5 Great Toy Haulers With Rubber Flooring (With Prices & Pictures)

In the modern RV manufacturing world, motorhomes are constructed with many different types of flooring options.

Yet, arguably the best flooring option for those wanting to haul their favorite outdoor toys and equipment remains rubber flooring. It can be challenging to find toy haulers that still feature rubber flooring, but they do exist!

You will also likely notice that most toy hauler brands now primarily utilize rubber flooring in the cargo or garage areas.

We have found some excellent toy hauler options with rubber flooring that could be an ideal choice for you:

2 Great Toy Haulers With Rubber Flooring Under $40,000:

In the motorhome market, there are hundreds of different toy haulers.

However, it can still be challenging to settle on one of your options if you have a small budget and are looking for an RV with rubber flooring.

Finding a toy hauler with rubber flooring under $30,000 is challenging but not impossible.

Below you will see a few of the most fantastic toy hauler options equipped with rubber flooring and reasonably priced:

1. 2020 Sundowner 1876 OMBP (~$33,500)

If you want a heavy-duty yet lightweight toy hauler with rubber flooring, you should consider the 2020 Sundowner 1876 OMBP.

This model has sleek black exterior coloring and a box shape, making it easy to maneuver and tow. Besides the features you will receive for the low price of $33,500, you will also get an impressive three-year bumper-to-bumper and 8-year structural warranty.

The 2020 Sundowner 1876 OMBP has a total length of 21 feet and six inches with a gross vehicle weight rating of 5,220 pounds and a height of 7 feet.

This model can sleep up to four people with two fold-out sofas and one queen-sized bed in the private bedroom area.

Unlike other toy haulers similar to this one, you will find that the Sundowner 1876 OMBP features tubular frame construction with welded hinges and a one-piece aluminum roof. The structural integrity of the flooring is incredibly reliable because of its durable aluminum plank-style flooring that is overlaid with rubber.

This unit also has seamless windows, passive air vents, insulated walls, and ceiling and aluminum entry steps.

Although the exterior structural features of this model are impressive, the interior features are also just as important to note. The 2020 Sundowner 1876 OMBP is equipped with a rudimentary yet lovely kitchen.

This unit also has a bathroom with a shower and a flushing toilet for convenience.

Some of the individual features worth mentioning include an air conditioner, LED interior lighting, and an electric water heater.

We know this model might not be as feature dense as others on the market, but it is ideal for those wanting a no-fuss toy hauler that can handle off-road adventures.

2. 2021 Forest River Work And Play 21LT (~$36,000)

When you need to accommodate numerous people in a quality toy hauler, one of the best motorhome manufacturing brands you should consider is Forest River.

The new 2021 Forest River Work And Play 21LT is a perfect example of a low-cost toy hauler that can sleep between six to eight people comfortably in a compact unit.

This model is moderately sized with a total length of 27 feet and 5 inches, and it includes a slide that creates more interior space.

This unit’s gross vehicle weight rating is 9,735 pounds, with an unloaded dry weight of 5,750 pounds and a gross cargo carrying capacity weight rating of 3,985 pounds. The average retail cost for this toy hauler is approximately $36,000.

Its construction features and sizable 13 feet and 8-inch long garage area make the 2021 Forest River Work And Play 21LT perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

This half-ton towable toy hauler has a walkable aluminum roof, vacuum bonded sidewalls with Azdel composite panels, and superior alumni-cage construction.

Additionally, this unit has an aluma-grid HD reinforced rubberized floor oil, moisture, and gas resistant in the garage area. There is also a heated and enclosed underbelly, a magnetic rear screen closure, and handy rain gutters with extended rip spouts.

Moreover, some of the impressive exterior features equipped include an outside spray port, 18-foot long electric awning, and four-point stabilizing jacks, ensuring you are safely positioned when you set up camp.

Those who enjoy quality furnishings and modern appliances will like the interior features of this model. There are pull-down nightshades that provide privacy, two air conditioners that keep you cool in summer, and there is also an auto-ignition furnace.

Regardless of where you are traveling, you need to have a comfortable space where you can relax after a long day of action-filled activities. The 2021 Forest River Work And Play 21LT provide you with this space.

There is a moderate-sized kitchen with ample storage, a convenient stainless steel sink, a stove, microwave, and refrigerator.

This toy hauler is equipped with a decent-sized bathroom with a glass-doored shower, a porcelain foot flush toilet, and a handy medicine cabinet where you can store your toiletries.

2 Great Toy Haulers With Rubber Flooring Between $40,000 And $50,000:

Finding a toy hauler with rubber flooring when you have a bigger budget is admittedly easier.

With a bigger budget, you often get a nicer motorhome with more features and amenities.

These toy haulers are usually larger and more spacious, better suited to families and large groups.

If you have between $40,000 and $50,000 to spend on a new RV with rubber flooring, you may want to consider the options we have provided below:

3. 2021 Forest River Work And Play 29SS (~$46,000)

Although this list already features a toy hauler from the Forest River Work And Play line, we have decided to include the 2021 Work And play 29SS.

We have included this unit because of its superb entertainment qualities and superior features and amenities. This model uniquely suits entertainers and dreamers who won’t mind spending around $46,000 for a new toy hauler.

The new 2021 Forest River Work And Play 29SS have an expansive 15 foot and 7-inch long garage that will be capable of hauling your ATVs, jetski, motorcycles, and even a small car.

This model can sleep six people and has an overall length of approximately 36 feet long.

This unit has a hitch weight of 1,312 pounds, 12,500 pounds, a dry vehicle weight of 8,642 pounds, and a gross cargo-carrying capacity of 3,858 pounds.

Some notable features present in this model are a king-sized bed, a 30-gallon fuel station, a solar power package, and a 5.5K generator. Yet perhaps the best features of this model are the ramp door party kit that allows you to have a dedicated entertainment area and the oil, moisture, and gas resistant rubber flooring.

Moreover, if you opt to add on the exterior value package, you will be able to have a range of excellent features added to your 2021 Forest River Work And Play 29SS.

For example, you will have 15-inch aluminum wheels, heavy-duty dexter axles with, Nev-R-Adjust brakes, a fiberglass front cap, and a durable one-piece tufflex PVC roof membrane.

4. 2021 Stealth Trailers Nomad 30QB (~$43,500)

Sporting enthusiasts will love the 2021 Stealth Trailers Nomad 30QB toy hauler.

This model was designed to be the perfect motorhome companion for those looking to haul their motorcycles and other outdoor equipment frequently.

This model perfectly balances cargo area space with living quarter amenities.

You should expect a retail price of about $43,500 for this unit.

With a length of 36 feet and 6 inches, you won’t have any issue fitting in up to six people with their outdoor toys. This unit has an unloaded vehicle weight rating of 6,520 pounds and a hitch weight of 1,043, making it perfect for most vehicles to tow.

When considering a toy hauler as your next investment, it’s important to note the features it offers. The 2021 Stealth Trailers Nomad 30QB an aluminum toy hauler equipped with some lovely amenities and features.

Inside this model, you will have rubberized flooring, a 15000 BTU air conditioner, two 55 inch sofas, and indoor and outdoor showers and speakers.

Additionally, the two-toned charcoal interior color scheme is beautiful and complements the black appliances and white walls.

The private bedroom has a queen-sized bed, and the kitchen is fully decked out with state-of-the-art appliances that include a sizable stove, refrigerator, and microwave.


2021 Stealth Trailers Nomad 30QB Specifications

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