What Exactly Are Tiny Houses? Helpful Facts (With Pictures)

Tiny houses are a new and unique concept to many people.  This is because of the vast amount of misconceptions surrounding this idea of reduced living.

What is a Tiny House on wheels?
Tiny houses are small units built for full-time living. They are often built on trailers but they can also be built on a foundation. They are typically 30 to 65 feet long and can accommodate one person or a couple.

However, tiny houses are much more than just a place to call your own.

Most trends dim out over time.  But, downsized living is bigger than any passing trend.  It is much more of a lifestyle change.


In order to know if this is a change you want to make, you should understand tiny houses completely.

Here is a complete breakdown of what a tiny house is and how it can help to improve your life.

What Is Considered A Tiny House?

cornerstone house from outside

In order to know what a tiny house is, it is important to know how to spot one.  One misconception is that all small houses are tiny houses.

This is incorrect.

Small houses are just smaller scaled traditional homes that have less space.  Tiny houses, however, are less of a place to live and more of a movement.

However, like traditional homes, tiny houses come in different forms as well.

Each style of the tiny house offers its own kind of experience.

Here are the different styles of tiny houses you will see and why people prefer to live in them.

  • Mobile Tiny House (On Wheels)

The most common form of tiny houses you will see are those that are fitted with wheels or on a trailer.

These tiny houses can be seen zipping across the world on trailers off to their next temporary place to call their own.  These houses are perfect for those who consider the world to be their backyard.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that these types of homes are built to move.

These types of tiny houses still offer amazing top-of-the-line features that can challenge any traditional home.

This style of living offers the comforts and luxuries of traditional homes with the freedom to live without boundaries.

We have collected 11 of the best Tiny House designs here if you need convincing that this movement is the coolest thing!

  • Repurposed Tiny House

Building a tiny house yourself DIY style

One thing that can be said about the tiny house movement is that there is no shortage of creativity.

Repurposed tiny houses are a great way to showcase some style and creativity while still staying true to the downsized lifestyle.

Repurposing a tiny house is taking a structure or vehicle and transforming it from the inside out to make a perfect tiny house.

You probably have seen one of these rolling homes and didn’t even notice.  From school buses that have been gutted to reveal a beautiful living space to old farm sheds that have been completely repurposed.  However, the most important thing to remember is that safety comes first.

If you are looking to repurpose an existing structure for a tiny house, make sure you have the help of professionals.

This is especially important when it comes to electrical and structural work.

  • Tiny Houses On A Foundation

garden pod from outside view

While the appeal of the road is strong, it isn’t an option for everyone.  This is especially true for families with small children who are looking for a routine when it comes to schooling.

While homeschooling is still an option, it isn’t for everyone.  That’s where a standing tiny house comes in handy.

These type of tiny houses are generally built from the ground up with a permanent foundation to hold it up.  This means that the tiny houses will not be able to move around freely like the other popular styles.

This allows you to have some consistency in your life while still working toward your goal of downsizing.

However, this is one major thing to keep in mind when looking for a standing tiny house.  This is that not all states consider these to be proper style homes.

Unfortunately, this can lead to problems with construction as well as obtaining insurance. You can go to this article to get more information on how to work with the laws of your land regarding tiny houses.

Why Do People Choose To Live In A Tiny House?

For some people, living in a tiny house seems like too much of a sacrifice for the return.

But, when you look at it as an overall lifestyle improvement, you can see the appeal.  One way to know if this change is right for you is to see why others are so passionate about it.  Here are some of the main reasons why other people felt that downsizing was the perfect move for them:

  • Freedom

No matter how you feel about space, there is one thing you cannot deny.  The feeling of freedom is priceless.  Being able to live on one coast one week and the other coast the next week is what people with tiny houses live for.

However, it’s much more than the freedom to choose your backdrop.

The freedom to be able to live outside of the normal constraints offers you to be in control.  You are in control when it comes to what you want to spend as well as what utilities you need.

Living off the grid is appealing to many people.  With the freedom that tiny houses offer, living off the grid is no longer a pipe dream.

  • Environmentally Responsible

It is no secret that our planet is suffering from the choices we have all made.  From an increase in deadly storms to ice caps melting, being environmentally responsible is more important than ever.

One way to help to do your part for the planet is to downsize the way you live.

This is one of biggest reasons why people choose to live in tiny houses.  It isn’t only the size of the home that lends a hand to the planet either.

Most people who live in tiny houses are forward thinking when it comes to being environmentally responsible.

From solar panels to refurbished wood, tiny houses offer a glimpse into what the world can become.

  • Economically Responsible

Another main reason why people are starting to jump on the downsizing train is that of money.

Typically, tiny houses are far less expensive than tradition homes.  Owners of tiny houses find that their monthly payments are a fraction of the cost than with larger homes.

That is money that can be saved for on-road adventures.

Also, because space is smaller, you will need far less stuff to fill the area.  People save a tiny fortune on furnishing their tiny houses.  This is also a great way to downsize your stuff overall.

Getting rid of clutter means there is far less time spent on cleaning and money spent on upkeep.  While living in a tiny house may seem like a huge sacrifice, your wallet will say otherwise.

  • Life Appreciation

It is amazing that so much stress in our lives is exasperated by the way we live.

So many anxieties can be easily settled by just learning to appreciate the good things in life.  The downsized living is a great way to learn to appreciate the life you have in front of you.

Right now downsizing is on trend. 

From TV shows that are teaching you to only hold onto things that bring your joy, to self-help gurus encouraging people to downsize.

Living in smaller spaces is a great opportunity to surround yourself with the stuff that only truly matters to you.  Imagine waking up day after day to things that bring you pure joy.

Appreciating life is what downsized living is all about.  While cutting down on your stuff may seem like a hassle, the appreciation you will gain is totally worth it.

Final Thoughts

While tiny houses can be easily explained as a downsized space to call your own, they are much more than that.

They are a chance to finally live that boundary-free life you’ve been dreaming about.

This is why tiny houses are considered much more of a movement than just a residence.

Not only can you reduce the amount of stuff you have, but you can also reduce your carbon footprint as well as your overhead costs.

While living in a tiny house may not be for everyone, it is certainly not exclusive.

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