3 Great Toy Haulers For Camping (With Prices & Pictures)

The RV market can be confusing as there is so much variety and so many different motorhome brands.

If you’re someone who enjoys camping, your likely deciding between a few different towable motorhome models and types.

If you haven’t already, it might be best to consider purchasing a toy hauler for your next RV investment, as this motorhome type is perfectly suited to those who enjoy adventurous camping excursions.

With so many available options, we have filtered through what is available and found a few great toy hauler models we believe could be ideal for your needs, wants, and requirements:

Who Should Own A Toy Hauler?

More people are looking for a durable motorhome, and that can withstand a multitude of travel conditions.

Toy haulers are ideal for those RVers who want to take consistent camping trips as they provide many features and amenities suitable for camping excursions.

If your an outdoor enthusiast, a toy hauler might be the best motorhome choice for you.

Many outdoor enthusiasts would need to cart their motorcycle equipment and other competition equipment in a separate trailer in the past. With a toy hauler, you can take all your equipment with you and opt to stay in your motorhome, saving you time and money.

Other people have decided to use their toy haulers as an exercise or gym area, a kids’ playroom, an office, and an Airbnb rental. However, utilizing a toy hauler for camping purposes is still the most popular.

Essentially toy haulers offer users an all-inclusive package as you will be able to take all your outdoor toys with you like, a boat, jet ski, quad bike, and motorcycle.

Additionally, you won’t need to worry about where you will sleep as toy haulers have combined or separate living areas that often include a kitchen, dining room/lounge, bathroom, and some have a private bedroom.

2 Great Toy Haulers For Camping That Can Sleep, Two People:

Finding a toy hauler for a couple interested in camping can be fairly challenging.

Luckily, a few options can sleep two people while providing space for your camping equipment. When choosing a toy hauler for your camping excursions, it’s important to remember that there are more considerations than just how many people it can sleep.

You need to consider what type of camping you will be doing, the seasons you will be camping in, and the terrain you will likely encounter.

If you don’t, then you might select a toy hauler that is only capable of certain camping trips in certain weather conditions.

Below we have given the descriptions and estimated retail pricing of two great camping toy haulers that we believe could be perfect for those who only need a motorhome capable of sleeping two people:

1. 2021 KZ Sportsmen Classic 180TH (~$20,000)

Should you have a small budget but want a toy hauler capable of lasting you many camping trips, you might want to look at and consider the 2021 KZ Sportsman Classic 180TH.

This toy hauler has an estimated retail price of $20,000, making it highly affordable and attractive to those wanting to spend more on their upcoming camping travels. The overall length of this model is 22 feet, and it has a gross vehicle weight of 3,260 pounds which allows you to tow it without buying an expensive towing vehicle.

If your planning on camping in the winter where the temperatures are not too extreme, this toy hauler can cope. It has diamond plating on the front, radial tires, and an R-7 insulation rating.

Additionally, this toy hauler has Alum-a-Tough roofing which allows it to withstand snowfall and heavy rain. Camping during the summer months can be brutal, but fortunately, this toy hauler has tinted windows and an air conditioner.

Should you want to take with you lots of outdoor camping equipment, you will be pleased to learn that this model has a 9-foot long cargo area.

The ramp door is also decently sized at 78 inches long by 73 inches wide.

There is also a 13-foot long awning for those days when you want to enjoy relaxing in the outdoors, and there is a handy pass-through storage area where you can store any items you don’t want to keep in the toy hauler.

The Interior:

The interior of the KZ Sportsmen Classic 180TH is simple yet classy.

Light wood cabinetry is abundant, and the flooring throughout is done in gorgeous vinyl wood shades. There is a convenient flip-out sofa in the cargo area, and next to this area is a small but modern kitchen.

You will have all the basic amenities such as cupboard space, a small countertop, and a kitchen sink with a faucet. Additionally, there is also a compact fridge freezer combo, a two-plate stove, and a microwave.

When camping, it’s always ideal to have an onboard bathroom. This model has a compact yet spacious bathroom that features a large shower with a shower curtain and a flushing toilet.

At the very front of this toy hauler is the private bedroom. Unlike other models, this one has a bunkhouse floorplan.

That means that you will find two large bunk beds. The bottom bunk is 50-inches by-87 inches, while the top bunk is 43-inches by 87-inches.

Some of the additional features that the KZ Sportsmen Classic 180TH comes with include a 6 gallon LP DSI water heater, a digital TV antenna, LED lighting, a self-adjusting electric brake system, and a 12 V converter.

2. 2021 KZ Sportster 353TH13 (~$54,000)

Should you have a slightly larger budget and prefer to have a separate garage and living area, you may want to consider the 2021 KZ Sportster 353TH13.

This model is an impressive 40 feet long and has a dry weight of 10,550 pounds and a hitching weight of 2410 pounds. Additionally, the approximate retail price for this model is $54,000, which is fairly reasonable because of the features and amenities you receive.

When you decide to buy a toy hauler for camping purposes, you might want one that has separate areas.

This model has a completely separate cargo/garage area at the rear, while the private living apartment space is towards the middle and front.

You can access the half bathroom that includes a toilet and wash hand basin from the garage and the passageway into the kitchen from two separate doors. The garage space also includes two fold-up sofas and a collapsable dining room table for when you want to enjoy an ambient meal with your ramp door down.

Another important wanted feature for many people who want to use a toy hauler for all their camping trips is to have a fuel tank. This model comes with an optional 30-gallon fuel tank that allows you to make fewer stops when traveling.

If you like to view your surroundings from up high, you will likely enjoy the roof ladder feature that allows you to access the roof and view your natural surroundings when you are camping in a natural environment.

Additionally, there is also a huge 12-foot long awning that provides ample coverage.

Unlike other comparable models, this toy hauler has the option for you to add a climate package. This package will allow you to camp and travel throughout the year.

The Interior:

Indoors you will also find an airconditioning system and an electric heater to keep you warm or cool while you embark on your next camping adventure.

Throughout the KZ Sportster 353TH13, you will likely love the uber-modern yet cozy theme and the spacious living and sleeping areas. The kitchen is a chef’s dream with plenty of modern appliances and a center island with a built-in sink.

The couch in the living room section is plush and faces the LED television.

There is an incredibly spacious private bedroom with a queen-sized bed and tons of cupboard storage space at the front.

Additionally, there is also a spacious ensuite bathroom with a shower, toilet, and bathroom cupboard with a sink and a faucet.

1 Great Toy Hauler For Camping That Can Sleep, Four People

Many toy haulers by different brands are now manufactured to suit families.

You will most certainly find many comfortable yet stylish options available that allow your toy hauler to be a home away from home.

Although there are quite a few four sleeper toy hauler options available, we came across one great option that we think could suit you if you want a toy hauler for camping purposes.

Below we have briefly discussed what you can expect from the model and the estimated price you can potentially look at paying.

3. 2021 Grand Design Momentum G Class 29GO (~$65,000)

For a family of four who enjoys outdoor entertainment while participating in camping trips, the 2021 Grand Design Momentum G Class 29Go could be the perfect option.

This toy hauler is 36 feet long, has one slide out, and a gross vehicle weight rating of 12,000 pounds. This model is definitely worth the price if you want exterior storage, dual entry points, and a toy hauler with a queen bed and bunk beds.

You can expect to pay roughly $65,000, but this price could go up depending on whether you choose any additional optional extras.

For many people having a patio attached to their toy hauler is necessary as they enjoy hosting entertainment with friends and family while camping.

If you are one of these people, you will likely appreciate the outdoor garage that doubles as an enclosed entertainment patio.

This patio is 11 feet long, and it has an outdoor television and a sound system that you can safely cover when you are not using it.  Additionally, this entertainment section also houses a small outdoor kitchen with a one-plate stove and small mini-fridge.

The Interior:

The floor plan for this model is strategically designed to provide you with as much space as possible.

Space is an important factor with a toy hauler, especially for families who have their own privacy.

There is a cozy grey sofa in the lounge area within the vicinity of the warm electric fireplace. This area features a drop-down queen-sized bed which is perfect for the parents in the family to use.

Next to the lounge is a modest-sized kitchen with a kitchen sink with a faucet, a residential-sized refrigerator, a stove with an oven, and a microwave. There is also lots of counter space for the entire family to get involved in meal preparation.

You will find a large bathroom with cupboards, a large shower, a flush toilet, and a bathroom sink with a faucet at the front.

This bathroom is attached to the private bedroom that houses two bunk beds.

Additionally, this motorhome also has an air conditioner and an LED television in the lounge.

There is also a 30-gallon fuel tank, and depending on the add-on options you choose, you can have solar panels, LED lighting, Goodyear tires, and a 4KW Onan generator.


What Is A Toy Hauler (And Why Should You Get One)?

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