7 Ways To Secure Roof-Top Tents From Getting Stolen

Unlike traditional tents, rooftop tents have multiple benefits, making them an attractive choice for those who enjoy short or extended trips.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest drawbacks to owning and using a rooftop tent is keeping it safe, secure, and away from thieves. Traditional tents can be rolled up and stowed away in a car, but rooftop tents require more complex solutions to keep them safe.

To ensure your rooftop tent remains your property and that you have peace of mind while camping, we’re going to discuss a few ways to secure your rooftop tent to ensure it isn’t stolen on your next adventure.

Why Do Rooftop Tents Get Stolen?

When you go camping, you likely take all carryable valuable possessions with you when you go hiking because, often, thefts happen when valuable items are left unattended at campsites.

Unfortunately, even though a rooftop tent is an expensive camping item, it isn’t easily carryable and cannot be taken with you or stowed away when you want to explore your campground and nearby attractions. With no choice but to leave your tent behind, you often have to put your faith in the security of your location.

Yet, since this type of tent is incredibly valuable, with many costing upwards of $1,000, many thieves can and do choose to steal them. This is especially true if they know your camping patterns or can be alone with your vehicle for a few hours while working on getting it off.

Some rooftop tents are easy to remove because they have been designed for convenience. Unfortunately, this convenience can mean it’s stolen from you.

Stolen rooftop tents are usually sold quickly by thieves. Because they are sold as second-hand camping items, they still fetch a decent profit on the second-hand goods camping markets.

They are also stolen by those who need a place to stay, usually those living out of their cars and without a stable home.

What are the 7 Ways to Secure a Roof Top Tent from Being Stolen?

Since rooftop tents can get stolen (some easier than others), it’s essential to know how to keep your rooftop tent safe from getting stolen while you camp.

After all, it’s unlikely that you want to have to replace your current rooftop tent when you spend a small fortune on investing in one. Fortunately, multiple ways to secure a rooftop tent and prevent it from getting stolen.

We’re going to discuss the seven best ways to prevent a theft from occurring and keep your rooftop tent safely where it belongs; with you:

1. Make Use Of Anti Theft Straps

One of the best items you can use to ensure your rooftop tent is safe from thieves is anti-theft straps.

Usually, anti-theft straps are sold as tie-down models by companies such as Kanulock. These straps are not exclusively for rooftop tents, but you can use them to tie down your tent and keep it in place while keeping it safe.

Yet, how do anti-theft straps work? Well, depending on the straps you purchase, they could have reinforced steel cables that are threaded inside the strap.

The reinforced steel cables ensure thieves cannot simply slash them to access your rooftop tent. Additionally, since they are not made out of nylon, there are almost no knives able to cut through the anti-theft straps.

2. Consider Manufacturer-Specific Locks

If you own a branded rooftop tent (not a DIY gadget), you can use manufacturer-specific locks designed, engineered, and manufactured for rooftop tent models.

For example, if you own an Ikamper Skycamp RTT rooftop tent, you can use the iKamper anti-theft locks to lock it to your car and keep it safe from potential thievery.

However, because of the mechanism in most manufacturer-specific locks, you will need to mount your anti-theft locks over the rooftop tent mounting bracket nuts. This will ensure that thieves cannot unscrew the nuts and bypass the locks to steal your tent.

3. Install A Wireless Vibration Alarm System

If you’re tech-savvy and want to secure your tent so that criminals will not be able to tell it has been secured, you might want to invest in a wireless vibration alarm system.

With a wireless vibration alarm system, you can catch the would-be thieves red-handed and possibly ensure they receive the punishment they deserve.

So how exactly will a wireless vibration alarm system alert you to a potential rooftop tent theft? Simple. A loud siren will sound when it feels the vibration if a thief utilizes a cutting device like a bolt cutter to cut the clamps attached to your rooftop tent.

This siren often scares criminals away but can also alert you to what’s happening if you are nearby.

Most people choose to put a wireless vibration security alarm system underneath their rooftop tent and in the middle so that it’s not easily accessible and cannot be tampered with by criminals.

Since most models come with remote control, you can disable the alarm whenever possible.

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4. Use Security Nuts And Screws

Should your rooftop tent use an assortment of lock nuts and screws to secure it to your vehicle, you can use security nuts and screws for added security.

Security nuts and screws can only be removed if someone uses a specialized tool to open the nuts and screws. Since most criminals don’t carry this tool, your rooftop tent is much safer.

You only need to ensure that you buy the right nuts and screws that fit your rooftop tent mounting brackets.

5. Install A Security Camera

It might seem overkill, but a wireless security camera system is one of the best ways to keep your rooftop tent secure.

Cameras are smaller and harder to detect. Depending on the system you buy, you can install it and easily get it linked to your mobile phone.

This means that you can see what your camera is seeing via your phone whenever you are away from your vehicle. You will also be able to get alerted when someone is trying to steal your rooftop tent.

Additionally, a security camera system is not too expensive as there are many affordable package deals available that you can buy.

6. Use A Tarp To Hide It

It might seem overly simplistic, but if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend money on a security vibration system or camera system, you should consider a tarp or cover.

A tarp or cover will keep your rooftop tent disguised while protecting it against weather conditions.

There are special rooftop tent covers that you can do to hide your tent when you are not near your vehicle. Should you not want to purchase one of these, you can buy a simple cover that is large enough to keep your rooftop tent hidden.

However, you must remember that using a cover could scratch your rooftop tent if you have a hard-shell model. To avoid this, you can use a cotton tarp.

7. Install A GPS Tracker

Although a GPS tracker might not prevent your rooftop tent from getting stolen, it can help you retrieve it if it does. That’s why many campers place a GPS tracker in their rooftop tent underneath the mattress.

With a GPS linked to your phone, you will be alerted if it has been stolen. You can then notify the police and report the theft since you will know where the criminals have taken it!


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