What Are Houses With A Lot Of Land Called? (6 Names Explained)

Some standalone houses have land surrounding them, which is also part of the property.

This is common in suburban and rural areas where houses are not limited to just the structure. Having a lot of land means the occupants have adequate outdoor spaces for their different needs and activities.

So what are houses with a lot of land called?

Find out the different names for these 6 types of properties and what makes them different:

1. Villa

A villa is a large house often situated in a scenic location, such as the countryside, hilltop, lakeside, mountainside, or beachfront.

Villas are commonly associated with lavish lifestyles, constructed to provide a comfortable living environment. These houses have a luxurious look and feel, which speaks a lot about the social status of those living there.

These houses have huge spacious rooms, living areas, and high-end amenities.

This includes swimming pools, saunas, a home gym, a home theater, gaming rooms, parking spaces for multiple vehicles, and other amenities you would not often find in a regular house.

Some affluent people live in their villas permanently, while others use their villas as vacation homes in the summer, winter, spring break, or whenever they want a quick weekend getaway.

Some people rent out their villas to generate extra income.

2. Estate

An estate is a large piece of land comprising a house and other buildings, such as barns, stables, and unattached garages.

Compared to a villa, an estate has a significantly larger piece of land. A villa may even be part of an estate, and these properties may have multiple houses, with the smaller ones used to accommodate guests and visiting family members.

Some estates may also have vineyards or land for growing fruit trees, crops, or plants. This is why you might hear phrases such as “wine estate.”

Like villas, estates can also have high-end amenities that you rarely find in regular houses. This can include swimming pools, hot tubs, multiple parking spaces, and a home gym.

Most estates have sprawling gardens with many flowers and shrubs, providing a lot of greenery.

Some people have even gone over the top and built tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds, and anything they want in their estate.

Estates are associated with wealth and luxury and are often characterized by a substantial amount of land spanning a few acres or more. These properties are common in the suburbs, especially in affluent neighborhoods.

Some people live in their estates permanently, while others use them as vacation homes. Some people also use their estates to host huge gatherings and even special events like weddings.

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3. Ranch

A ranch is a housing property characterized by a large piece of land typically located in a rural or semi-rural area.

Ranches have a lot of land, often spanning hundreds or even thousands of acres.

These properties have a main house where the owner lives with their family. The main houses are designed to be comfortable and functional rather than luxurious, with high-end amenities.

Apart from the main house, a ranch consists of structures such as stables, barns, and other outbuildings.

These buildings house cattle, horses, chickens, and other livestock. They can also be used as storage for farming vehicles and equipment.

Instead of providing a lavish living environment, a lot of land in ranches is used to generate income. Ranches are made for farming and other agriculture-related activities, such as raising animals and livestock and growing and harvesting crops.

4. Farmhouse

A farmhouse is a type of traditional home that is situated on a farm and surrounded by a good amount of land.

Farmhouses are typically located in rural areas. These properties are a lot smaller compared to ranches, but just like ranches, farmhouses are designed to be functional rather than luxurious.

Farmhouses often feature large spacious kitchens with an old-fashioned look, fireplaces made of stone, and a wrap-around porch that provides a good amount of outdoor space. The design details in farmhouses add a rustic charm.

These houses come in older styles but have been renovated while retaining their traditional architectural style.

Many have been remodeled to add modern amenities for more convenience and comfort.

Some people use their farmhouses as vacation homes whenever they want to escape the city. In contrast, others live in their farmhouses permanently while using the land to generate income.

The land surrounding the house can be used for agriculture-related activities such as raising livestock and growing and harvesting crops. Some farmhouses may have a small garden with herbs, flowers, vegetables, and greenery.

5. Country Home

A country home is a house with a small lot of land located in a rural area or the countryside.

Country homes consist of the main house in a traditional design with a classic look that would never go out of style.

These houses have distinct features, such as pitched or gabled roofs with overhanging eaves and dormer windows. They are often built using bricks, wood, and other traditional construction materials.

Surrounding the main house is adequate land that can be used as additional outdoor living space. This space can be used for hosting outdoor barbecue parties and picnics or as a play area for children.

It can also be used for gardening and planting herbs, flowers, and other small plants.

Depending on how the property is laid out, country homes can also have parking spaces for one to two cars, while some have an indoor garage.

Country homes are ideal for growing families that want to live in a quieter area or a rural setting and prefer having outdoor space to feel connected to the environment.

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6. Chalet

A chalet is a house often found in mountainous regions and characterized by sloping roofs and overhanging eaves, which help keep off snow.

Typically located on the mountainside in rural areas, these properties sit on a good amount of land that can be used as a parking space, to build a small garden or storage shed, or as an outdoor area for recreational activities.

Chalets are often made of stone and wood and are designed to be functional while providing comfort and warmth in freezing climates. Locating close to the mountains, these houses often have cozy interiors and wood-burning fireplaces.

Balconies and large windows are also placed so that occupants can enjoy the surrounding mountain views.

Most people use chalets are vacation homes or rental properties, while some people, particularly those who want to live close to the mountains, live in chalets permanently.

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