Shasta RVs: 8 Facts Owners & Buyers Should Know

The Shasta RV company has arguably more experience than any other motorhome company globally.

With many years in the RV industry, Shasta is a well-recognized motorhome brand that processes faithful followers’ scores.

However, some don’t know much about Shasta, and it’s imperative to know as much as possible about an RV company before investing in its products.

To discover eight facts about Shata RVs, continue reading as we are hopeful that you will have a better understanding of who the Shasta RV company is when you reach the end of this article.

We expect that you will have a better understanding of the motorhomes they produce.

Shasta RVs Offer An Extended Warranty On Their Motorhome Products:

The Shasta RV company does not offer an extended warranty on any of its RVs. However, the company offers a 1-year limited warranty. Additionally, Shasta also provides a 1-year roadside assistance program that grants owners 24/7 coverage on issues such as jump-starts, locksmith services, and towing.

1. Where Are Shasta RVs Made?

The first manufacturing facility for Shasta RVs was located in a small factory in Los Angeles, California, in America.

As the company grew and expanded over a period of 30 years, the company decided to move to three bigger facilities in Southern California. Additionally, six other factories across America were established to keep up with demand.

In 2010 the company grew to include a sales office, a finished goods staging area, and multiple production facilities across America.

However, currently, Shasta RVs primarily operate out of Middlebury, Indiana, in America.

2. Who Owns the Shasta Company?

There is likely no motorhome company that represents the American dream better than Shasta RVs.

In 1941 the Shasta motorhome company was founded by an industry pioneer Robert Gray. The original idea behind this company’s inception was to provide mobile accommodation for members of the United States armed forces.

Additionally, what many don’t know is that Shasta RVs was at one point the most important player in the RV industry, with their successes paving the way for more RV companies to start up.

According to some, the Shasta company played a major role in establishing the multimillion-dollar motorhome industry.

Some even believe that the company inspired Americans to try out mobile camping and living while embracing the freedom of roaming about the country from one adventure to the next.

The 1950s to 1990s:

During the 1950s and 1960s, Shasta motorhomes were the most well-recognized motorhomes on the road due to their unique design.

Each Shasta motorhome was manufactured with wings on the sides, and the immense popularity that the company gained during these decades allowed it to continue to grow.

From the 1960s to the 1990s, the Shasta RV company continued to grow and expand and remain one of the industry’s most sought-after brands. As the brand grew, they began developing bigger, better, and more innovative RVs to keep up with modern times, which also helped solidify the companies position in the RV market.

In 1972 the Shasta RV company was bought by the WR grace company, and in 1976, the popular company Coachman Industries Inc bought Shasta from the WR grace company.

Present Day:

This would not be the only time the company changed hands, as in 2010, Shasta RVs became a division of Forest River Inc.

In 2021, the company is still owned by Forest River and has continued to grow while maintaining its reputation for excellence.

3. What Types and Sizes of RVs Do Shasta Produce?

Shasta RVs has and likely will always be a motorhome company that manufactures quality motorhomes.

Presently the company produces fifth wheels, travel trailers, and toy haulers.

Most of the models available come with a variety of floorplans to choose between. Shasta RVs only manufacture the Shasta and Phoenix models at the moment, and the different floorplans have different lengths, weights, and features.

Toy Hauler:

The Shasta company only manufactures one toy hauler brand and floorplan.

The toy hauler has a length of 29 feet and 2 inches with an exterior height of 11 feet and 3 inches.

Additionally, this model’s hitch weight is 880 pounds, and the gross vehicle weight is 7,300 pounds.

Travel Trailer:

Their travel trailer models range between 22 feet and 6 inches to 35 feet and 11  inches.

Additionally, the hitch weights vary between 350 pounds to 780 pounds.

Moreover, the gross vehicle weights vary between 6,250 pounds and 9,530 pounds.

Fifth Wheel:

Shasta RVs have many fifth-wheel floor plans with motorhome lengths ranging between 29 and 3 inches to 42 feet and 2 inches.

The hitch weights vary between 1,251 pounds and 2,708 pounds.

Additionally, the gross vehicle weights range between 9,800 pounds and 15,000 pounds.

Here are a few examples below:

Travel Trailer Specs And Features: Shasta 26DB

The Shasta 26Db travel trailer has a hitch weight of 580 pounds and a gross vehicle weight of 6,950 pounds.

This model is 31 feet long with an exterior height of 11 feet and 3 inches. The Shasta 26DB model has wifi and solar prep. as well as multiple charging stations.

It is spacious with many storage compartments, including under-bed storage, and there is even a handy outdoor shower.

A Convenient marine foot flushing toilet, surround shower, and skylight.

Modern kitchen appliances and amenities including a high-rise kitchen faucet and an oversized residential stainless steel kitchen sink.

Fifth Wheel Specs And Features: Phoenix 334FL

The Phoenix 334FL fifth wheel has a hitch weight of approximately 2,708 pounds and a gross vehicle weight of 15,000 pounds.

This model is an impressive 42 feet and 2 inches long with a spacious exterior height of 12 feet and 5 inches.

It also comes with an Azdel vacuum bonded aluminum framed sidewalls for better insulation, as well as a 15,000 BTU airconditioning system.

It has a convenient dual zone thermostat controller and an enclosed, ducted, and heated underbelly.

The Pheonix also includes a shield plus feature that allows the motorhome to withstand temperatures up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit!

Finally, the Pheonix has a full-sized shower with a built-in seat situated inside a spacious bathroom.

4. Do Shasta Make a Toy Hauler?

Yes, the Shasta RV company does manufacture a toy hauler model.

Currently, the only toy hauler model they have on offer is the Shasta 260TH. If you would like to see a few of this toy hauler’s specs and features, you can look below.

Shasta 260TH – Toy Hauler Specs And Features:

  • The Shasta 260TH has a fairly lightweight hitch weight of 880 pounds with a gross vehicle weight of 7,300 pounds.
  • This toy hauler model has a length of 29 feet and 2 inches with an exterior height of 11 feet and 3 inches.
  • Cargo storage area to store all outdoor equipment.
  • Cable TV capable in both the living room and master bedroom.
  • Range of safety features including a carbon monoxide and LP leak detector, fire extinguisher, and a smoke alarm.
  • Bathroom with shower, bathroom sink, medicine cabinet, foot flushing toilet, and skylight.
  • R-7 insulation rating with fiberglass insulation in all walls, the roof, and the floors.
  • 18K BTU furnace.
  • There is a water winterization kit for colder weather traveling and living.
  • DSI/Gas/Electric water heater.

5. What Are the Smallest RVs from Shasta?

Shasta RVs have many smaller motorhome options available for those wanting a smaller RV.

If you are one of the people wanting a smaller motorhome for your next RV investment, you can have a look at a few of the smallest options available currently.

  • Shasta 18FQ – 22 feet and 6 inches with a hitch weight of 325 pounds and a gross weight of 5,050 pounds.
  • Shasta RB – 23 feet and 6 inches with a hitch weight of 455 pounds and a gross weight of 6,350 pounds.
  • Phoenix Lite 25RE – 29 feet and 10 inches with a hitch weight of 1,251 pounds and a gross weight of 9,800 pounds.
  • Phoenix 25MK – 29 feet and 3 inches long with a hitch weight of 1,407 pounds and a gross weight of 9,800 pounds.

6. What Are the Biggest RVs from Shasta?

Should you prefer larger motorhomes, then you are in luck as Shasta RVs manufactures a broad range of big motorhomes with several different floorplans to choose from. Bigger RVs are often more spacious, aerodynamic, have a residential feel, and are packed with features and amenities. If you are curious about the biggest models Shasta RVs manufactures are, there is a handy list below to give you an idea.

  • Shasta 32DS – 35 feet and 11 inches long with a hitch weight of 730 pounds and a gross weight of 9,530 pounds.
  • Shasta 310K – 35 feet and 5 inches long with a hitch weight of 700 pounds and a gross weight of 7,750 pounds.
  • Phoenix 381RE – 42 feet and 2 inches with a hitch weight of 2,262 pounds and a gross weight of 14,500 pounds.
  • Phoenix 370FE – 41 feet and 9 inches with a hitch weight of 2,324 pounds and a gross weight of 14,500 pounds.

7. What Are The Most Popular RVs by Shasta?

With more than 75 years of experience in the RV industry, Shasta RVs have had some top-rated motorhome models.

Even in 2021, the vintage winged motorhome travel trailers are still sought after, with many people looking for years before finding one of the original models.

Besides the vintage models that have managed to maintain their popularity, there are some newer models that RVers favor.

If you would like to learn what the currently popular models are, you can see the list below:

  • Phoenix 334FL
  • Phoenix X Edition 355FB
  • Phoenix Lite 284RL
  • Shasta 310K
  • Shasta 240TH

8. Are Shasta RVs For All Four Seasons?

Undeniably Shasta RVs are some of the most innovative, reliable, and durable motorhomes available on the market.

As the company has been in operation for more than 75 years, they have perfected many of their models. An attractive benefit of this is that many of their motorhome models, particularly their fifth wheel Phoenix range, can all-season travel.

The phoenix range of motorhomes has durable insulation features and exceptional construction features that enable them to be driven and lived in various weather conditions.

Phoenix Fifth Wheel All Season Specs And Features:

  • All Phoenix models have Azdel vacuum bonded aluminum framed sidewalls for added insulation.
  • Enclosed and heated gate valves.
  • Superior space-age reflection technology that provides a radiant barrier between the motorhome and the elements.
  • 150000 BTU airconditioning system.
  •  An insulated and heated underbelly that is both ducted and enclosed.
  • Weather shield feature that protects against weather conditions that vary between 0 degrees and 110 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • An insulated pass-through storage area.
  • Impressive R insulation ratings with R-11 rated sidewalls, R-38 rated roofing, and R-30 rated flooring.
  • Solar panel preparation.
  • Hot and cold outdoor shower amenity.


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