12 Best RVs For Families With Kids (5-7 people)

Finding a small motorhome that will allow you to camp to your heart’s content can be difficult if you have a large family of five or seven people.

Fortunately, we’ve found the twelve best small RVs for families eager to participate in seasonal camping or full-time RV living.

Some models on our list might not match your requirements, but we guarantee that at least one is worth seriously considering for your next motorhome investment:

Four Great Small Class C RVs For Families With Five To Seven People

Class C motorhomes have the best depreciation rates, which is why they are a popular choice for families that want to trade in their motorhome for a newer and safer model every few years.

Class C RVs have the added benefit of being spacious but compact and easy to maneuver, with many of these motorhomes able to tow trailers and cars when needed.

If you’re interested in owning a Class C motorhome, you might like the options we have listed below.

Each is attractive for its reasons, but we hope you find their specification and feature information insightful and helpful to your decision-making process:

2023 Winnebago Ekko 22A

If you’re seeking a fuel-efficient Class C motorhome with the space a family needs to take on the unknown, you might want to consider the 2023 Winnebago Ekko 22A.

This all-wheel drive, all-season RV has been skillfully crafted to withstand the elements without sacrificing comfort and versatility. It’s also not too expensive, with a retail price of approximately $210,000, and it can sleep five people.

The 2023 Winnebago Ekko 22A is 24 feet long and has a pop-top sleeping area and a spacious interior.

It might not have slides, but it has a 3.5L Ecoboost V6 gas engine that provides reasonable mileage and power when needed.

Additionally, some of the best features owners can look forward to with the Winnebago Ekko 22A include a front cab air mattress, a backup camera, an entertainment system, and a fully equipped bathroom and kitchen with every appliance and amenity you could need.

2023 Coachmen Prism 2150CB

Those strapped for cash or families with a smaller budget should consider the 2023 Coachmen Prism 2150CB.

This Class C motorhome might not cost too much, with an estimated $100,000, but it has everything you could need while on the road.

Not only can this model sleep five people comfortably, but it also has a single slide, allowing for more inside space.

The 2023 Coachmen Prism 2150CB has a length of 24 feet and has been constructed so that it’s perfect for those families that want a motorhome for vacations and those needing one for full-time living.

This RV’s best features include a cab over a bunk bed, a spacious kitchen and pantry, a full bathroom, a three-burner cooktop, and solar power prep.

2023 Forest River Solera 27DSE

Another budget pick on our list is the 2023 Forest River Solera 27DSE.

Although this motorhome retails for about $100,000, it has been designed and outfitted to offer RVers premium luxury. For example, its contemporary style and numerous residential features make it attractive.

It can also sleep up to seven people, which is why it’s a go-to choice for large families on a budget.

The 2023 Forest River Solera 27DSE is 29 feet long, making it one of the longer Class C motorhomes on our list. With all this space, it’s unsurprising that there are a few standout interior features.

Owners will love the backup and side view cameras, the LED television, the 12V solar charging system, the 8-inch Sony CarPlay, and the fully fitted kitchen and bathroom.

2023 Thor Chateau 31WV

The biggest small Class C motorhome on our list is the 32-foot-long 2023 Thor Chateau 31WV.

This RV sleeps up to seven people and isn’t too expensive despite its size, with an estimated cost of $125,000.

As with most Thor Class Cs, it is built for all seasons and is guaranteed to last you a lifetime if you don’t have any plans of trading in for a newer model.

The 2023 Thor Motor Coach Chateau 31WV has numerous amenities and features worth considering.

For example, this model has countless residential-sized appliances like a three-burner stovetop, a microwave, and a refrigerator. This Class C also has a cozy dinette area, a full bathroom with an enclosed shower and flushable toilet, and a comfortable sofa in the lounge.

Four Great Small Class A RVs For Families With Five To Seven People

It might be challenging to believe, but a few smaller-sized Class A motorhomes are ideal for families of between five to seven people.

Although they might be challenging to find, they do exist, and best of all, many of them are affordable.

Should you need some help finding a small but spacious Class A RV, you will find our choices below to be of interest.

Not only did we give you the specs and top features of each model, but we also included the best budget picks.

2023 Thor Motor Coach Outlaw 38MB

Are you looking for a Class A motorhome that has a garage and that is under 40 feet? If so, you should consider the 2023 Thor Motor Coach Outlaw 38MB.

This motorhome has a spacious garage and can sleep up to seven people. Despite having a garage, you won’t need to spend a fortune as this model retails for roughly $230,000.

The 2023 Thor Motor Coach Outlaw 38MB has a queen-sized bed, drop-down overhead bun beds, a fully equipped bathroom, a large kitchen, and a spacious lounge area. The lounge and the kitchen have been outfitted with modern furnishings and appliances, including comfy sofas, LED televisions, and a sizeable booth-style dinette.

Owners of this Class A will love the 40-inch exterior television, outdoor speakers, and power awning that allow for a cozy outdoor entertainment area.

2023 Tiffin Motorhomes Open Road Allegro 38MB

Tiffin Motorhomes is known as one of the best manufacturers of Class A motorhomes, so their compact 2023 Open Road Allegro 38MB is becoming a fan favorite amongst family travelers.

This motorhome might be priced at $265,000, but its many luxury features make this price point worth it.

For example, the 2023 Tiffin Motorhomes Open Road Allegro 38MB has a bath and a half, a gorgeously furnished master suite, bunk beds, a comfortable sofa bed, and an exterior television.

Additionally, some of the other features and amenities owners can look forward to in this Class A RV include a lighted basement storage area, a king bed slide, a booth dinette, a large pantry, washer and dryer prep, and an optional fireplace.

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2023 Thor Motor Coach Hurricane 34J

If you’ve been searching the market for an affordable Class A motorhome that oozes functionality and versatility, you might consider the 2023 Thor motorcoach Hurricane 34J.

This motorhome has a retail price of about $160,000, making it supremely affordable for large families that need to sleep up to seven people.

The 2023 Thor Motor Coach Hurricane 34J is compact at 36 feet long, but this doesn’t mean the manufacturer hasn’t managed to fit in numerous attractive features and amenities.

For example, in this Class A motorhome, you can look forward to a gorgeous modern interior with grey wood laminate floors, a beautiful kitchen backsplash, LED lighting, and sparkling white kitchen countertops.

This model has bunk beds, a master suite with a comfortable queen-sized bed, and plenty of cabinetry.

It also has a convenient double kitchen sink with a faucet, an oven, and a microwave. This RV is perfect for families who love to cook.

2023 Holiday Rambler Nautica 35QZ

The most expensive compact Class A on our list also happens to be the most luxurious, which is ideal for families that need a motorhome that is a home away from home.

The 2023 Holiday Rambler nautical 35QZ currently retails for about $285,000, making it quite expensive, but you might find its features and amenities worth it.

For starters, this Class A motorhome has a length of 38 feet and four slide-outs, and it can accommodate up to seven people comfortably. It is still one of the smaller models, but it’s worth considering what’s inside.

For example, you will find a luxury kitchen and lounge area with every modern appliance and furniture item, including a 70-inch sleeper sofa, a dual entry bathroom, bunk beds, and a cozy fireplace.

There is also a 32-inch LED television, a water filtration system, a convection microwave, a touchscreen stereo, a 7-inch backup monitor, and a storage bin.

Four Great Small Toy Haulers For Families With Five To Seven People

If you have a family of five to seven people and don’t want a motorized RV, why not opt for a towable one instead?

Below we have discussed four of the best small toy haulers you should consider if you have an adventurous family who likes the outdoors.

Each model we discuss below is ideal for hauling outdoor toys and extra equipment items you might need for your family while on vacation.

These models are some of the most reliable in the industry, with solid construction and four-season capabilities:

2023 Forest River Salem 263BHXL

The title of the most affordable motorhome on our list goes to the 2023 Forest River Salem 263BHXL.

This toy hauler has a retail price of only $37,000 and sleeps up to seven people!

However, you shouldn’t expect luxury as this toy hauler has the basic features and amenities to meet your needs – don’t expect anything fancy.

For example, those who purchase this motorhome can look forward to rear bunk beds, a private front bedroom, a fully equipped bathroom with a toilet and shower, and a fully furnished kitchen with a three-burner stovetop, refrigerator, and sink.

The decor leaves much to be desired, but it has everything else you need, so it’s perfect for holidays and small getaways.

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2023 Eclipse Iconic Pro Lite 2816CKG

If you have a larger budget for a toy hauler, you might consider the most expensive option on our list – the 2023 Eclipse Iconic Pro Lite 2816CKG.

This model retails for about $93,000, but its price tag has many attractive features. For example, those who purchase this toy RV can expect an eclectic bed, two spacious slide-outs, an exterior shower, and two lounge chairs.

This 31-foot-long toy hauler can sleep up to seven people and has a 15-foot-long and 7-inch wide garage, which is more than enough space for all your equipment.

Some of the other features owners love are the spacious wardrobe, the solar panel, the bathroom skylight, the two air conditioners, and a large eight cubic-foot refrigerator.

2023 Heartland Torque TQ T331

If you want an RV with a garage but a nice-looking motorhome, you should look at the 2023 Heartland Torque TQ T331.

This toy hauler has an estimated retail price of $70,000 and has a 13-foot long and 6-inch wide garage, meaning there is more than enough space for all your goods and equipment that you need while on the road with your family.

This model can sleep up to seven people and has two slide-outs with an overall length of 37 feet.

Some features you’ll likely love include dual entry doors, an outdoor kitchen perfect for entertaining, and an outside shower that the kids can use to hose off after an eventful day outdoors.

There is also a beautiful kitchen with modern appliances, a half bath, ideal for families, and outdoor speakers.

2022 Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack 355Pack14

If you ask veteran RVers, you’ll likely learn that the Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack series is one of the best for families needing a compact and affordable toy hauler.

Unsurprisingly, the 2022 Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack 355Pack14 fits this bill. This toy hauler is believed to cost about $71,000 and can sleep up to seven people.

It’s the largest model on our list with a length of 42 feet, so it stretches the binds of small, but we couldn’t leave it off the list with its many impressive features for owners.

These features include a roof-mounted solar panel, a ramp door patio system, a generator, a fully equipped bathroom with a shower and flushing toilet, and a kitchen with modern appliances.


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