9 Places To Design Houses For Free (Online Tools)

The process of designing a house has come a long way. With the advancement of technology, people can now design houses online through different tools and websites.

These online tools can make it easier for you to create professional-looking floor plans and interior designs of your homes – even if you’re not a professional.

In this article, we’ve listed some free online tools that you can use to design your home. Let’s get to it!

The project of residential house. 3D image.The project of residential house. 3D image.

1. SketchUp

SketchUp is an online tool for 3D modeling. It’s widely used by interior designers, architects, and engineers.

It has a basic version that’s free for everyone, especially for beginners and design hobbyists, while there are two paid versions, the SketchUp Pro and the SketchUp Studio, that caters more to industry professionals.

If you’re a beginner, the basic version would be well-suited to your needs. However, this platform is not that easy for beginners to use and has a steep learning curve.

SketchUp lets you create various projects from small-scale ones for simple homes to large projects for bigger homes or commercial buildings. You can create a layout or select an existing one and customize it.

This platform has a vast collection of items, including furniture and home decor items, that you can use to design a room.

SketchUp lets you work with 2D and 3D models, based on your needs and preferences. You can also export your 3D design plans as image files, CAD files, and PDFs.

If you upgrade to a paid version, you get more features. For one, you can work with a team and collaborate on a design. The paid version also offers a virtual tour of our design.

2. HomeStyler

HomeStyler is a free online tool that lets you create 3D floor plans and interior designs for your home. It’s quite easy to use, even if you’re a beginner.

To create a design, you can use any of the existing templates on the platform or you can start from scratch and create your own layout.

You can easily change the flooring materials and wall colors of the room. You can also use the extensive library of furniture and other items to decorate the space.

Before completing a project, HomeStyler lets you do a virtual tour of your design so you can still make changes to it.

The free basic plan of HomeStyler gives you access to a lot of tools and features. However, your projects will have a watermark on them.

3. HomeByMe

HomeByMe is an online tool that offers 3D space planning, 3D visualization, and virtual tours. This web-based program lets you create realistic versions of your interior design plans so that you can get a nearly-accurate visualization of how each room will appear.

With an extensive design catalog of wall colors and branded items, including appliances and furniture, HomeByMe lets you conceptualize the interior design of your home.

This online tool doesn’t have a steep learning curve and is overall easy to use, even if you don’t have a lot of experience in design.

HomeByMe is completely free but there’s a paid option if you want to get all the complete.

The paid version lets you create an unlimited number of designs. Meanwhile, the free version only lets you create a maximum of 3 designs, plus you only get a limited number of high-definition images to use.

4. Cedreo

Cedro is an online tool that lets you conceptualize designs using 2D and 3D floor plans. It also offers realistic 3D renderings of the interior and exterior designs.

With an extensive library containing more than 7,000 customizable pieces of furniture, decor items, and building materials, this platform lets you create interior designs that look quite realistic.

One downside to using Cedro is that room shapes can be quite limited because it doesn’t have curved or vertically diagonal walls.

Although Cedreo is generally easy to use, this design platform is made for professional remodelers, interior decorators, and home builders.

You can use this online tool for free, but you have to pay to unlock all the features.

5. Roomstyler

For non-professionals, Roomstyler is an excellent option.

It’s an online tool that lets you create 3D floor plans and conceptualize interior designs using an extensive collection of furniture and decor items from well-known brands.

This platform also has a library of built-in templates, which is especially useful if you don’t have a lot of experience in design.

There are built-in templates and floor plans for specific rooms of the house – from the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and even outdoor areas. You can simply choose a template and customize everything to your liking by changing the colors and placements.

You can also add walls and windows to your design so you can visualize how it looks, and you get to see it in 2D and 3D.

Roomstyler is user-friendly and it offers various modes that you can switch to and from while creating your designs. Its interface also lets you change everything in the room, but it won’t let you edit branded items.

6. Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is a free online interior design tool. When looking at their website, don’t underestimate its simple user interface because it’s a great tool for creating interior design plans, especially for beginners.

It’s an open-source platform that lets you decorate the interiors of a room. It has a 3D design tool that lets you take a virtual of your design and it also lets you create realistic photos and videos of your design plans.

Sweet Home 3D is quite easy to use.

You can create your own layout or choose from existing ones. You can easily add windows, customize floors, change wall colors, add texture, change the orientation of the furniture, and re-size the room and other items.

It also offers an extensive catalog of windows, furniture, and decor items.

Since Sweet Home 3D caters more to beginners, the only drawback to this is that professionals may find it hard to use and very limited.

7. Planner 5D

Planner 5D is a simple and user-friendly tool that lets you create floor plans and 3D models of your home design in just a few minutes.

With just a few clicks, you can create floor plans and interior designs that look as if they’re made by a professional, plus you get to preview your design in high-definition in 2D and 3D modes.

Planner 5D has an automated tool for creating a room. You just need to select the shape and dimensions of the room, choose a style and the tool will work its magic to create the room. Then you can customize it using furniture and decor items in the platform’s extensive library with over 6,000 items.

You can also choose from existing templates or start from scratch. Planner 5D has a lot of customization options. You can add and move interior walls, change the wall colors and the flooring, and change the color, material, and pattern of furniture.

It also has a virtual reality tool so you can take a tour of the room and make changes before finalizing the project.

8. Floorplanner

Floorplanner is an online tool for creating floor plans and interior designs. It’s simple and easy to use, even for beginners with little experience in home design.

It has a tool that lets you easily drag and drop design elements and items into a design. You can choose from a variety of doors, windows, furniture, and appliances from their catalog.

You can change the dimensions of each room in a floor plan, as well as customize the size, color, and texture of each object.

With its 3D visualization, Floorplanner lets you view your design from different angles. It also has a collaboration feature so you can share your design with other people and work as a team.

Floorplanner’s free version lets you create one project and save a maximum of 5 designs. Meanwhile, the paid version has extra features such as a bigger storage space, higher resolution 3D rendering, and more customization options.

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9. RoomSketcher

RoomSketcher is an online tool for creating professional-looking interior designs and floor plans. It’s easy to use and offers intuitive tools which makes it perfect for beginners.

Through this platform you can create floor plans and customize the size and shape of the rooms. You can also add walls, doors, and windows. It has a huge collection of fixtures, furniture, and home decor items that you can use.

What’s great about RoomSketcher is that it also has a mobile app that allows you to create and edit designs on the go.

RoomSketcher is free but a paid version offers more advanced features such as more customization options and access to a bigger library of furniture and decor items.


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