14 Very Small Campers With Toilets (With Pictures)

Many small and easy-to-tow campers often lack toilets.  This may be convenient when towing but they aren’t very convenient when parked at the campsite.

For this reason, I set out to find a small camper that was both easy to tow and equipped with a toilet.

Here are some examples of very small campers with toilets.

A Quick Note Before We Start…

Remember not to use regular toilet papers in your camper. You need toilet paper that dissolves easily in the toilet (as well as in nature).

We have a link to a REALLY good bulk-deal on this list of must-haves for RVers (scroll down to item number #5 on the list)

Teardrop Campers With Toilets

Teardrop campers rarely have bathrooms.  In fact, many teardrop-shaped campers do not even give campers the ability to stand up in them.

However, there are some manufacturers making teardrop campers with a standing room as well as bathroom facilities.

Here are some of the coolest Teardrop campers with toilets.

1) The NuCamp TAB 320 S

Nucamp teardrop trailer with toilet amenities

This great little teardrop camper comes equipped with:

  • a full wet bath
  • a tiny kitchen (with a fridge)
  • a two-burner stove
  • a sink
  • and a dinette that folds down into a bed.

The outside of the bathroom wall is used to mount a television and the area over top of the rear of the dinette seating comes with an overhead storage cabinet.

All of this fits into a camper that has a total weight of only 1,848 pounds.  This includes a full LP tank and a battery.  The fresh water tank is 11 gallons, the gray water tank is 19 gallons and the black water tank is 8 gallons.

Check out more about the NuCamp company here.

This is enough for several days of careful toilet and shower use before having to go to a dump station.

With an exterior length of 182 inches, an exterior width of 78 inches and an exterior height of only 89 inches, this camper is easy to tow.

In fact, you could tow this with a minivan equipped with a towing package.

This camper even has a side-mounted AC unit so you don’t have to worry about the increased height and drag of an air conditioning unit mounted to the top of the camper.

Expect to pay around $20,000.00 for this camper.

2) The Little Guy Mini Max

Mini Max Teardrop Trailer With Toilet And Wetroom

The Mini Max has a similar setup to that of the NuCamp but with a few more amenities.  This camper has a large refrigerator with a freezer and a microwave.

Its dry weight is a little heavier at 1,993 pounds but still quite light.  The overall length is 17’2″, its width is 6’9″ and its exterior height is 8’6″.  The fresh water tank is 20 gallons and the gray water tank is 14 gallons while the black water tank is 9 gallons.

As you can see, this camper is a full foot taller than the NuCamp, so expect a little extra wind drag.

However, with this additional space, you’ll get larger tanks a roof-mounted air conditioner and more kitchen amenities.

A new model will cost you around $22,000.00.

3) The Jayco Hummingbird

The Hummingbird is a great little camper with a large bathroom.

This camper has a standalone toilet, shower, and bathroom sink. 

In fact, the bathroom in the Hummingbird actually has a linen closet and a storage closet built into it.  This is a big improvement over the small wet baths you’ll find in the other teardrop campers with bathrooms.

Next to the bathroom is a small but functional kitchen which features a two-burner stove, a sink, a fridge, a microwave, and a panty.  The living room features a five-foot-wide sofa with a small entertainment cabinet that houses a television over top of it.

Behind the sofa is a murphy bed that drops down over top of it.

This camper has an unladen weight of 2,780 which is still light enough for most mid-size SUVs and mini-vans. The length of this camper is almost 20 feet and the width is 97″.  These dimensions make it a bit more susceptible to the wind but the teardrop shape does help with this when towing.

The tanks on this camper are significant for its size.  It features a freshwater tank of 25 gallons a gray water tank of 25 gallons and a black water tank of 25 gallons.

This model can be had for around $20,000.00

4) The KZ Escape Mini M181RK

KZ mini escape with toilet

The Escape Mini fro KZ is a longer teardrop camper that has an exterior length of 20’9″.  Its exterior height is 105″ and its width is 8 feet.

This camper also has a slideout dinette which makes it even wider.

Inside the camper, you’ll find a bathroom with a separate shower, a nice size kitchenette, a slide-out u-shaped dinette a queen bed, two closets, and a pantry.

The fresh water tank is 30 gallons, the black water tank is 30 gallons and the gray water tank is 32 gallons.

Even with all of this, the Escape Mini only weighs 2,888 pounds.  This makes it light enough to easily tow with most vehicles.

You can buy this camper for around $20,000.00 as well.

Check out the teardrop trailer from Braxton Creek RVs also.

5) The Happier Camper

Happy Camper With Toilet

This camper is a modular camper built from fiberglass.  It is built to look like an old Volkswagon bus and it has a nice retro feel to it.

One of the nice features of this camper is that it opens up like a toy hauler in the back so you can transport small kayaks, boats, scooters, and even small motorcycles and dirt bikes.

The modular nature of this gives you the option to equip it with a bathroom or to buy it without.  You can get the toilet add-on, a sink addon, and even an outdoor shower module.

Small kitchen and dining models are also included.  This makes the camper very versatile and you can change the sleeping arrangments to go from zero beds all the way up to three beds without much effort.

The inside height of this camper is 6’1″ but the exterior height is only 7’4″.  It has a total length of only 13′ and an interior width of 6’6″.  Even though this camper isn’t large and you’d expect it to be lightweight, it still weighs much less than I imagined it would.  The total weight of it is 1,100 pounds.

Even if you add another 899 pounds of modules and gear, you’ll still have a nice camper that weighs less than 2,000 pounds.

Prices on this camper will vary dramatically based on the modules you choose with the camper but expect to pay well over $20,000.00.

We have also written an article with some of the most stylish teardrop trailers out there.

Popup Campers With Toilets

Popup campers offer large platforms when parked but small platforms while towing.  These campers are more aerodynamic and much easier to tow.  You’ll also find that popups are lighter so even smaller vehicles can tow them.

The drawback to this is that many popup campers do not offer proper bathroom facilities.  Here are some of the popup campers that do.

6) The Somerset Utah

Pop-up camper with toilet

The Somerset Utah is a canvas popup camper that features two king beds on either end, a small kitchenette, a slide-out dinette, a small slide-out bed, and a toilet.

An optional shower upgrade can also be included with this camper.

This camper has a small 12′ box size when closed and almost 24 feet of space inside when opened.  Being a popup, you don’t have a lot of height to consider when pulling it down the road but you still get an interior height of 80″ when camping.

The freshwater tank on this camper is 20 gallons and the cassette toilet can hold 5 gallons.  This is a small capacity but you’ll be able to dump it almost anywhere.

Even though this is a popup camper, you still have 2,760 pounds to tow.

This is heavy compared to campers like the Happier Camper but still light enough to be easily towed.

7) The Aliner LXE

Shower inside pop-up camper

This camper from the aliner company is a hard side pop-up camper with a dormer on one side for a full standing room in the kitchen and bathroom areas.  It features a permanent dinette area and a couch that turns into a full-size bed.

The bathroom in this popup is a wet bath so you get a toilet as well as a shower. 

It also comes with a 6-gallon hot water heater so you’ll be able to take warm showers in both the inside shower as well as the included outdoor shower.

This camper’s length is only 15 feet and its width is only 78″.  The unloaded weight is 1,795 pounds and its tongue weight is only 180 pounds.  When the camper is closed it is only 57″ tall.

The lightweight and the foldability of this camper make it perfect for people towing with crossovers, small SUVs, minivans, and even station wagons.

This camper prices out at around $19,000.00.

8) Forest River Rockwood Premier 2516G

Popup-camper with potty cassette and shower

This popup camper has:

  • a queen bed,
  • a full-size bed,
  • a dinette,
  • a kitchenette,
  • and a cassette toilet with a shower (!)
  • Outside is a 9′ awning and an attached gas grill.

This camper has an exterior width of 84″ a closed length of 15’4″, and box size of 10′.

The weight of this camper is less than 2,000 pounds unladen.

A great option for a fishing trip or anywhere else in nature where the weather is not too cold.

9) The Trailmanor 2720QB

Trailmanor with toilet

This Trailmanor has a queen bed on one side and a double bed on the other.  It also features a large dinette and a kitchen.

The kitchen comes equipped with a 3-way fridge, a 3 burner stove, and marble look countertops.  Since the dinette turns into a bed, you can comfortably sleep six people in this camper.

When this trailer is closed, it has a length of 20′ but when opened it is 27′.  The outside width is just under eight feet and the interior headroom is 6’4″.

The bathroom in this camper is special as it has a shower that is separate from the toilet.  It also has a stand-alone bathroom sink.  These features are rare on a pop-up camper.

Also, the Trailmanor is a hard-side popup camper so you don’t have to worry about ripped canvass or excessive noise from outside.

With all of this, you’ll have a bit more weight but it is still manageable with a smaller vehicle.  The dry weight on this camper is 3,130 pounds.

This camper runs between $35,000.00 and $40,000.00.

10) The Flagstaff High Wall HW27KS

Popup with toilet

The High Wall sleeps six and has two beds on the outside and one on the slideout dinette table.  It has a small kitchenette with a double sink and a nice wet bath.

This camper has an exterior width of 7 feet and an open height of 6’7″.  This provides an ample amount of headroom for a popup camper.

The bathroom and kitchen are backed up by a 12-gallon gray water tank, a 12-gallon black water tank, and a 20-gallon freshwater tank.

The dry weight on this camper is 3,249 pounds.  You’ll pay around $17,000.00 for this camper.

Caravans With Toilets

Caravans come in a wide variety of styles.

There are travel trailers which consist of just a bed and a kitchen and there are travel trailers with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and a nice size kitchen.

Typically the smaller the caravan, the less likely it is that it will have a bathroom.

I’ve personally had a caravan without a toilet and at the moment we use a caravan with a toilet/shower wetroom. It works fine and we really appreciate having the toilet inside the camper.

This being said, many manufacturers have recognized the fact that even people with small tow vehicles can appreciate a caravan with a bathroom.

Here are some examples of caravans with toilets.

11) The Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7 175RD

jayco caravan with toilet

The SLX model comes in a few different floor plans but my favorite is the 175RD.

This camper has a queen bed in the front, a full bathroom with a toilet and a stand-alone tub, a kitchen with all the amenities and a nice u-shaped dinette.  You’ll even find a few different storage areas to put all of your gear into.

In addition to all of the amenities of home, you also get a 20-gallon freshwater tank, a 20-gallon gray water tank, and a 20-gallon black water tank.

This camper has an exterior width of 85″, an exterior length of 20’7″, and an interior height of 73″.  With the large size of this camper, you’d assume that it has to weigh a lot.  Surprisingly, this camper does not weigh much at all.  The dry weight of this camper is 2,890 pounds.

Buying this camper won’t break the bank either as you can pick one up for less than $20,000.00.

12) The Ameri-Lite 218MB By Gulfstream Coach

Caravan with toilet

This camper is made by Gulfstream Coach which has been around since 1983.

The camper features a rear bath with a toilet, a sink, and an angled shower. 

It also has a linen closet which is rare for smaller travel trailers.

The kitchen has an oven with a 3-burner stove as well as a refrigerator, microwave, and double sink.  Across from the kitchen is a nice dinette with storage overhead.

At the rear of the camper is a queen size bed with room to walk around either side.  A wardrobe sits on either side with pass-through storage underneath.

The length of this camper is 22’7″ and the width is 96″.  The interior height is impressive at 6’8″, you’ll have just as much standing room as an Airstream owner.  Of course, the drawback to this is that the exterior height is 9’10” which is tall for a lightweight camper.

The fresh water tank is 30 gallons, the gray water tank is 36 gallons and the black water tank is 36 gallons.

Hitch weight on this trailer is 400 pounds and the dry weight is 3,685.  This makes this camper towable by small SUVs and trucks but minivans probably won’t be able to tow it safely.

You’ll pay anywhere from $15,000.00 to $20,000.00 for this camper.

13) The CampLite CL11FK From Livin-lite

hardsided camper with toilet

This camper has a fold-out bed similar to that of a popup camper.  The difference is that this fold-out section features a set of double bunks.

Next to the fold out bed is a dinette that also converts into a bed.

Across from this are a small kitchen and a wet bath.  This camper doesn’t provide a lot of amenities but it does give you everything you need to go camping off-grid.

Because the CampLite is careful with their amenities, they’re able to get the size down to 15’7″ in length and 7′ in width.  Not only this, but this camper only weighs 2,430 pounds.

There is a 26-gallon freshwater tank, a 25-gallon gray water tank, and a 5-gallon black water tank.

You’ll pay less than $20,000.00 for this camper.

14) Scamp 13′ Deluxe

Scamp tiny camper with full-size toilet in the front

You can buy a 13′ Scamp with a bathroom or without.

The bathroom-version has a wet-bath on the front of the camper with a closet and a shelf next to it.

In front of this bathroom is a small kitchen as well as another closet.  You can choose to put in a fridge or a cooler underneath the sink.

Just past this is a dinette that converts into a bed.  Although you don’t get much more than the basics with this camper, it more than makes up for it with its small dimensions and lightweight.

The Scamp has an overall length of 13′, an overall height of 7’6″ and an overall width of 6’8 inches.  It is made from durable and lightweight fiberglass so you’ll only have to tow about 1,600 pounds.

These campers cost well over $20,000.00 new but they’ll hold their value better than the other types of campers.

In Summary

Lightweight campers with bathrooms are getting easier and easier to find so it really is just a matter of determining what size camper you want and how lightweight you need it to be.

If you’re looking for something extremely lightweight your best bet is to go with a fiberglass camper. 

These campers will cost more to buy but you’ll be able to tow them with almost any vehicle.

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