3 Great Toy Haulers With Queen Beds (With Prices & Pictures)

When you’re considering purchasing a toy hauler, you’re likely deciding on one that offers you the most comfort, features, and amenities for the budget you have.

Luckily, queen beds are now more common than you would think in a toy hauler and are found across many different companies.

We have found a few great models of toy haulers with queen beds that we believe you may like to consider:

2 Great Toy Haulers With Queen Beds That Can Sleep Four People

Should you have a family of four, you will likely need a toy hauler that can sleep four people.

Additionally, if you and your partner want to purchase a toy hauler for traveling or retirement, you might still want one that can sleep four to entertain and accommodate guests.

When selecting a toy hauler to invest in, always try to determine how it is made and the construction process. This information will greatly help you determine the quality and durability of the model you are interested in.

Below we have found two great toy haulers that can sleep four people. Each of these models has a queen bed, as we know how important it is to be comfortable no matter what you intend to use your toy hauler for:

1. 2021 Forest River Ibex 19QTH (~$36,000)

The most affordable toy hauler option on our list is the 2021 Forest River Ibex 19QTH, with an estimated retail price of $36,000.

This model can sleep four people, has an overall length of 25 feet, and a gross weight rating of 7,790 pounds. Although this model is cheaper than other comparable models, it isn’t inferior.

The Ibex 19QTH is constructed with Azdel sidewalls and has durable PVC roofing. Additionally, to ensure it lasts, it is constructed with five-sided aluminum material.

The exterior appearance of this model is appealing. A roof ladder allows you to access the roof and enjoy an evening in the outdoors.

If you want to enjoy a summer afternoon in the shade, but there are no trees around your campsite, you will like that this toy hauler comes with a large easy to use awning!

The Interior:

When you enter this toy hauler, you will notice that it is quite spacious with an ambient white, grey, and black theme that gives it a modern look.

At the rear, you will find the cargo area where an air conditioning unit is mounted.

There is also a fold-up sofa that doubles as sleeping accommodation for two people. Additionally mounted on the wall near the kitchen, facing the cargo area, is a large LED television.

Centrally located in the Ibex 19QTH is the spacious yet simple kitchen. This kitchen has gorgeous white wood cabinetry that is complemented by the grey marble-like countertop.

There isn’t much countertop space, but the sink and stove have covers providing you enough space to prepare meals.

The sink also includes a faucet which does washing up a breeze in the mornings and evenings. You will also find that there is a stainless steel refrigerator and a stove.

When you’re participating in full-time living or going on vacation with family and friends, it’s always convenient to have an onboard bathroom. This toy hauler has a bathroom with a shower, a foot flush toilet, and a bathroom sink.

There is also a handy medicine cabinet and below sink cupboard where you can stall all your necessities.

The bedroom is small but features a queen-sized bed. If you are someone who likes a lot of light in your bedroom and breathability is important to you, then you will like the three windows in this space.

On one side of the room is a tall wooden cupboard, and there is a shelf and overhead cabinet.

If you weren’t impressed enough, you might find the central vacuum system, portable Bluetooth speakers, and 100-watt solar panel impressive enough to invest in this toy hauler.

2. 2020 Winnebago Industries Spyder 23FB (~$47,000)

The Winnebago motorhome company almost always manufactures models that last a lifetime.

You might not have known that this company makes toy haulers.  The 2020 Winnebago Spyder 23FB is definitely capable of competing with some of the competition in the RV market at present.

This model is 30 feet and 4 inches long and has a hitch weight of approximately 900 pounds and an estimated retail value of $47,000.

If you enjoy the outdoors, then choosing a toy hauler is a smart decision, especially if you plan to take your ATVs and other outdoor goodies. The Winnebago Spyder 23Fb is suitable for those wanting to traverse the great unknown.

It has an outdoor patio with fold-down sides, a 40-gallon fuel station, and a handy 4.0 Onan generator.

Additionally, this RV has a modern exterior appearance with a roof ladder that allows access to the roof during the night or day.

The Interior:

The cabinetry is done in shades of light wood, and the flooring has a multi-toned light wood vinyl effect.

At the rear in the cargo area are two fold-out sofa couches that face one another.

Between the two sofas is a collapsable dining room table that can be stored away. Above this cargo area is a drop-down queen-sized bed which provides a comfortable sleeping accommodation for two people.

Across from the kitchen are a recliner chair, windows, and overhead cabinetry. There are many modern appliances in the kitchen located between the cargo area and the bedroom and bathroom.

If you enjoy cooking, you will likely enjoy this kitchen as it’s perfectly sized for one to two people to make a meal together.

On one end of the counter is a large built-in stainless steel sink with a faucet. Next to the sink is a glass top-covered stove and above the stove is a microwave. There is also an overhead hob and a fridge.

Before heading towards the bedroom and bathroom, you will likely note the strategically placed LED television mounted to the wall in the kitchen.

If the weather isn’t favorable for what you have planned, you can enjoy hot cocoa with your friends and family while watching a movie or television show. When you make your way through the passage on the left-hand side is where you will find the compact bathroom.

The bathroom features a skylight, and unlike other toy haulers, this one has a 48-inch bath and shower combo with a built-in seat and shelving. Next to the shower is a bathroom cupboard with a built-in stainless steel sink and a faucet.

There is also a fully flushable toilet and a medicine cabinet that has a mirror.

At the front of the toy hauler is a private bedroom with a sliding door. You will see a large 60-inch by 80-inch queen-sized bed and wardrobes on either side inside the room. 

Additionally, this room also has lighting built into the overhead cabinetry providing enough light to read by in the evenings.

1 Great Toy Hauler With A Queen Bed That Can Sleep Six people

Having a larger family can make finding an appropriately sized toy hauler harder.

Fortunately, many toy hauler manufacturers have realized that there is a market for well-made toy hauler motorhomes that can accommodate families consisting of six people.

Additionally, as with the toy haulers that can sleep four people, you should also keep in mind exactly what features and expectations you have for a toy hauler before purchasing one.

Below we have provided a great option that we believe works best for families of six without compromising on comfortable furnishings like queen-sized beds:

3. 2021 Forest River XLR Hyperlite 3016 (~$42,000)

If you want an elegant and luxurious toy hauler but have a small budget, you might want to consider the 2021 Forest River XLR Hyperlite 3016.

This toy hauler has an approximate retail price of $42,000, but that price is worth it because of the modern features and appliances you receive. The XLR Hyperlite 3016 has an overall length of 35 feet and a gross vehicle weight rating of 8,154 pounds.

There is also one slide-out, and this model comes with an air conditioning system making summer travel easier and more comfortable.

The Interior:

There is a spacious living room that doubles as a dining room and a queen-sized drop-down mattress at the rear of this toy hauler.

This area is also the cargo area, as everything easily folds up to provide space for your outdoor toys.

Additionally, you will be pleased to find that this section can be made private with two beige draw curtains.

The kitchen in this motorhome is definitely one of the more luxurious areas. Inside the kitchen is gorgeous dark wood cabinetry that is complemented by gleaming marble white countertops. The kitchen counter is in an L shape which provides lots of space for meal preparation.

You will find a built-in sink with a faucet and a beautiful faux wood decal at the end of the counter as a backdrop by the modern stove. Moreover, there is also a residential-sized refrigerator and a small microwave.

Across from the beautiful kitchen is a small private lounge area. There are two recliner couches in this lounge, and there is an LED television and an electric fireplace.

The airconditioning system and electric fireplace, along with the toy haulers’ materials and construction, make it capable of four-season travel.

If you like having a spacious bathroom, you will like the XLR Hyperlite 3016. The bathroom has enough space for you to move around comfortably. There is lovely brown wood vinyl flooring, off-white countertops, a porcelain sink and flushable toilet, and a large circular shower with glass doors.

Additionally, this bathroom offers two entry points from the passage and the private bedroom.

At the front of this toy hauler is a large private bedroom in this bedroom. There is a queen-sized bed and large windows. On either side of the bed is dark wood cabinetry with mirrors.

You will also find that behind the bed is a creative artistic wallpaper design. In the bedroom, there are also plug points where you can charge your electronic devices.


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