13 Great Online Furniture Stores (For Cheap Deals!)

Buying furniture for your home can sometimes be a daunting experience.

From spending hours in furniture stores to the outlandish price tags – there is little joy found in this task.  But did you know that there is an easier way?

These days it is much easier to find the right statement piece you are looking for online.

Also, by purchasing your furniture online, you can actually save a great deal of money. This is because big furniture stores are technically the middle man between you and the factories.

With buying online, you are getting a direct link to your products, which means you are also getting wholesale prices.  But where do you start looking for decent cheap deals?

Here are some of the best online furniture stores with some of the best deals around!


One of my favorite online furniture stores is Wayfair.

The number one reason people love to use this online store is that it is incredibly easy to use.  Right from their platform, you can view thousands of unique furniture pieces.  Also, searching for that one perfect piece of furniture is super easy with the help of Wayfair’s filter system. You can search for specific fabrics, colors, and even textures.

But, the one main reason people love Wayfair is because of their unbeatable prices. 

Along with having direct-low pricing, they offer tons of deals.  You can get 30% off already discount furniture.  In fact, most of Wayfair’s furniture is discounted up to 70% off daily.  There are even deals to get you free shipping.

My favorite part of Wayfair is that you can take a picture of your room and upload it to the site to see exactly what the furniture may look like in your home.

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Houzz is a great online furniture store for those who are love to “do it yourself.”

Unlike typical online furniture stores, Houzz offers much more than just a selection of furniture pieces.  I personally love how they have sorted their site to make it super easy to find what you are looking for.

One of the coolest features is how you can browse furniture by room.  Here you can view hundreds of inspiration boards of fully decorated rooms to see if you spot something that would work for you.

Houzz will even put you in contact with a local professional if you are looking to add some remodeling to your re-design project.  Houzz is also loved by designers and builders.  This is because of their amazing wholesale prices and deals.  However, you can expect to pay for shipping, depending on how soon you need it.


These days, it is impossible to mention online sales without talking about giant Amazon.

In fact, Amazon is often the first place people go when looking to buy anything online.  From clothing to baby items and even car parts – Amazon has it all.  But, did you know that they also are leaders when it comes to online furniture sales? 

One of the best parts of shopping for furniture on Amazon is its “Amazon’s Choice” option. Here you can view furniture that has been highly rated by other customers.  This is how you know you’re getting quality.

However, Amazon does not offer much leeway when it comes to pricing.  This is because they have fixed pricing with the wholesalers.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good deal!  Sellers are often lowering their prices and offering limited-time deals.  This is especially true if you are an Amazon Prime member.

With Prime membership, you can get free or discounted shipping with your purchase.

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Article is one of the coolest online furniture stores out there.

This is because Article focuses mainly on unique Scandanavian furniture pieces at wholesale prices.  Think Ikea, but higher quality.  From velvet pink couches to linen lines bedframes, there truly is something perfectly unique for every taste.  And, their prices are pretty great too!  For quality this high, you can get a bed frame for less than $700!

However, the best part about Article is how they ship their items.

Everything is shipped at one low base price.  No matter how big, you can expect to ship all of your furniture at a low cost.  They even offer a special shipping deal.  Your furniture can ship for free with any purchase over $999! 

Article specializes in modern furniture at low prices, and you will not be disappointed.


You can’t talk online furniture without mentioning the furniture wholesaler giant Overstock.

In fact, Overstock was one of the first of its kind launching over a decade ago.  Even with the surge of new online furniture stores popping up, Overstock continues to lead the market.  This is because of their amazing daily deals.

For example, right now, because of President’s Day, they are offering furniture on sale up to 70% off!  One of the best parts about Overstock is that individual furniture brands are often offering amazing deals through the Overstock site.

So, how does Overstock keeping going with such low prices?  The secret is in the name.  Overstock is a collection of furniture that certain brands had produced too much of.  So, it benefits both the brand and the customer to unload this merchandise at a lower price point.

Big win for you!  You will also love Overstock’s shipping prices.  Overstock ships all orders over $45 for free and orders under $45 for just $4.99.  If you have ever tried shipping furniture, you know how expensive it can be.

So, Overstock is a safe bet for you and your wallet!

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Birch Lane

Sometimes, nothing beats the classics like clean, crisp lines with rich touches of shades of blue.  Birch Lane is perfect for those looking for classic and clean furniture with great wholesale prices.  Birch Lane specializes in a farmhouse, coastal, and traditional style of furniture.

One of my favorite parts of Birch Lane is their inspirational project boards.  Here you can view amazing decorated spaces to get some inspiration for your own home.  However, you can also purchase furniture seen on these boards right from the webpage.

Birch Lane even has an online floral market where you can buy green pairings for your new furniture.  This helps to make Birch Lane a one-stop-shop for all of your furniture and decorating needs.  First-time buyers can get a special deal on shipping, which allows for your entire order to ship for one low price.

They even have a customer service team that is available 24/7 for all of your questions and concerns.

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Chairish is the perfect combination of class and modern style.

I love their simplistic furniture that seems to effortlessly transform any space.  One of the best things about Chairish is that they don’t specialize in just really great furniture.  Along with their collection of modern furniture pieces, you can find art as well as custom lighting.

You can even find custom-made furniture through Chairish.  If you are looking for some furniture inspiration based on what is trendy now, have no fear!  Chairish allows you to view what they have for sale by season so you can be sure to always be the envy of your friends. 

One of the reasons why you can find such great furniture with Chairish is that they allow independent sellers to showcase their furniture on the site.

This means that you can find completely unique pieces at a great price!


If you have ever tried to furnish a small place, you know how difficult it can be.

Trying to find smaller-scale furniture as well as appliances to fit in your home can be a challenge.  One trick I do is to shop in the “dorm” section of big stores.  You can find some really trendy items that are meant to be used in a small space.

Dormify is a great online furniture store that specializes in furniture for dorm rooms.  However, they have some really nice pieces that could easily transform any small space.

One really great thing about Dormify is that they have an online stylist available 24/7 for any help.  This way, you can get expert advice when furnishing your home.  This is a big deal when buying furniture online because you don’t always know what you’re getting.

Dormify is constantly running great sales, so you are sure to find the best price for you.  Another thing you will love is that they offer free shipping on any order over $75!  since furniture can be so expensive to ship, this is a great deal for anyone on a budget!

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One Way Furniture

If you’re looking for seriously discounted furniture, One Way Furniture is the best resource for you!

This is the type of bare-bones furniture store you would expect to see while looking for cheap furniture.  While there is nothing flashy or fancy about their website, it’s important to remember to not judge a book by it’s cover. 

Here, you are going to get the furniture you are looking for without any fuss.

One of the best parts about the One Way Furniture online store is the section dedicated to discount furniture.  When most people think about discount furniture, they think about dated pieces.

However, discount furniture is often furniture that is either overstocked or from a previous style season.  Meaning that even though it’s “discounted,” it is still functional and stylish!

From cherry wood coffee tables for under $100 to seriously discounted sofa sectionals – you can find it here.

All Modern

When shopping for online furniture, people usually focus on two things.  The deal and the style.

While I love stylish furniture, it has to come with a great deal—that why we love All Modern furniture stores.  If you’re looking for popular furniture pieces at a great price, you’re in luck!  One of the best parts of All Modern is their “best of” section.

Here you can view all of the most popular pieces that were highly rated by other customers.  It is one thing to find a beautiful piece, and its another to find one that stands up to its reputation.

You also can search for furniture by color and even by your mood.  This allows you to “think outside the box” when searching for that perfect piece for your home.

But, how does All Modern stack up when it comes to the deals?  Instead of just discounting the furniture that is overstocked, All Modern offers great deals on almost ALL of their furniture. 

However, you have to think quick!  Most of their “flash sales” last only 24 hours.  All Modern also ships all orders over $49 for free!  What’s better than that?

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World Market

World Market is an offshoot of Cost Plus, which has been a top spot to find great deals on almost everything.

So, it’s not surprising that their online furniture store is a treasure for finding some great cheap furniture.  When we say cheap, it is important to remember that there is a difference between cheap and quality.

At World Market, quality comes first.  But what do other customers have to say about this discount furniture store?  According to their reviews, people love it, which is a good inclination that you will too.

World Market is constantly running amazing deals for its customers.  For example, now you can find a huge selection of crafted rugs for 50% off.  There is also a neat little tab on the bottom of their browser that shows you what offers they have running currently.  This way, you can shop for only deals within your price budget.

You will also love that World Market ships all orders over $75 for free!


Sometimes the name of an online store will tell you exactly what you are getting.

With Furniture.com, this is exactly the case!  Furniture.com has an amazing selection of furniture for your entire home.  From colorful kid’s bedroom sets to classic dining room tables, you can’t go wrong with an online store like this.

But, how does it measure up when it comes to finding the best deal?  We think it’s one of the best for online furniture deals!

One reason why I love Furniture.com is that they have sorted their pieces by price.  This means you can search for exactly what you want in your preferred price bracket.  I especially love the section “Living Room Furniture Under $300”.

Couches and sofas are some of the most expensive furniture pieces you will need to buy.  And by categorizing it by price, you have a more narrow view of what you need.  This way, you don’t have to wade through thousands of pages of couches to find one that fits in your budget.

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Rounding out our list of the best online furniture stores for a great deal is IKEA.

It would be impossible to talk about cheap furniture deals without mentioning this Sweedish giant.  IKEA can sometimes catch a bad rap for being low-quality.  However, you are going to run into quality issues almost everywhere.

The trick is to know when to spot the really great substantial piece that is paired with the best price.  While we all love going to IKEA and getting lost in their endless aisles of beautiful furniture, there is an easier way.

Did you know that you can shop directly from the IKEA website?  While this might not be as fun as taking a trip to their amazing stores, it does make things a little bit easier.  You can order, measure, and ship right from their site. 

This allows you to skip the hassle of navigating their giant stores.  Best of all, you get amazing customer service through their online store.  If you are an IKEA family rewards member, you can often get some amazing deals on shipping as well.

Best of all, IKEA makes exchanges and returns very easy so that you don’t have to worry about being stuck with something you weren’t expecting.

Final Thoughts

While I personally love shopping for furniture online, I understand that it might be a source of anxiety for others.

Understandably, there are so many factors to consider.  Factors like size, quality, and, most importantly, price are key to finding the right piece for your home.  So, why not use an online store that helps to make this process easier for you?

One thing we learned is that people love a great deal.  So, if you can score high-quality and stylish furniture for an amazing price, perhaps the online shopping anxiety will be worth it.

Here we have given you many great options for buying furniture online, and we’re sure that you can find exactly what you need.

With a little bit of time and searching, you, too, can one day enjoy the online shopping experience.

Good luck!















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