Are Boxabl Homes Stackable? (Checked & Explained)

Can you imagine having a house in a few hours?

Boxable is a folding house manufacturing company that can stack multiple layers of cubed rooms onto each other to create a small house.

With this stacking technology, a future of affordable housing may just be possible!

Here’s Why Boxable is Stackable:

Boxabl homes are built into cube shapes and can be stacked on top of like “giant Legos.” The flat top makes it easy to place one on top of the other. Right now, only two stories have been confirmed. Boxabl hopes these stacks can be used as multiple-story houses or larger buildings.

How Do Boxabl Homes Work?

Boxable homes are folded homes that can be unfolded at the desired location.

They are constructed at a Las Vegas factory and then transported anywhere in the world. Once delivered, they are unboxed and set up by a third-party partner company.

Although the transport costs are pretty intense, the overall idea of the Boxable home is that it is a tiny house solution to major housing costs.

The Boxabl Casita Model is their current offered model – a compact, all-in-one living space that can be assembled in a few hours.

Ideal for small families, solo homeowners, or anyone who wants to downsize their living expenses, the Casita offers all the essentials of a traditional home in a convenient and easy-to-use package.

The company reported the cost of the Casita (fully furnished) to cost around $50,000. However, the site now says they do not offer a transparent outright, as inflation and your property’s specifications can adjust that cost.

How Do they Stack Boxabl homes?

Boxable homes can be stacked the same way they’re set up. Using cranes and folding systems, a Boxabl home can become a two-or three-story home.

The Casita model is only a single story, but there is talk about making a two-story home.

On their foundation page on the Boxabl website, A diagram shows a two-story house on top of a garage unit on the first floor.

That technically makes it a three-story structure, even if the living spaces are only two stories.

Boxabl states that it can set up a stacked home in only a few hours, just like a single-story one. Although it will require more equipment and time, a two-story Boxable home is still possible.

Right now, though, those models are not being sold.

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Are Boxabl Homes Designed to be Stackable?

The ability to stack Boxabl layers is definitely baked into the design.

Not only are these structures like Legos and shaped like cubes, but their roofing is generally flat-topped. That makes it easy to stack another cube on top.

Furthermore, Boxabl floors are “very strong and can be bolted to any foundation type with our connector plates.”

Even though they might be stacking multiple layers, the Boxabl corporation has created a strong base to withstand that weight.

How much weight it can withstand, we do not yet know. We also don’t know exactly how many layers they can stack, but hopefully, we will see more buildings using the Boxabl method soon.

Are Boxabl Homes Easy to Stack?

According to a YouTube video posted by the Boxabl YouTube channel (above), the company was able to set up three different Boxabl structures in one afternoon. The company sets up these structures in a large parking lot in this video – perhaps for a convention or showcase opportunity.

One of those structures was a two-story Boxabl house. The two-story seems to take only a crane, a lift, and a few workers to set up.

Once the second Boxabl layer is placed on top, they only need to unfold it to build the second story layer. Once that is done, it is only staging and adding furniture left.

This video showcases that it is simple to construct these houses with a third-party construction crew. However, this video doesn’t show what goes into securing the top layer to the bottom layer.

It’s unclear whether there are bolts, nails, or adhesive to keep the two layers together. For all the viewer can see, the structure simply holds itself down with gravity.

Knowing how these structures connect would help determine how secure and easy the stacking process is.

How Many Boxabl Layers Can Be in One Stack?

It is unclear how many Boxable homes can be stacked on top of each other.

Technically not homes, more like large rooms, these “layers” can be stacked at least two stories as of this time.

However, YouTube videos and diagrams on the Boxabl website and on their YouTube channel suggest that major buildings will eventually be able to be built through the system.

That means they could stack and create office buildings, hotels, or even apartment buildings.

In their apartment/office building diagram in one of their YouTube videos, it seems as though they expect to be able to stack at least 5 stories or even higher.

However, they are still in the beginning stages and looking for investors and only have two factories in Las Vegas.

It is not clear at this time when these stackable homes or large buildings will be available – or if they will be strong enough to withstand the pressure.

Why Would You Stack Boxabl Homes?

Not everyone wants to live in a tiny home.

Stacking Boxabl layers allows the first-time homeowner to have a large amount of space on a small budget.

Because each Boxabl layer could cost only about fifty thousand dollars, having a second-story home can cost as little as $100,000 at a base rate. This is actually quite affordable in the current housing market, as most houses start at $250,000 for a two-story home.

However, you could also stack boxable layers in order to create large buildings such as offices or apartments. You could also turn them into hotels.

You can also turn boxable homes into dormitories for students, or you can turn them into temporary housing for refugees or displaced populations.

Most of all, you could find a way to create a lot of housing in a very small area.

Many locations are attempting to build “up” instead of “out” to accommodate many housing needs. This is especially popular in low-income areas or in the tiny house and shipping crate-house market.

No matter what you want to do, making more space in a smaller area for cheaper is never a bad option. However, as we don’t know when Boxabl will make this happen, it’s unlikely that we will see stackable Boxabl homes anytime soon.

Will Boxabl Homes be Stackable in the Future?

It is the wish of both the Boxabl company and future customers that stackable homes will be available soon.

It is not likely to be widely available to the average house buyer for at least a few years yet, but the building process could be happening sooner than we think.

As most Boxabl customers are on a year-long wait list, it is unclear when we will see housing models that are bigger than the Casita model that is currently available.

However, there are plenty of diagrams and 3D modeling on the Boxabl YouTube channel and on their website that suggests larger houses and stackable houses are definitely in their plans.

So, while we don’t have a definitive date for you, it is a good idea to keep an eye on Boxabl if you are interested in these homes.

What Structural Benefits do Boxabl Homes Have?

Because Boxabl homes are considered “giant Legos,” the structural benefits are many.

That’s because the Boxabl home is built on a specific foundation, and the roofing is flat. That flat surface roofing is meant to accommodate more Boxabl stacks.

The company has patented its building system and understands what is needed and how much weight and pressure each stack can withstand.

The benefits include building a lot of housing in a very small space.

Building upward is a modern trajectory for most housing solutions. Building upward also allows affordable apartment living and communal living within a single large and tall building.

This prevents building outward which not only takes up too much space, hurts the environment, and is difficult to maintain, but outward building also makes housing more expensive.

Suburbia, in particular, is very expensive and difficult to maintain in a city. That’s why living in a stackable, taller structure is easier to maintain and creates more housing for an urban area.

However, it is important to remember that Boxabl is a brand-new system. We haven’t really seen it in action yet.

Although structurally, it seems to be sound, and the company seems to know what it’s doing, we can’t really know yet if it is a safe and long-term solution to our housing crisis.

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Are Stackable Boxabl Homes the Future of Affordable Housing?

As we’ve mentioned before, building upward and making each layer affordable is a great way to create cheaper housing.

Not only do Boxabl stacks save a lot of space, but they will also make it easy for a first-time homeowner to get their own single or double layer of housing.

Cheaper Living:

Even if the overall cost for two stackable layers is around $150,000 (as we don’t know the current official prices yet), this could be considered a cheaper alternative to most housing costs, especially in an urban area.

The Boxabl stacks are modern and mostly finished when you get them, and the company claims that they are energy-efficient, using LED lighting and top-of-the-line materials.

Not only could you cut down on house building costs, but you might also be able to cut down on utilities.

This is a huge change from buying a $150,000 home that is 30+ years old and may have some kind of structural issue or water damage.

Urban Living:

Furthermore, if these homes were to be used as large housing units such as apartment buildings, we could solve a lot of urban housing crises.

Developers could also sell the Boxabl houses as units in a large building, allowing singles or couples the opportunity to own an urban home – even if they have neighbors above and below them.

Again, while the Boxable homes seem to be a really interesting premise, the early stages of the company’s designs and manufacturing leave a lot to the imagination.

It is hard to say whether or not these could be the future of affordable housing, but Boxabl’s technique and designs are definitely something to keep an eye on.

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