can actually get out there and do it!  Take care.

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