The Top 4 Excellent RV Communities In South Carolina

South Carolina is home to a number of large cities that all vary drastically in character.

Myrtle Beach is most commonly recognized as a tourist destination, while Charleston is packed full of history.

Being right on the border of the Carolinas, Fort Mill, South Carolina, provides access to the city of Charlotte while being nestled into the natural environment of the country.

The great thing about how these cities differ so much is that it makes it easy for anyone seeking to vacation to find an atmosphere that they will best fit into.

The top 4 RV campgrounds in the state of South Carolina are:

  1. Briarcliffe RV Resort
  2. Ocean Lakes Campsite
  3. Oak Plantation Campgrounds
  4. Crown Cove RV Park

Briarcliffe RV Resort

Briarcliffe RV Resort, located in the tourist city of North Myrtle Beach, provides various fun activities for adventure-seeking guests.

Although it’s located in a popular and busy city, the resort still provides an opportunity for a quiet getaway.

Large RV’s up to the size of 45 feet are compatible in Briarcliffe’s resort, as well as accommodating various RV sizes, each site at Briarcliffe has concrete pads with patio and picnic tables.

Each site also has lighted posts for a well-lit and safe environment during your stay.

Briarcliffe offers numerous amenities to make your RV stay comfortable and relaxing.

The resort extends extreme attention to detail in their landscaping and genuine care for their guests.

Some Briarcliffe amenities include:

  • Shuffleboard
  • Laundry rooms
  • Basketball court
  • Horseshoe pits
  • Miniature golf
  • Outdoor swimming pool

Activities and Recreation:

Briarcliffe’s outdoor swimming pool is a luxurious Olympic size pool overlooking the Intercoastal Waterway.

The large size of the pool is perfect for all guests, whether you are looking to swim laps, play games, or simply relax in the warm weather.

If you are seeking to get active, Briarcliffe offers endless recreation activities. From its 18 hole miniature golf course to its horseshoe pits and shuffleboards, the resort makes it nearly impossible to run out of fun things to do.

Briarcliffe also has an extensive clubhouse for those looking to enjoy indoor activities. The clubhouse is perfect for socializing and playing games.

It also hosts weekly activities such as bingo, line-dancing, and ice cream socials, most of which are at no cost to guests.

The clubhouse at Briarcliffe hosts a weekly all-denomination church service and holiday functions if you are seeking to practice religious services.

Briarcliffe is also within walking distance of the Barefoot Landing. Barefoot Landing is a retail and entertainment village packed full of unique and well-renowned shopping, dining, and entertainment destinations.

For more information on amenities and how to stay here, visit their website in our references below!

Ocean Lakes Campsites

Ocean Lakes Campsites is a highly rated establishment that features numerous and luxurious amenities.

Their location offers a huge range of opportunities to explore the beautiful state of South Carolina.

Located in Myrtle Beach, Ocean Lakes has nearly a mile of beachfront views. The campground is located three miles south of downtown Myrtle Beach, which allows for a more private environment while also allowing for city access if you desire.

If you’re seeking to have some outdoor fun, there are plenty of amenities geared in order for you to have a good time!

Ocean Lakes has 19 different beach access points, making it easy for you to find the perfect spot to set up and enjoy the beach.

Activities and Recreation:

Whatever interests you, Ocean Lakes is sure to have an activity that suits you.

Ocean Lakes features several different pools along with a newly constructed waterpark.

Their new waterpark features an extensive sun deck with reclining chairs, perfect for sunbathing, as well as a lazy river, perfect for a relaxing time on the water.

The campground also has a recreation building alongside the ocean that features various activities for you to enjoy. Some of these popular activities include a weekly worship service, crafts, bingo, and dancing.

In regards to recreation games, there are volleyball, basketball, and shuffleboard courts to enjoy.

Amenities & Services:

Ocean Lakes provides many services to make you feel right at home while you are vacationing on your RV.

The campground includes a convenience store, a laundromat, an RV supply store, and two restaurants on-site that offer live entertainment and plenty of opportunities to socialize.

One unique feature that Ocean Lakes provides in a full team of RV technicians on-site that have been trained to offer you the best service relating to your RV. Any repairs that are necessary, from water leaks to appliance replacement, the Ocean Lakes team is prepared to assist you.

In order to provide the most enjoyable oceanfront vacation for you, Ocean Lakes has partnered with numerous local attractions to offer you discounted prices on local activities. A few examples include Good Vibrations Hits of the ’60s, ’70s, and 80’s, Carolina Opry live music show, and California Dreaming.

If you are seeking to have an active experience while vacationing in an RV community, Ocean Lakes is the place for you.

For more information on amenities and how to stay here, visit their website in our references below!

Oak Plantation Campground (Charleston, SC)

Settled within 10 minutes of historic Charleston, Oak Plantation offers a restful location with ample room for relaxation and tourist attractions.

The campground has over 200 camping sites (the largest in the city of Charleston) equipped to handle any size RV. Their paved roads provide easy access to each site, which is available to have Wi-Fi and cable television.

The staff is accommodating to guest needs and willing to extend a helping hand in order to make your stay perfect.

As a family-owned business, Oak Plantation does everything it’s capable of in order to make you feel at home.

Amenities & Services:

Within walking distance of the site, you can find a convenience store, gas station, grocery store, and pharmacy in order to provide anything you may need while staying at the campground.

Oak Plantation also prides itself on offering an exceptional laundry room along with tidy and modern bathrooms for its guests.

 Pets are welcome as long as they are on a leash. The campground also includes a substantial fenced-in dog park for dogs to run and play in.

Because of its location, Oak Plantation is extremely close to various activities located in the Charleston area.

Whether it’s swimming, a historical tour or a relaxing walk through nature, Oak Plantation campgrounds are within a reasonable distance to find something for you to enjoy!

Activities and Recreation:

Oak Plantation has a lush play area, disc golf, garden chess, an outdoor swimming pool, and a freshwater fishing lake for guests seeking to enjoy active recreational experiences.

All guests are welcome to use the fishing lake, as there is no license necessary to fish in it.

Charleston is home to a few different beaches that are available for you to experience during your stay at Oak Plantation.

Folly Beach and the Isle of Palms are just a couple of well-kept and relaxing beaches in the city.

If the Civil War is of interest to you, then Charleston is the city to learn more about it. The Charleston Museum, Boone Hall Plantation, and Fort Sumter are just a few of the treasured locations guaranteed to take you back in time and experience the city as it was in the past.

Cypress Gardens is a nature-rich location if you are seeking to walk or hike through swamps and gardens packed with wildlife.

Incorporated with swamp boat adventures and a butterfly house, you are sure to have both an educational and gratifying experience.

For more information on amenities and how to stay here, visit their website in our references below!

Crown Cove RV Park

Right on the border of North and South Carolina, Crown Cove RV Park, located in Fort Mill, South Carolina, has over 35 years of experience in providing a welcoming stay.

Over one hundred sites are available amid the natural trees and grass to give your stay a more country feel while in the middle of a residential area.

Crown Cove welcomes RVers searching for a site to stay at either for a couple of days, a month, along with longer-term stays as well.

No matter the amount of time you are looking to relax and enjoy South Carolina, Crown Cove is able to accommodate.

Amenities & Services:

Each site at Crown Cove RV Park offers water, sewer, and electricity.

They accommodate RV’s over 38 feet long as well, although the rates during your stay will be steeper if you have one that is that long.

Furthermore, the campground also provides the use of a laundry facility and bathhouse located at the park.

Crown Cove has a propane station located on-site in order to make your stay convenient and stress-free. Although they do not have camping supplies directly on-site, there are a number of different supply stores nearby to pick up anything you may need.

The RV park is well-kept and makes sure to keep current on any maintenance needed on site.

Activities and Recreation:

Due to the fact that the site is located so close to Charlotte, there are plenty of activities to offer to guests.

From indoor entertainment to outdoor adventures, Crown Cove has the perfect location to appreciate anything you are seeking to experience.

If you are looking to get out and do some shopping, there are a vast amount of malls just waiting for you. For those determined to get good deals as they shop, the Charlotte Premium Outlets are nearby with a vast array of stores.

In addition to the outlet shops, there are five other malls nearby to discover.

In terms of extended activities to enjoy, the city of Charlotte seems to have everything imaginable. Nearby is the Yadkin Valley Winery, the Nascar Hall of Fame, and the Nation Ford Greenway.

One aspect to keep in consideration before staying at Crown Cove is that the parking for big rigs is a little cramped compared to other locations. However, the staff on hand is willing and able to assist you in any way if you are to have any troubles.

With so much to do nearby, there is a small possibility that you will find yourself bored and looking for something to do.


Briarcliffe RV Resort

Ocean Lakes Campsite

Oak Plantation Campground

Crown Cove RV Park

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