3 Great Toy Haulers For Kayaks (With Prices & Pictures)

Toy haulers are one of the best motorhomes ever invented for those who seek out adventure.

However, they are not only for adventure junkies as motorhome manufacturing companies have begun designing and constructing toy haulers that are beautiful residential homes on wheels.

If you enjoy outdoor camping and holidays with friends and family, you likely have an entire garage full of outdoor equipment that you love using on your trips. There are quite a few notable toy haulers that are perfectly suited to hauling all your watersport equipment, such as your kayaks.

If you know how big your kayak is, you can determine if the toy hauler you have or want to buy can store it.

We’ve compiled a list of 3 toy haulers that are great for hauling your kayak around with you!

How Big Is A Kayak?

Although there are three elements to measuring exactly how big a kayak is, the most important detail you need to know when evaluating if it will fit in a toy hauler is its length.

On average, a kayak measures around 10 feet kong, but there are many other length options available, so you might have to get out the measuring tape to determine the exact length of your kayak.

Some kayakers are only 6 feet long, while the biggest can measure up to a whopping 16 feet long. If you are looking to buy a brand new toy hauler and want to take your kayaks with you, you should consider their length before deciding on your new motorhome investment.

Below we have given a few examples of some of the best toy haulers that can haul kayaks.

To make things much easier for you, we have also included in the below descriptions the garage lengths of each, so you know beforehand if your kayak will fit.

2 Great Toy Haulers For Kayaks With 10ft to 12ft Garages:

Buying a smaller toy hauler doesn’t necessarily mean you will have a tiny garage area.

On the other hand, buying a large toy hauler that is more luxurious can limit the garage space you will have.

When you need to pack outdoor equipment and recreational toys like kayaks, it would be best to choose a toy hauler between 10 feet and 12 feet.

If you are a small family or a couple who doesn’t require much garage space, 10 to 12 feet garages provide more than enough room for between two to four kayaks.

Please have a look below at the great toy hauler options we have provided that will work well for those hauling smaller kayaks.

1. 2021 Palomino Puma Unleashed 382THS (~$41,000)

The 2021 Palomino Puma Unleashed 382THS might not be the fanciest or most luxurious model ever constructed.

Still, it is durable, reliable, and ready to take on any adventure you can think of participating in. This model has a simplistic design, but the separate garage is a major selling point for those who enjoy their privacy and the residential feel of having a separate living quarter and cargo area.

The 2021 Palomino Puma Unleashed 382THS can sleep five people, has a gross vehicle weight rating of 13,900 pounds, a hitch weight of 1,900 pounds, and an overall length of 39 feet and 2 inches.

The garage in this model is spacious as it measures a total length of 12 feet and 1 inch, which is perfect for hauling your trusty kayaks and other outdoor essentials.

It would help if you looked to pay at least $41,000 for a brand new unit.

As we mentioned before, the 2021 Palomino Puma Unleashed 382THS has been durably constructed to last you many holidays and family outings. The brand behind this model pays special attention to consumers’ needs and has taken the suggestions of RVers and applied them to their motorhomes.

Some notable construction features are the super lube axles, tinted safety gall windows, front fiberglass cap that features diamond plating, and powder-coated frames. However, we know that construction features are not the only important thing to consider when evaluating a motorhome.

This model comes equipped with some lovely interior features that help it compete with the overflowing RV market.

With the Puma Unleashed 382THS, you will have high-density foam mattresses, USB charging ports, satin nickel hardware, a uber comfortable jackknife sofa, modern kitchen appliances, an outdoor shower, and much more.

2. 2021 Dutchman Voltage 3615 (~$80,000)

If a luxury and spacious toy hauler is what you seek, then you may want to look at the 2021 Dutchman Voltage 3615.

This model has features and amenities similar to that of a residential home, but it is designed to be luxurious yet affordable with an approximate retail price of only $80,000. Additionally, this model can impressively sleep up to eight people because it has been built with three 7 foot tall slide-outs.

The 2021 Dutchman Voltage 3615 has a decent-sized separate garage that measures 11 feet. Although this is not as spacious as some comparable models, you will still be able to load up two or more kayaks when you have decided on your next watersport holiday location.

Additionally, the zero gravity ramp door that has been built onto this model will let you easily load all your outdoor equipment with minimal hassle.

It’s always important to know your motorhome’s overall length and weight measurements before you decide to purchase one. Knowing these measurements and weights allows you to determine if the vehicle you own can tow the toy hauler you want. This model has a length of 38 feet and 11 inches, a dry weight of 14,020 pounds, a hitch weight of 2,957 pounds, and a cargo-carrying capacity of 2,780 pounds.

If the garage doesn’t provide you with enough storage space, you will approve of the pass-through storage compartment to provide the extra space you need. Those who enjoy taking along their motorized toys will almost certainly appreciate the 30-gallon fuel station that this unit is equipped with.

Besides these excellent features and amenities, there are a few others that you should note. The 2021 Dutchman Voltage lives up to its luxury description because of its fireplace, 18 cubic foot double-door residential freezer, exterior entertainment system, and command operating system.

The in command operating system is one of this toy hauler’s best features as it allows you to control all the essential functions of your RV in one place.

1 Great Toy Hauler For kayaks With A 13ft Garage:

Often you will want a toy hauler that has a large garage. Many RVers choose a toy hauler specifically because they come with garages.

Although many only come with a garage between 9 and 12 feet, there are a few built with much larger cargo spaces.

Below we have found one great model that we believe is ideal for using an above-average sized kayak. Although most kayaks are around 10 feet, you might have one that is larger.

If your kayak is 13 feet long or under, you should seriously consider the option we have provided below.

3. 2021 Heartland Cyclone 4007 (~$120,000)

Suppose you want a toy hauler with a beautiful modern interior that includes residential quality furniture, appliances, and hardwood cabinetry.

You may want to consider the 2021 Heartland Cyclone 4007. This model can comfortably and easily sleep up to seven people because of the three slide-outs.

It is, however, more pricey than the other models on our list, and you should expect to pay roughly $120,000.

The interior is classically styled in black, white, and light brown tones, and it has a traditional toy hauler layout that allows for spacious maneuverings throughout. Unlike other fifth wheel toy haulers, you will have one full bathroom and one-half bathroom, which is ideal when you have friends or family traveling with you and you plan on participating in outdoor activities.

This model has a large garage with a total length of 13 feet, making it ideal for kayaks, ATVs, motorcycles, jet skis, and other fun outdoor equipment. The Heartland Cyclone 4007 is 43 feet long, has two awnings, and a gross vehicle weight of 20,000 pounds.

Although the large garage is a great feature, this model is equipped with many others worth mentioning. There is a large 55 inch LED television, Bluetooth stereo, king-sized bed, electric beds, and a fireplace and air conditioning system.

Additionally, one of the nicest amenities present in this unit is the outdoor kitchen.

This kitchen is perfect for when you want to cook up a feat when the weather is agreeable or when you don’t want to have hours of clean-up time after dining with friends and family.


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