Wallpaper For Home Offices: 26 Beautiful Ideas

Because so much of the work we do nowadays, whether it be for school or the office, requires the use of the internet and computers–we can’t help but bring the workload home.

As a result, we need conducive spaces to get things done. Luckily, we’re here to help you make your home office a stylish and productive one.

Here are 26 gorgeous wallpaper designs you can use to enhance your home office aesthetic.

White Geometric Walls With Built-in Storage

office lines wallpaperINSTAGRAM @gonen.design

Let’s start with this space-optimized navy blue and pink office with a sharp white geometric wallpaper. The area encourages productivity and offers ample storage for your office items.

The design maximizes the shelves by extending one layer to also serve as a table. Additionally, there are mounted wooden layers for even more storage.

I love the elegant color scheme and how the office contains all the essentials for working at home.

Black And White Geometric Weave

3D cube wallpaperINSTAGRAM @miltonandking

Here’s another office that uses geometric wallpaper. This time, the monochromatic space is accentuated by a cutting-edge weave pattern.

The wooden elements and gold light fixture add warmth and color to the area. Their textures also help tie in the wallpaper pattern nicely.

I suggest adding fuzzy blankets and carpets to soften up the interior. You can also place a few pillows on the chair for comfier seating.

Forest Wallpaper With Sleek Wooden Desk

forest office wallpaper

Instead of placing your desk right in front of the window, decorate one wall with a majestic forest-themed wallpaper to have a consistent view.

This design can help relax your eyes when you want to look away from your computer since the sight of green trees can help with the straining blue light rays.

As a bonus, you get a pretty cool backdrop that doesn’t make you feel like you’re just stuck indoors all day.

black office setup with forest wallpaper

Here we have another home office with interior wallpaper that matches the one on your computer!

You can get customized wallpaper based on your favorite forest pictures for a personal touch. 

Just remember to make it a high-quality image and have it scaled properly so it won’t look wonky on your wall. You can also choose other scenic designs that help you feel more at home and productive.

foggy forest home office wallpaper

And another forest-themed workspace with a foggy ambiance. If you love nature and a calming, gloomy, vibe, then this design is perfect for you.

A thick, sturdy wooden table will hold all your work needs and make you feel closer to nature. 

I recommend getting more plants for this space to incorporate nature with 3D elements. They’re also going to be great for your eyes and for getting a whiff of fresh air from time to time.

Floral Wallpaper Designs

pink rose home office wallpaper

This little office space has a wonderfully designed floral background. It’s a relaxing and artsy sight for those who want a creative area.

We can see notes from an industrial design with the exposed black metal shelves and the wooden table. The combination balances out the delicateness of the floral wallpaper.

I recommend getting a small wooden drawer so you can keep a few items underneath the desk for easy access.

colorful flowers home office wallpaper

Now, we can see a bright and frilly home office with a magnified flower pattern on one wall.

The design uses Nordic furniture to go with the fancy flowers and has pops of color on the carpet. The table is also a space-optimized feature with drawers below the desk for storage.

You can mount white or wooden shelves on the wall so you can keep a few books, paperwork, and other items. It can help minimize the clutter on your desk.

Closet Office With Floral Prints

closet office with flowers wallpaperINSTAGRAM @katieswallpaper

Have a spare closet in your home? Well, why not repurpose it into an office space that can give you much-needed privacy and encourage focus?

Open up these plain white closet doors to discover a colorful workspace with a preppy floral design. It’s complete with a table, drawer, chair, and shelves!

You’d be surprised with how drastically you can change an area just by using space-optimizing techniques. So, check if there are places in your home you can reinvent and give a new purpose to!

Gray Office With Pink Accents

pink rose wallpaperINSTAGRAM @bhgrealestate

Here’s a small office with an L-shaped layout. It’s a more mature and sophisticated design for those who want a refined working space.

The design follows a pink and gray theme to make the closet office a more elegant area. You can also see shelves that stretch out to the length of the wall to keep your things and decor on display.

I adore how they used greenery to decorate the shelves. Feel free to embellish the shelves with plants and line them with vines to incorporate natural elements.

Warm Autumn Design

forest home office wallpaper

Fall is a favorite season of many. Now, you don’t have to wait to enjoy a nice autumn view right from your workspace with this wallpaper.

This warm interior basks in pops of deep rich oranges and browns to achieve a mellow work area.

You can consider putting up a mirror to welcome in more light and make for a more spacious room.

Tropical Room Prints

palm trees home office wallpaper

How about this monochromatic tropical room? It’s great for bringing in a natural vibe without using a vivid and chaotic color scheme.

Your home office doesn’t have to be bland just to be professional. Don’t be afraid to incorporate character and style with a thematic wallpaper.

Because the room follows a minimal color scheme, you can incorporate design in other ways such as using textures found in rugs and your furniture choices.

Colorful Mosaics

dusty rose home office wallpaper

If you’re considering a fun pattern but are striving for an understated design, check out this pale pink mosaic office.

It’s a light and trendy design perfect for modern apartments and homes. The chic interior works well for a simple office equipped with just the essentials: a chair and workspace.

White wooden ladder shelves would suit this space and pair excellently with this aesthetic.

diamond shaped home office wallpaper

This light blue work area uses a simpler mosaic wallpaper with alternating squares of varying colors.

The mosaic wall adds fun to the workspace and incorporates cool patterns to break up the room. Otherwise, this office would’ve appeared bland and basic.

The desk already contains sufficient storage for your office items which is a smart way to make it a space-optimized room.

colorful homenoffice wallpaper

Now, this home office combines the colors of the last two designs to create this pretty and fun-filled space.

The design also uses pastel artwork to establish a light and airy theme throughout the room.

You don’t have to work in rooms with dull color schemes. Liven up your workspace with pleasing colors and patterns to encourage productive and cheerful work.

Solid Maroon Walls

plain red wallpaperINSTAGRAM @miriamribeiro_arq

Here, a small makeshift office surrounded by built-in storage pops out with a magnificent maroon backdrop.

You can use one color to pull off a sleek and exquisite work area. Just make sure you use a shade that complements your interior and pieces that can work alongside that too.

This is a perfect alternative for those who want a stylish office but can’t deal with patterns or wallpaper. You can always paint your space like this instead.

Arched Office Nook

office with lemon wallpaperINSTAGRAM @arciform

This design defines the home office space beautifully with a lovely carved-out arch space for a dreamy little work area.

It’s a charming design that can help romanticize your workspace. With a cozy chair, a good old desk, and a quirky lemon tree wallpaper-you’ll get comfortable here fast.

The dark color scheme is great for relaxing but don’t worry about snoozing off while you work since the windows are sure to let light in to keep you awake.

Dark Blue And Green Design With L-Shaped Desk

Narrow home office with green wallpaperINSTAGRAM @etchdesigngroup

Here’s an example of a soothing office that uses dark soothing and relaxing colors with an elaborate design.

The blue and green motif provides a beautiful contrast and is an elegant backdrop to the spacious L-shaped desk.

I adore the stylish wall lamps this office has installed, they blend into the aesthetic and decorate the space nicely. Consider getting lighting under the shelves as well to illuminate your books and files when needed.

Black Wallpaper With Floral Design

alpine garden wallpaperINSTAGRAM @hyggeandwest

Now, a little office is jam-packed into this corner but its smallness doesn’t hinder its design. It accommodates all your office essentials and is quite appealing with a unique floral wallpaper.

Give the corners of your home a newfound purpose with just a few modifications. Connect the walls with a piece that can function as a table and decorate the space to your heart’s desires.

A dark accent wall is a great way of making a small space pop out visually. It also defines it as a separate entity from the rest of your home.

Vibrant Green Home Office

green home office with geometric wallpaperINSTAGRAM @dsrincbham

Look at this cool green design. This home office has all of its storage in a vivid green color which is enhanced by a complex green and white wallpaper pattern.

You can design your home office around one color while being creative with it. 

The storage units found in this office are all enclosed, so I suggest getting desk organizers to keep the items you reach for the most neatly arranged on the tabletop.

office setup with green leaves wallpaperINSTAGRAM @oodlesofwallpaper

This green wallpaper design takes a natural approach with a ubiquitous leafy vine pattern.

If you want to keep your shelves discreet, you can get them in a shade that is similar to your wallpaper so they blend in like the ones seen here. 

But if you prefer that the elements stand out, opt for wooden structures. The wooden furniture pieces in this design are a gorgeous addition that enhances the wallpaper significantly.

Contemporary Geometric Design

vynil flatiron wallpaperINSTAGRAM @phillipjeffriesltd

This design uses the odd angles to its advantage and plays into the shapes that define the office.

The dimensional and geometric pattern almost makes your workspace look like an optical illusion. The design helps expand the area and add style to it. 

I find that adding a carpet can make this space more homey. Also, you can opt for storage that goes into the wall so you won’t take up any more space in this already tiny office.

Classic Wallpaper

brown wallpaper home officeINSTAGRAM @theproperpeacock

Let’s appreciate this classic and elegant design. The neutral wallpaper displays an intricate white pattern that exudes sophistication.

If you want to highlight your home’s original design, you can stick to a reliable design like this one. It matches the furniture, storage, and floors and has an overall timeless style.

To make this a more efficient design, especially when it’s night, you can install lighting under the cupboard to make sure your workspace is well-lit when you’re in the zone.

Bright And Colorful Floral Wallpaper

colorful flowers wallpaperINSTAGRAM @calclosetsoregon

We wouldn’t end on a lesser note, here’s a funky home office with tons of bright colors and a fun floral design.

Who says your workplace has to be so serious? That’s one of the advantages of having an office at home–making it your own!

Don’t be afraid to take design risks and play around with your style choices. As long as it gets the job done, fits in your home, and sparks happiness for you, then you have all you need for a home office.

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