Wallpaper for Small Hallways: 21 Beautiful Ideas

Just because your hallways are small and narrow doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a decorative touch.

But how do you design a restricted amount of space and make it aesthetically pleasing? By getting creative with the wallpaper!

Wallpapers are a fantastic way to design tight hallways because they barely take up any space but still make a significant impact on the interior.

Here are 21 beautiful wallpaper designs to help you elevate your hallways.

Black And White Forests

tall trees hallway wallpaper

Step into this venturous scene with a carefully illustrated black-and-white forest backdrop. This small home hallway tones down its interior with a monochrome wallpaper design.

If you’re not careful with colors, you can make your small space look even smaller. So, consider a black-and-white design as a safe alternative. 

You can’t really mess up a classic color scheme–plus, the trees emulate being in the forest, and that can also make the space feel bigger!

pando trees wallpaper

Let’s look at another black-and-white forest theme. This time, the imagery is more detailed and realistic.

Placing a scaled image at the end of your hallway can make for a stimulating journey. It gives you something to look forward to and makes you forget about the limited space.

The palette of both the wallpaper and the rest of the room fit each other so well, making the design more seamless. Do think about how much contrast you want when opting for a black-and-white theme.

Vibrant Nature Mural

woods hallway wallpaper

Now, just add vibrant colors to the previous designs, and voila! You get a fun hallway with luscious green trees and a refreshing area.

Natural elements and themes are great for small spaces since they make the room seem more expansive. 

With that being said, do incorporate some 3D natural elements as well. They don’t have to be bulky, but a couple of small plants will surely cheer up this area.

Dainty Wallpaper Patterns

ocean blue hallway wallpaper

Maybe you’re looking for a more elegant hallway? Well, this little hall surrounded by lovely blue wallpaper with dainty floral designs might be the inspiration you’re looking for.

By using light colors and small, intricate designs, you can pull off a sophisticated aesthetic that is youthful and up-to-date.

You can also make a few tweaks to your ceiling design to add to the illusion of vertical space by instilling a bit of depth.hallway with tiny leaves wallpaper

In this graceful and young apartment, we can see another delicate wallpaper design: a white background and tiny scattered prints.

This refreshing design doesn’t cover every wall, rather it accentuates the entirety of the hallway with its particular placements.

I love how there’s a ton of light spread out. A well-lit area will always look and feel more spacious.

Enlargened Tropical Prints

palm leaves hallway wallpaper

This bright and luxurious hall is a breezy dream with an enlarged tropical wallpaper.

Don’t be afraid to play with prints–and large ones at that. While smaller designs are arguably better at expanding little spaces, most of the impact will be from technique and execution.

I find that wooden furniture and woven decor will liven up muted spaces like this. Don’t forget to place a cozy carpet to boost it even more.

3D flowers hallway wallpaper

If flowers are more your aesthetic, then this design is for you. This hallway hosts a tropical twist by using relaxing earth tones and subtle touches of color along the magnificent floral design.

It’s a sumptuous yet down-to-earth design that is perfect for homes with artistic inhabitants.

If you’re going to add furniture or storage, I suggest getting them in neutral colors to not take away from the wallpaper design.

Abstract Ocean Wall

3D hallway wallpaper

This one’s for the ocean and art lovers. This narrow hallway is elevated by a magnificent accent wall that contains an abstract depiction of the ocean.

Even a small hallway can be the focal point of your home. A good way to utilize its walls is by treating them like an area for displaying creative artwork in the form of wallpaper prints.

Because this room is a bit narrow, you should maintain a clear floor. However, you can optimize the space by mounting shelves on the wall so you’ll have storage and display some of your favorite items.

Rich Blue Interior

blue hallway and blue wallpaper

Here, we have an opulent blue space. The color is so versatile so you can use it to transform your home in so many ways. This room uses a deep blue shade with white contrasting details to embody a rich and luxurious vibe.

Don’t be limited to wallpaper choices. Consider other features and decor that can complete your mini hallway–like a posh rug.

Even altering the color of the doors of your small hallway can make a significant impact on the overall design.

Minimalist Stripes

horizontal stripes hallway wallpaper

Welcome to this elegant, neutral-toned hallway. This relaxing area uses low contrast and a horizontal stripe design to elongate its space.

Who knew a hallway could evoke such a peaceful feeling? Stripes are a classic and diverse style that can make any place look chic, as long as you use them correctly.

If you’re going to incorporate storage, I suggest sticking to a minimalist theme, so furniture with little to no embellishments and in visually pleasing colors.

light colored stripes hallway wallpaper

In this bright, contemporary space, we can see another stylish striped design but now in a vertical orientation.

Lengthening the room vertically will also contribute to its spacious appearance. Think about wallpaper designs with different stripe sizes so you can add some dimension.

The pop of green looks wonderful against the preppy backdrop–don’t hold back from adding more and mounting artwork to decorate the wall more.

Ribbed Walls

stripes hallway wallpaper

Stepping onto this lavish space, our eyes instantly go to the marvelous ribbed wall on the right. The design results in a calming and inviting interior.

Ribbed designs can make your home look more expensive without costing you too much. They add detail to plain spaces and depending on their orientation, make the area look bigger too.

It’s perfect for a zen home. I recommend getting little wooden shelves so you can place incense or a few scented candles in this room.

Fun And Quirky Prints

colorful hallway with wallpaperINSTAGRAM @thelistbyhouseandgarden

Look at this amazing Verdigris-themed space. It creatively uses the shade to make a bright and fun-filled interior.

If you want to be more adventurous with decorating your home, this is a good place to start. The colorful wallpaper eases into the space without being too loud or overwhelming.

Additionally, the warm hues from the carpets and light fixtures tie everything together and complete the dynamic area.

hallway with flower wallpaperINSTAGRAM @lust.home

Perhaps you’d prefer a more cute and vivid design. Well then, check out this adorably pink hall by the stairs.

You’re never too old for a fun design like this. It’s a modern take on wallpaper prints and uses a more digital approach with vector graphics on the walls.

However, you can also use this style in establishments and institutions for kids. It’s eye-catching and incredibly charming to look at.

Graphic Black And Peach Pink Motif

narrow hallway with jungle wallpaperINSTAGRAM @christianlacroixmaison

Going black-and-white isn’t the only way to incorporate contrast into a space. See this artsy black and pink hallway with spirited nature graphics.

The impressive design is a unique way to decorate your small hallways. Also, it’s not easy to pull off so be careful with the colors and prints you choose.

I adore the amusing animal fixtures! They will definitely give your guests more to talk about.

Classic Blue Hallway

blue hallway wallpaperINSTAGRAM @layered.home

Now, if you’re in the market for an old-timey design, a classic blue Victorian interior will suit your needs.

This blue and white pattern will effortlessly blend into your vintage home. As long as the rest of the layout follows the theme, you’re sure to end up with a beautifully cohesive space.

The chandelier is the cherry on top, and I suggest getting matching wall lamps to play into the aesthetic even more.

Elegant Tan Design

brown hallway wallpaperINSTAGRAM @carolynthayerinteriors

Keep your hallways safe and simple with an elegant tan wallpaper design. This entryway is a perfect example of how you can use a white and tan color scheme to emphasize a small space.

This design, when paired with lightwood floors creates a unified aesthetic. As we know, light colors can give the illusion of a brighter and larger space.

I recommend wallpaper designs with smaller, finer prints if you want a more delicate aesthetic.

Elaborate Green Patterns

hallway with wall gallery and wallpaperINSTAGRAM @mecoxgardens

This charming home is not shy about its lived-in interior. That’s because it’s what gives it a certain charm. The green and white patterned wallpaper is a fitting background to the framed bird portraits.

If you want to maintain the vintage allure of your home, don’t hold back on decorating your hallways like this.

Remember, there are tons of space-optimizing ways to design your home. So, for antiques, choose those that can double as storage.

trellis wallpaper on hallway wallsINSTAGRAM @chelsealaneco

For a modern take, this fresh green wallpaper will do just the trick. It uses an intricate geometric design to liven up this hallway.

The inventive style cleverly uses contrasting green patterns to define the dominantly white backdrop, ensuring an embellished area.

If you want to add furniture to this hallway, I recommend getting wall-mounted tables that are collapsible. That way, you can display some beloved items and you have the option of folding the structure when you need more space.

Kaleidoscopic Patterns

hallway with geometric wallpaperINSTAGRAM @lisaweaverhome

When you enter this cozy home, you are greeted by a subtle kaleidoscopic interior. It’s a cool and interesting take on the modern wallpaper.

You can draw wallpaper inspiration from almost anything, as you can see from this example. So, be keen on the things you find visually appealing, you just might be able to get them in wallpaper form.

I appreciate the playfulness with patterns by using a zebra-themed carpet, surely a statement piece.

Large Forest Pattern Around Doorway

green hallway with leaves wallpaperINSTAGRAM @edwardbulmerpaint

Lastly, we have an enchanting entryway framed by an endearing forest-themed wallpaper design.

Give your small hallway an outdoorsy ambiance with this aesthetic choice. It’s such a cozy pattern that is quite fitting for an exit area.

Let the storybook fantasy come to life with such a motif. For an understated version, just choose a more muted color scheme with less vibrancy and contrast.

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